What a Bad Beat is in Poker and How to Handle Them

What is a Bad Beat in Poker?

A bad beat is the term given for a situation in poker when a player with a much stronger hand, and in a mathematically favourable position nevertheless loses. It typically occurs with an unlikely turn or river card.

A bad beat is usually associated with the idea that the player who got lucky made a bad call or play that should have been avoided. This is not always the case. A bad beat is often incorrectly referred to, when in fact the situation is a “cooler”, two incredibly strong hands battling.

For example, if player A has A-A and player B has K-K and they both move all in on a A-K-K board, that is not a bad beat as much as it is a cooler or cold deck. After all, player B is not playing poorly by playing the K-K is he?

How to Handle a Bad Beat

One of the differences between strong, winning players and weak, losing players is in their ability to handle bad luck and bad beats. A strong player will move on to the next hand and not let a bad beat effect their play. They will continue to play their normal game.

The opposite is true for a mentally weak poker player. They will often go on tilt and play poorly for a while, perhaps the entire session. They will fixate on the hand that they lost. A mentally soft player will complain and moan to other poker players at the table.

Don’t pull your hair out or let a bad beat effect your play. Try the tips below after you take a bad beat. You will have a better chance of continuing to play well.

Go For a Walk

Sometimes it’s better not being at the table than staying and playing badly. Getting up and going for a short walk can centre you. It will also help you regain your focus so you are ready to play your A game. Having a walk is a great way to reset, relax and de-stress. Next time you’ve suffered a bad beat and worried it will ruin your session, go for a walk to calm down.

Take Comfort You’re Doing Something Right

Remember, if you are losing to bad beats a lot it means you are getting your chips in favourably in the long run. It stands to reason, that the good players will receive more bad beats. They are more likely to be getting their chips in mathematically strong positions. Take comfort from the fact that you are in this group and are doing something right. If you focus on the long run, you are less likely to get angry and play worse today.

Next time you take a bad beat, smile at your opponent. Remember, these are the people that are helping you make money.

Review the Hand

Players sometimes mistake what a bad beat and occasionally they can be avoided altogether. We recommend reviewing the hands you thought you suffered misfortune and judge whether you made any mistakes. When you’ve analysed it and realised it was an error on your part, you can do something about it by studying poker and ridding yourself of that leak.

If it was just plain bad luck and you did nothing wrong, you can confidently move on, safe in the knowledge you played the hand well.

Unsure and want independent advice? Why not trial our hand history review service? Fill in the form below and we will be in touch with more information.

Hand History Review Session

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*This article was originally published in December 2019 and updated*

A Basic Online Casino Guide for Canada

Canadians love entertainment as much as they love outdoor activities such as canoeing and bungee jumping. It is natural for most Canadians to love adventure and to have fun. Part of their entertainment is gambling online.

It is undeniable that they’re passionate about betting both in a land-based casino located in one of the prestigious hotels near Niagara Falls and online casinos. Having done our research for this post, Allbonuscodes online casino is a famous casino site in Canada and they are known for their best online casinos. Their clients are always delighted with their fresh online games with exciting bonuses and incentives that go with them. Feel free to check them out.

What is an Online Casino?

I know some of you only know about poker so to answer this beginner question. An online casino can also be referred to as an internet casino and it is a virtual counterpart of the land-based casino, only it is played online. Gamblers can wager at online casinos through the internet whether it is web-based or download-based.

Two types of Online Casinos

Web-Based Casino

Also known as no-download casino, simply because it doesn’t have to be downloaded anymore. The player simply just has to go to the website and make a deposit then presto! The player can play the game desired anytime, anywhere.

The games were made up of browser plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, and Java. To access the download browser, besides a stable internet connection, the player also has to download browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini.

Download-Based Casino

This type of casino requires downloading the software so that the player can play the casino game. It runs faster compared to a Web-based casino and has clearer graphics and audio. The catch here is because it has to be downloaded, there is a tendency that it might contain malware.

What type of games do online casinos have?

There are two classifications of games online casinos have. One is virtual and the other is a live dealer.


It is considered as the software casino game and the outcome of the games presented here is decided using the pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software. A pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software is this type of software that makes sure that all games being played such as slot machines is determined by PRNG in a non-bias, random, unpredictable, and fair way.

Live Dealer

The games here are streamed live online and the operator mimics the environment of the bricks and mortar casino, the same lively and glamourous looking ambiance. They usually hire croupiers, camera people, and IT.

Bets are conveyed through chatbots.

Typical Wagering Games at Online Casinos

Online casino’s rarely offer just one or two games. They try to attract as much interest as possible. As such, you can expect to find many games offered. The list below are the most common you will find:

  • Keno
  • Slot Machines
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Bingo

Online casinos offer various bonuses which is one of the highlights in playing online casinos because it gives a thrill to the player and makes them wager more. Bonuses are actually marketing strategies of online casino operators to their clients. 

Is Online Casino legit in Canada?

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, it is not illegal to play at an online site therefore it is perfectly safe. However, it is illegal to operate an online casino without a license, but it is legal to play at an online casino site from other countries.

The best part of it is whatever winnings from gambling activities, online or non-online as long as played for pleasure are non-taxable. It is also stated that no Canadian citizen has ever been prosecuted for playing online casino games. Nor is there a legal risk to playing at any online casino site whether for fun or part-time job. 

Final Comments

Wagering in Canada is fun and very popular. They might be a little bit strict in some areas but read the rules, stay compliant and gamble responsibly.

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How to Choose a Casino Game for Yourself

Online casino games have become extremely popular in recent years. The majority of people consider online casino games to be one of the best ways to earn a consistent passive income. However, before investing large quantities of money in a real money online casino game, it is critical to learn the fundamentals of any game first.  

You should pick a casino game that best fits your budget and skill level. Here are a few pointers to assist you in selecting your ideal casino game.

Do your Research

Study the many games offered at a casino before investing your money in any of them. Each casino game has its own set of regulations, house edge, and bonus opportunities. As a result, you should get a good understanding of all of the games before deciding on one.

Set your Target

Knowing what you want to achieve is critical when selecting a casino game. You might choose to play games with high payouts if you are willing to take risks to win large sums of money. To play with the least amount of risk, look for games with low payouts. Variance plays a big part of any gambling game, even poker. We suggest playing fewer volatile games but it’s entirely up to you.

Know What Interests You the Most

There are many different games to pick from in online casinos. You can even play a multiplayer game, such as poker if you like. If you enjoy challenges, try your hand at casino games, which necessitate much strategy and research. There is no guarantee to make money in any casino game but sticking to base games like slots or craps might be best if you don’t want anything mentally taxing. Ultimately you will do better and have more fun if you stick to games that interest you more than others.

Look for Games that Offers Bonus Points

Free bonuses are available in a variety of games. After that, you can use the bonuses to play several free rounds. Some online casinos, on the other hand, offer bonus points across the board. All you have to do is conduct research and identify games that award bonus points to their players. This will vary from one casino to the next as some have heavier focus on specific areas. If you bookmark your favourite sites you can see which ones offer regular rewards to their customers and take advantage yourself.

Best Las Vegas Slots That Can Be Played Online

We all know that Nevada’s Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for every gambler. Whether it’s slots or live dealer games, Las Vegas has it all, and the city is ready to entertain you for days on end. 

Still, playing real Las Vegas slots can be challenging. One rarely gets to take a trip to the Entertainment Capital of the world. After doing enough research online, you’ll quickly notice that the best Las Vegas online slots are just a click away. 

One can only imagine all the fun reserved for those who take a trip to the city that never sleeps – or you can check what’s all the fun about from the comfort of your home. Continue reading to learn all there is about the best Las Vegas slots you can play online.

Las Vegas Slots

Wheel of Fortune

Bearing a true resemblance to Vice City, this online slot consists of a grid with 5 reels and 3 to 5 rows. The game’s layout resembles a diamond, which is unusual, yet among modern slot games, and very exciting. Moreover, the fact that paylines pay both ways is another enjoyable element of the game, making it a fantastic choice for quick wins. 

In addition to the base game, there are two bonus games triggered under special conditions, and both can provide pretty amazing prizes. Finally, this slot offers wild reels and many ways to win, thanks to the expansion symbols. The potential wins rocket with an amazing prize of 80,150x your current stake.

Double Jackpot

If you enjoy 3-reel slots that keep it classic, you’ll love this Las Vegas slot. In the game, 5 paylines are available, encompassing all three horizontal rows as well as the two diagonals. Regarding the slot’s biggest payout, the prize you can expect is a juicy 10,000x win once you land three Double Jackpot Wilds on line 5. Nevertheless, the game has a standard RTP ratio of around 95% with low volatility, offering stable yet profitable gameplay.

The Monte Carlo

Being a standard 1-payline and 3-reel slot machine, the Monte Carlo slot looks incredibly simplistic at first glance. The base game is quite simple regarding the machine’s mechanics, with frequent medium-sized wins being given out. 

Try to land at least three coloured wheel symbols to trigger the game’s bonus round – a session with free spins. Although they’re not much, getting 5 of these symbols will grant you a total of 10 freebies and spice up your gameplay. Lastly, this wouldn’t be a Vegas slot if there wasn’t an adrenaline rush on every spin. You can collect your winnings after every win you make, or you can consider gambling (and potentially doubling) them with Monte Carlo’s guessing game. The choice is up to you.


While there are many slots enjoyed by the punters in Sin City, the best Las Vegas online slots are right here. It goes without mentioning that all these slots are developed by top-notch providers. They could provide you with big wins, a lot of fun, and the ultimate gambling experience. Finally, these slots are also available in demo mode, so you can get to know their gameplay before going on your journey filled with adrenaline. As always, please remember to gamble responsibly.

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What Makes Casino Games So Fascinating?

Casino games are part of the greatest things that have happened to human beings. Whether we are playing best real money online casino games or we are enjoying their land-based counterparts, they are still fascinating. It generates interest all over the world and continues to soar in popularity across different cultures. But what makes them so appealing to the millions that play casino games? We will attempt to answer the question in this article.

Ease of play

One of the things that makes casino so fascinating is the way that they are created for the players to enjoy. Take online slots for instance, their make makes it simple for even those who are new to the games to enjoy and play with ease. They are straightforward and are full color. Not forgetting the different soundtracks that are part of the games to make sure that they are lively.

For people who work hard all day and want something easy to play, casino games like slots tick the boxes. There is no advanced strategy required and only requires clicking. It doesn’t get much easier than that does it?

Games of skill

Then we have those games that require skill, games like poker for instance, they are still very fascinating as well. This is because some players love the challenge that comes with these games and they want to use their brain as they play. They want games that will be able to give them a bit of a challenge as they play, and a game like poker will do just that. Poker is without doubt the most complex of all gambling games and can take years to master, hence why we are dedicated to poker training here.

poker cheat sheet

Real money rewards

Then we have the aspect of the real money that players can win when they play the games. As much as we play with the double thoughts of either winning or losing, deep down inside we all want to win at the games and we can’t help but to look forward to it. Even though players are a distinct disadvantage to the house, playing casino games presents the regular person an opportunity to win money for nothing. This hope to win without working for it is definitely a big factor for why people spend time gambling online.

A game for everyone

Lastly, what makes online casino games so fascinating is the fact that there is a game for everyone. Whether you are into movies, dance, art, sports or any other genre you will find a game a game that can meets your interests.  From the classic slots and table games to the modern live dealer and VR casino games, you are guaranteed to find a game that will cater to your online casino gaming needs. This enhances the pleasure people receive from gambling online. After all, even if you’re unlucky in a session, playing a game based on something you love makes it less painful!

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When You’re Thinking of Quitting Poker…

Everyone who has played for a long time has considered quitting poker at some point. It’s a game that will test you in so many ways. Whether you’re always losing, running bad, burnt out or just lost the passion, there will be times you will want to quit for good. In this article, I’m going to share some reasons for hope but also give a dose of reality too. I hope you find it helpful if you’re considering quitting poker.

Take a Step Back

The most common reason for quitting poker is without doubt the losses. People play to win and if things aren’t going well, it can make you want to quit. The underlying reasons for losing will vary from one reader to another so there is no universal truth here. What I will say is that in the midst of a prolonged period of losing, it’s wise to take a step back. Assess the situation with impartiality, if possible, and be frank with yourself. Consider getting opinions from those around you who know poker well to offer some insight into your situation.

Find out whether you’re losing because of a bad run of luck or if there is more to it. Perhaps you’ve been in the wrong games, playing above your head or playing too many tables. There are loads of reasons why a player might be losing. The best advice I can give is to take a step back and analyse the situation as if you’re helping a friend.

Stop Playing & Have Fun (but stay involved)

Once you’ve taken a step back and assessed the reasons, you can attempt to fashion a solution. This might mean taking a long break, investing in poker courses to learn fundamentals or just choosing your games better.

Now you have the solution, don’t rush back to the tables yet. If you’ve been thinking about quitting poker, it’s probably a good idea to at least stop for a little while. I highly recommend you use this time to enjoy yourself, have fun and don’t fixate on the negative side of poker in this rest period. Play football, spend time with friends, watch movies or have free spins at an online casino. Taking time out and having fun will put in you a better mood and keep your morale up.

Whilst you’re on a break from poker, you can still be involved with it – just don’t play. This might mean surfing two plus two, watching YouTube videos or just reading our blog posts. It keeps your subconscious mind ticking over on poker so you aren’t rusty when you choose to return. I suggest between two and four weeks as a sensible rest period before returning to play.

Be Realistic & Set Goals

So now you’ve taken a step back, you’ve had a break and enjoyed yourself away from poker. If you’ve decided you want to continue with poker, it’s the perfect time to be realistic with yourself and what you hope to achieve in poker. It’s a cold hard fact that not everyone is destined to be a professional. For some, a side income from part-time poker is the best they can strive for, and for many, they will be consistent losers. Having said that, I firmly believe anyone can beat the micros and low stakes with hard work and dedication, but few are prepared to do that.

If you’re honest and realistic about what poker can do for you in the future, you will be better prepared mentally to deal with the challenges. You can set poker goals and plan out how you will achieve them. This can be a huge motivation to persevere and is very rewarding when goals are completed. Building a longer-term view is an excellent trait. It will can serve you well in poker, a game with short term fluctuations and volatile results.


Quitting poker is something we’ve all considered at one time or another so don’t worry if you’ve been thinking about. I hope this article serves as relief for those of you who love the game and work hard but having a bad run and hurting. Just remember there are countless others like you. It’s how you deal with the tough runs that shape you as a complete poker player.

For those of you who have lost for years, completed the steps I recommended (assessed the why and taking a break) and wondering what to do. It might be time to call it a day. There’s nothing wrong in quitting poker. You can reclaim some valuable personal time, save money and explore other interests. If you’ve never quite got it or haven’t got the time to dedicate yourself to improving, it might be time to stop and that’s fine.  

And finally for players who are at a crossroad and want to improve but don’t know how, I’d love to hear from you. We have various methods of poker training that can help you. Just fill in the form below to tell us about you and we will be in touch to see if we can help you.

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Can you really win money playing online slots games?

The main reason people pick new casino sites to play popular slots games is so they can have fun in a secure environment. The latest casino sites offer extremely safe and secure technology that you can take advantage of by simply using your android or smartphone. They also like to play games that feature their favourite shows and movies. The question on the minds of many online casino enthusiasts is whether you can actually make money while playing online. This is what we will be exploring in this article and comparing to other casino games.

The house edge is rather high at most online slot’s sites

Compared to blackjack and baccarat and some varieties of video poker that carry a low house edge, bingo has a lower RTP. On the bright side, when you sign up for a quick game or sign up for a tournament, you are certain that somebody will win. This is important for casual punters who want to place limits and use casino sites that are regulated and safe.

While the house edge is higher than the average, it is still possible to make money while playing bingo. That’s because bingo comes in different flavours and you can choose the classic version or one of the new varieties. The cash prize for upcoming tournaments is published next to the event. Therefore, all the necessary information is at the fingertips of prospective players. In a regular game, players can buy several tickets which increase the odds of winning, in a very straightforward manner. Most bingo experts advocate the more is better approach.

Slots bonuses can improve the odds of winning

One of the perks of playing online slots is that you can take advantage of the generous bonuses offered by gambling operators like this website here who offer free spins on some of the most popular online slot games available. There are welcome offers and ongoing promotions which brings in new players and retains existing customers. These bonuses are invaluable in offsetting the negative effects of the house edge and levelling the playing field. Welcome bonuses reload and the referral bonuses and special promotions act as bankroll boosters. They enable players to consolidate their bankrolls.

Wagering requirements and specific terms and conditions apply, but it is still worth taking advantage of such opportunities. Another way of reducing the impact of the house edge is to play at cashback sites. These work in two distinct ways. On the one hand refunding a percentage of the losses suffered by players over a period of time. Some of the cashback sites will also match a percentage of the amounts wagered, without limiting themselves to losses. This means that you can actually add a small cashback bonus to your profits. You’re hitting two birds with one stone and win more without taking greater chances.

This article is purely to compare playing online slots with other casino games. As always, exercise prudent bankroll management and gamble responsibly.

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The Most Popular Indian Poker Games

Online poker has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. In addition to the common popular games gaining interest, there are a few poker variants native to India that you may not know. In this article we’re going to give you an overview of the best Indian poker games around, both live and online.

Blind Man’s Bluff

This poker variant is the default Indian poker game played in person. It usually invoices between six and ten players. This game is unlike any other poker game we’ve discussed before. Using a single deck of cards, players auto post an ante e.g., one dollar, the dealer then hands out one card to each player face down. The players then take the card and place on their forehead.

As you can see, everyone can see other people’s hands but their own. The betting ensues (it can get a little mad). Once all the betting is complete, the players turn over their cards and the highest card wins. It’s a tricky game that can be fun but also stressful. 

Please note that this Indian poker game is not available online. It is a live card game that is typically played at a poker night for fun involving small wagers.

Teen Patti

Otherwise known as 3 card poker, Teen Patti is arguably the best Indian poker variant. It shares commonalities with Texas Hold’em in that it can be played no limit, requires timely bluffs, and relies on a great appreciation of relative hand strength.

It is played with three cards dealt face down to each player. Like Texas Hold’em, players can only see their own cards. The blinds (auto posted) drive the action, which moves anti-clockwise. There is no flop, turns or rivers and you cannot draw more cards, so your hand cannot improve.

The key to becoming a strong Teen Patti play is to understand your opponent’s tendencies and realising what kinds of hands they are likely to put in larger bets with. By adjusting to the player you will have a good shot at Teen Patti for real cash.

You can either win by showing the best hand down or getting all other players to fold.

Indian Rummy

This popular gambling game is played with several decks of playing cards. It requires three decks unless there are two players where only two decks are used. Players are dealt 13 cards each. The object of the game is the make sets.

The game is played in a draw and discard fashion where players pick up a card and discard one of their own. It’s worth remembering that Jokers are involved and can be substituted for any other card your choice.

The interesting part about Indian Rummy is the differing variations available. Whilst most of them form similar patterns of play, the little tweaks require players to adjust their strategy slightly. For instance, there are versions where the winner generates most the points.

We may produce in an article in the future focused solely on Rummy to highlight the differences between them as they are just one of many Indian poker games.


India occupies a growing market for poker. With players like Paawan Bansal and Nipun Java leading the way, we can expect poker to continue to boom in this part of the world. Whether you are visiting India and playing in a local game, or playing poker online, the games in this article will be mainstream. We hope you found this introduction to Indian poker useful and you will dedicate further time to study poker properly.

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Poker Journal – A Way to Manage Bankroll, Track Progress and Stay in Control

Intro to a Poker Journal

A journal is something few people are interested in doing. I get that, but keeping a poker journal is an effective way of monitoring lots of areas of your overall poker game (detailed in this post). If you keep an open mind and want to make poker a success story, read this article to understand why keeping a record will help you as I’m going to detail the advantages, and then briefly explain how you can keep a poker journal too.

Write Down What You Learn

I’ve discussed how to study poker before. Suffice to say studying is an integral part of poker in the 2020’s, there’s no getting around that. But studying alone without note taking and revision is pointless. You may comprehensively learn a subject once but then fall into bad habits and make mistakes. It is then that you need to track back and revisit what you learnt. This is where a poker journal can help you.

If you write down what you’ve learnt it will be a great tool to call upon in the future. By the way, it also helps you learn the first time if you write it down too.

Keep Note of Mistakes

Mistakes are can be repeated over and over again, particularly when one plays online poker alone. But, if you are writing down mistakes you make in poker, there more accountability. You will feel it from yourself.

If you are committed to keeping a poker journal, knowing you have to write down the same mistakes again over and over may in itself be a deterrent in the future.

Tracking Sessions & Bankroll

One of the golden rules of poker, which you can find on most no limit poker sites information is bankroll management. How you document it is up to you; some use apps, we love spreadsheets but a poker journal works fine too.

Any time you play a session, enter the key data you find most relevant. This should include how much was won or lost, the number of hands played and the setting (live or online). Having this documented in a journal is brilliant and in conjunction with the next article point will significantly help your overall game and tilt control.

Managing Tilt

Keeping a regular updated poker journal can be very therapeutic.  You can write down anything you want as you are likely to be the only reader. Many players who keep a journal find the best advantage to having one is their ability to control tilt goes up.

By writing down a bad beat or how they felt, how the hand played out it can be stress relieving. Furthermore, if hands lost were a result of tilting they will recognise the signs in the future as they’ve relived it through their journal.

Keeping an accurate record of significant hands or times you went on tilt will serve as a lesson for the future, otherwise these poignant hands will have no purpose and fall into your sub-conscious.

How to Keep a Poker Journal

There are several ways of keeping a journal; pen and paper, word file, notes on mobile or a blog online. Whilst all of these can serve their purpose my personal favourite is word file. You can write it easily, there’s no fees involved and they take up very little space. If you share a computer and want privacy you can buy a USB memory stick.

If you’re learning toward pen and paper, we recommend buying hardcover notebooks. They last well and cost very little.

On the other hand, if you want readers and attention, you can buy a domain easily and write a WordPress blog. This can be more costly as you need to pay for domain and hosting then you will need to spend time uploading to the website and any marketing involved with getting interest.

poker spreadsheet

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4 Ways to Boost Your Bankroll

Whilst we want all of you to become excellent poker players and have a good win rate, we also want you to maximise opportunities to grow your bankroll. After all, if you are relying on skill alone, you are missing other ways to give your roll an injection of cash. That’s why in this article we’re going to share four ways you can boost your gambling bankroll.

1] Rakeback

One of the easiest ways to generate extra money and build your bankroll is via rakeback schemes. Most of you should already know how rakeback works. If you’re new to it, a simple way of understanding is this:

Any time you play at a poker room you are paying rake in cash game pots or tournament buy-in fees. By signing up to a rakeback scheme you are entitled to a percentage of rake back to you. The amount can vary based on site and scheme but whatever it is, it’s more than $0.

A rakeback scheme will usually pay players at regular intervals e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The more you play the more rakeback you earn.

2] Reload Bonus

The online poker sites are less generous with their bonuses than online casinos but some reload bonuses are quite common. Basically, a poker site incentivises their players to deposit again. The reload bonus is different to other casino bonuses where they tend to attract new customers, a reload bonus is solely for existing customers.

The poker sites have found this to be an effective way of retaining players on their sites. For instance, they may email you if they notice you haven’t played on their site for some time. They may send a promotion stating they will match your deposit up to a sum of $500 for instance.  

To take advantage of a reload bonus you need to be checking emails regularly. We recommend that you don’t have the poker sites emails marked as spam otherwise you are potentially missing awesome promotions like reload bonuses.

3] Freerolls

We’re not a huge fan of the cheap freerolls as a means of learning, but there are other freerolls which should be taken up. Most major sites have a daily or weekly freeroll for active players that pay very reasonably for final table finishes. It’s not uncommon to find freerolls with as high as $5,000 guaranteed. So, if you have time to play and are an active poker player, you are probably eligible for many freerolls without realising it.

Freerolls can be tedious and frustrating when you play hours for a few cents can’t they? But you should always bear in mind the calibre of opposition. The majority of freeroll entrants are terrible and the ones that aren’t bad are often just playing it cos it’s free to enter and therefore not taking it seriously. It doesn’t matter if you play part-time or as a professional, you should strive to play well all the time and if you do that in freerolls you can boost your bankroll.

4] Converting Loyalty Points

Almost all poker sites have loyalty reward schemes in place to thank their regulars. A lot of poker players don’t pay them much heed or check how many points they have accumulated but they can be very useful over time. Many online poker sites like PokerStars offer their players the opportunity to convert points into other practical items like merchandise, tournament tickets and even cash. So, this can be a brilliant way to boost your bankroll and best of all, you don’t have to do anything different than you already are! The only difference is that instead of playing satellites or using points for a mouse mat you can turn it into cash.

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