5 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Practice Poker At Home

practice poker

In the world of gambling, most fortunes are made on the basis of blind luck alone. After all, there is nothing you can do to influence the direction of the roulette wheel or the sequence of cards in the blackjack deck. However, one game that stands out as the exception is, of course, poker. While you need plenty of luck in order to win at poker, skill is absolutely essential.

Professional poker players spend years learning the ins and outs of the game and building their skills so that they can take on the very best in the business. If you want to improve your poker game, the only effective ways are to practice or get coaching. But how can you practice poker without heading to the casino and spending money? Here are five ways you can do it right now. 

1. Play Free Live Casino Poker

In order to get good at poker, you want to find an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible without there being any risk attached. For this, you will want to play live online casino poker for free. As an example, you can click here to find a range of immersive livestream poker games that you can play for free, without betting your own bankroll. This will help you learn how to hone your skills in a hyper-realistic casino environment. 

2. Watch and Learn from the Masters

Oftentimes, the best way to learn is to watch the best. Simply heading over to YouTube and watching footage from the most recent World Series games can be an invaluable experience. You will quickly learn the lingo of the game, which hands can be built from the cards you are dealt, and the all-important art of bluffing from the best in the business. 

3. Play with Your Friends Online 

Once you have had some solo practice, you can try playing poker with your friends. You can do this with a real deck of cards, or you can do it for free online with a poker platform like PokerNow. PokerNow is a completely free site where you simply generate a link and send that link to whoever you wish to play. Once they click on it, all of you are transported to your own virtual poker lounge.

4. Listen to Poker Podcasts 

There is no shortage of truly excellent poker podcasts out there from some of the most successful players ever to walk the Earth. There are truly so many to choose from, so it’s hard to recommend just one here. For beginners, the highly engaging Poker On the Mind podcast, hosted by two former industry professionals, is a decent starting point for the game. 

5. Try the Real Thing 

At the end of the day, no amount of practice is as good as the real thing. As any professional player will tell you, it is essential that you actually sit down and play real poker for real stakes at some point. This is the only way that you will actually get really good. When playing poker for real, you are more invested in your game. When you are invested, you can do things you never previously thought possible. 

These are some of the easy ways you can practice poker and build your skillset. Try them out and see how fast you can progress. 

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Narciso Baldo is the Director and Head Coach of Texas Hold'em Questions. He has been playing poker for over 16 years. After spending many years as a professional, he now runs UK poker training site Texas Hold'em Questions. Narciso regularly writes poker articles sharing tips, strategy, news and experience with gambling enthusiasts. Narciso also writes for reputable gambling portal Casino City Times, (bio here). Contact: info@texasholdemquestions.com


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