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We’ve had several requests to discuss online slots recently . Online slots are not for the faint of heart. You can win and lose money quickly. For this reason, many poker players keep separate bankrolls, one for poker and one for their other online gambling. It’s important to distinguish the two as the luck and skill element in the long run is widely different. Whilst none of our poker coaches are big on online slots we do have 3 key things for you to consider if you choose to gamble online slots.

Progressive Jackpots
These are one of the most popular games to play. The pay-outs on some sites are crazy and it shows the level of interest they generate for it to build up to tens of thousands of dollars. It can be quite confusing to a new player which jackpot is which and how to win so be sure to read before you gamble.

Random Number Generator
The biggest mistake gamblers make is failing to realize or accept that the RNG has no memory. Its completely random and doesn’t care what has happened in the past. The software is always tested before being implemented to ensure systems are robust and fair and safe to use.

The best thing about online gambling is the bonuses available. If you look around, there are sites with huge welcome bonuses and free spins available. You can visit website here to see a list of online casinos with great offers. If you are going to gamble on slots then you have to take advantage of the best offers. Make sure you read the wagering requirements so you know how much needs to be gambled before cashing out.

Online slots are a fun form of gambling and there are great offers and bonuses out there if you look around. The software used is rigidly tested and fair so you can gamble safely.
Please remember to gamble responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose. We coach our poker players to play for the long run and embrace skill but there is no harm in playing online slots for fun as long as you are responsible and not playing above your means.

Texas Holdem Questions

Please remember to gamble responsibly.
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Pot Limit Omaha Coaching

Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is a probably the 2nd most popular form of poker and continues to increase in popularity. With its similarities to Texas Holdem and it’s exciting action; it draws in both the studious player and those who love to gamble. Investing in Pot Limit Omaha coaching is a way of staying ahead of the game.
The combination of the Texas Holdem player that crosses over to Pot Limit Omaha and those who sports bet or play casino games makes for wild action but also potential to earn lots of money. There are a lot of players transitioning to PLO and not making the right adjustments. Don’t be one of them.
Pre flop hand selection, post flop odds, wrap draws, multi way pots, deep stacked cash games, bankroll management, bluffing, mental game and game selection are just a few key topics to be discussed and considered when playing Pot Limit Omaha.

pot limit omaha coaching
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Undoubtedly Pot Limit Omaha is a game on the rise and going to be around for a long time, if you are keen to learn more and increase your win rate then get in touch and book in a call with and start your Pot Limit Omaha coaching today by emailing us at and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your PLO game and how we can take you to the next level, helping you earn more money and enjoying playing at the same time.

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