Online Poker Surge Continues with Lockdown

Lockdown Poker

We are 6 weeks into lockdown in the UK and online poker continues to soar. Lockdown can’t stay long enough for the professionals who are seeing this as an opportunity to increase their winnings. The government has paid attention to the rise in online gambling and placed curbs on betting companies advertising on TV and radio to mitigate the increase. They are concerned, as always, that with online gambling comes the risk of gambling addiction.

Easy Money?

The increase in online poker traffic will no doubt have sparked interest from those that played years ago but left due to tough competition. We’ve had people contact us requesting they want to have one off lesson’s again to freshen up their game. This is a golden time, albeit temporarily, for the online poker world. Whether it’s cash games or tournaments, there are many more recreational players than before. The halting of almost all sports activity has clearly forced those indoors to turn to other games like poker to satisfy their urge to gamble and at that is being met with rubbing of hands by the advanced players.

Lockdown Poker

USA Lockdown Poker

There are only a few states that permit online gambling in USA and all of them, without exception, saw massive year on year rises in revenue. New Jersey took $3.6 million in March, almost 91% up year on year. With almost all casinos closed, even those that are sceptical of online poker are turning their attention to online poker. The convenience of playing on PC, laptop, tablet or phone is a factor that can’t be ignored, 10 years ago, one couldn’t access online poker as easy today. There is still hope that more states will legalise online poker in the future. For now though, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada residents will be the only ones enjoying poker during lockdown.

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SCOOP 2020

The Spring Championship of Online Poker started on 30th April. One of the highlights of the year for the online tournament player, this tournament serious will be busier than ever. The range of tournaments, together with 3-tiered level of buy-ins will cater to all, with low, medium and high stakes events. SCOOP 2020 will run until the 19th of May 2020 and has combined guaranteed prize pools of $13 million. In addition to buying in directly, you can try satellites to enter cheaply.

Will WSOP 2020 Go Ahead?

It was confirmed a few weeks ago that WSOP 2020 will be delayed, at least until Autumn 2020. WSOP organizers confirmed they will monitor the situation and hope to have it run later in the year. Is this realistic though? Its plausible that the rest of 2020 will see strict social distancing rules in place. How will this work at a live poker table where one is elbow to elbow with the person sitting next to them? The largest and most prestigious of poker events may see a further delay. Watch this space as things develop over the coming weeks.


Online poker is certainly going through a mini boom. It’s a fantastic moment to put in volume, make money and have some fun. It won’t last forever, as governments look to seek some sort of resumption of normal life, but it may bring in players that otherwise wouldn’t have joined. The key for online poker sites is to retain these players. If you are new to poker and reading this, check out our poker resources page to help you improve. Most important of all though, please remember to gamble responsibly.

Poker Button – It’s Awesomeness Explained

The Poker Button

Let’s get the basics out of the way for those of you who are completely new. The poker button aka the dealer button is a small disc that indicates who is the dealer in a hand of Texas Hold’em. Unless you’re having a poker night it doesn’t define the actual dealer, most casinos have professional dealers. The two players to the left of the poker button have to post automatic bets known as the small and big blind. Being on the button means you are the last to act after every round of betting other than pre-flop where the big blind usually closes action.

Now the simple stuff is out of the way, I will explain why being on the button is fantastic.

Stealing the Blinds

One of the great things about being on the button is ability to steal the blinds and antes easier. When it folds to you on the button, often, you can just open raise two to three times the blinds and pick up pots every round. This may seem transparent to those in the blinds but consider their options. They can do one of the following:

3 Bet Lightly

This is a perfectly sound counter strategy to someone playing too many hands on the button. This is certainly something advocated by many professionals. However, they have to risk far more than the open raiser to pick up their raise. They are exposing themselves more. The problem with this strategy is that an astute player will call a 3 bet in position here a reasonable amount of the time, in the knowledge that they can pick up pots post flop or hit a hand and make money/chips.

Defend the Blinds

They may choose rather than 3 betting, to simply call a wider range from the small or big blind. This again is a legitimate strategy to employ as your range should be wider if they are opening wider. The problem is, you are out of position for the rest of the hand. This is not ideal for a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. The best players will play out of position if they think they need to, but even they won’t be thrilled about it.

Poker Button

Information is King

The poker button allows you to have more information at any point in the hand than your opponents. As I’ve said many times before, poker is a game of incomplete information. Players are acting on the information they have at hand and if you are acting after them all the time, you have more information than them. This concept is not fully appreciated by beginners, they don’t fully grasp what a massive advantage this gives you. Instead, they will play their cards and fit or fold poker without a care or worry. The better players will utilise this advantage as much as possible. This informational advantage means you can play more hands and 3 bet before flop more liberally as players are often reluctant to play 3 bet pots out of position

Pot Control is Easier

Being on the button allows you to control the size of the pots much better. You are able to manipulate the pot how you wish. This is not possible out of position. You can try blocker bets and probing bets but if your opponent re-raises you than you’re stuffed and have to play a bigger pot.

Value Bet More Accurately

Being last to act allows you to put in more optimal value bets. If a scare card comes and you are out of position, you are likely to check and often this will be a check-check situation. On the button, you get to see your opponent check more and thus have the opportunity to put in more accurate value bets that will get you paid and make more money.

More Bluffing Opportunities

No doubt about it, bluffing is far more prevalent on the button than anywhere else at the poker table. Consider a 3-way pot with a 4-diamond board and you’re first to act. You generally won’t bet out into the other two players on a bluff here as you’re betting into the unknown. Now, consider when you are the player acting after two opponents have checked. This is a pretty easy scenario to put in a bluff isn’t it? Think of the long-term value of these kind of scenarios and being the one able to bluff. 


Being on the button allows you to steal the blinds, value bet more accurately, pot control and bluff more easily. All in all, it is the one position at the table that you will earn more money than any other position. This is not speculation, it’s fact. Ask any serious poker player to look at their statistics from all positions, to find out which position they have made the most money and it will be unanimous – provided they have some decent volume.

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Online Poker Canada (2020)

Online Poker in Canada

If you’ve reached this page, you’re either Canadian looking to find out what online poker is available to you, or perhaps you’re passing by Canada and want to play online? Either way, we hope to share some useful information on Canadian poker to you including answering the most common questions asked when playing online poker.

Online Poker Canada

Canadian Poker Sites

There are little to not restrictions on poker sites in Canada, with most of the biggest poker sites available. These include PokerStars, 888Poker, Party Poker, Bet365 and Bodog. All these sites are reputable, safe, and easy to deal with. When registering and playing on these sites, you will be competing with most of the rest of the world, barring some countries which have heavy restrictions.

Canadian Only Poker Sites?

If you’re only interested in playing against Canadians, then look no further than Sports Interaction Poker or SIA. They have built an incredible reputation of trust, security and high-class service in the online gambling market. We can’t recommend these enough for Canadian poker enthusiasts. You can register an account with them from the link below.

Canada’s Most Famous Poker Player

Without question, Daniel Negreanu is the most famous of all Canadian poker players. Kid Poker has 6 WSOP bracelets, 2 WPT titles and has amassed over $42 million in prize money. This hall of famer is not only the most recognisable face in poker but also one of the most likeable. Known for his uncanny ability to put opponents on exact hands, he is arguably one of the best poker players on the planet.

Is Real Money Online Poker Legal in Canada?

Absolutely. Canada is one of the best places to play online poker for money. The law is very liberal when it comes to online poker and certainly a prime spot to live if you are a professional.

Is it Safe to Play Online Poker in Canada?

100% Yes. There are very few shady poker sites around anymore, the largest ones have built great reputations for good reason. You can trust them with your money and they are generally very fast to cash out.

What is The Legal Age to Gamble in Canada?

19 Years old for most provinces other than Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where you can gamble online at 18 years of age.

Am I Taxed on Gambling Winnings in Canada?

Good news, you don’t have to pay any tax on gambling winnings in Canada. How great is that? Whatever you win you keep.

Poker No Deposit Bonus UK

What’s a No Deposit Bonus?

Online gambling sites offer unique opportunities for recreational gamblers to play on their site, for free. These incentives are known as no deposit bonuses. Everybody loves free money so what better way to test out a prospective site then by taking advantage of these schemes.

What do I Need to do?

All poker no deposit bonus sites require you to register an account. This only takes a few minutes to complete. Most sites will ask for the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Create username

You usually need to create a password and confirm your account by email. Once you have confirmed, you will be free to play!

Poker No Deposit Bonus

Does Online Poker Offer No Deposit Bonus?

Unlike most online casinos, online poker sites generally don’t give away no deposit bonuses. Occasionally a poker site will offer a no deposit bonus on registration but these are few and far between. As of today, April 2020, I only found one site (888 Poker) offering a poker no deposit bonus.  Keep your eyes peeled for promotional offers as poker sites will offer no deposit bonuses from time to time.

888 Poker No Deposit Bonus

888 Poker is the only site I found offering free money to play on their site. If you want to try out online poker, then here is the best place to start. Feel free to check our 888 poker review. They are offering £20 for free, without deposit and without a card needed too. All you need to do is click our link below and follow the instructions we’ve provided.

  1. Download 888 poker software
  2. Register your account
  3. Open the email from 888 poker and verify your email address
  4. Login to 888 poker lobby with your username and pass
  5. Enjoy your free bonus!

Terms and conditions apply. The £20 is converted to $. You receive $1 immediately and $31 in tournament tickets.