Tips And Tricks from The Top 5 Poker Players Of All Time

Poker is one of the oldest casino games out there, which means there’s plenty of strategies that have been developed over generations. Even knowing the rules in and out is just enough to scratch the surface. To take home the big winnings, you’ll have to employ bold tactics or perfect your game to the last detail.

Fortunately, the fact that poker has been around for years means that there are plenty of people that mastered it. Pros have come and gone. Amazing players who have made a name for themselves with multiple series wins and big jackpots. One can learn a lot by following in the footsteps of these legendary players.

As for where to apply these tactics? You’ll find a lot of poker activity online these days as online gambling is becoming more popular. Many US states have or are in the process of passing laws to allow online gambling and sports betting.

The distinction with poker is that it is allowed pretty much anywhere, even states like New York that aren’t keen on adopting online gambing as a whole. The Empire State’s lawmakers are having trouble agreeing on if casino games should be allowed in the state, but poker and horse racing get a free pass due to their legacy as gambling pastimes. New York sports betting will also be in full effect come 2022. But if you’re not much of a sports fan, poker will be your guaranteed go-to for gambling thrills no matter where you live. So let’s look at the best of the best and learn how to up your game.

Phil Hellmuth

Some call Hellmuth the “Poker Brat” for his controversial attitude at the table. And while we don’t encourage you to go around being a jerk to other players on purpose, there is something to learn from Hellmuth. His results speak for themselves: he has 15 World Series of Poker bracelets and over $20 million in tournament winnings. A lot of that comes down to skill, obviously. But there is something to be said for having an aggressive presence in-game. If you play smart hands with confidence and speed, you can sweep other players up in your momentum and dominate. 

Doyle Brunson

This man is called the “Godfather of Poker” because he’s been playing in pro-level tournaments for decades. He stands with Hellmuth as one of only four players to win 10 or more World Series of Poker bracelets. The lesson to learn from Brunson is to pick your games. Brunson is unique in that he doesn’t show up to every tournament, unlike many other pro players who make a tour of events. You don’t have to hustle if you intend make it a habit to only play when you’re at your best. You’ll have the confidence to succeed. Essentially, quality over quantity.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is another veteran of the scene. His claim to fame is creating the “small ball” type of poker play. This dominated the mid-2000s, a testament to how it caught on. Small ball is when you play aggressively but with small proving bets, therefore playing intense games that are actually small in risk. Those who like a fast game but get caught up in the moment could learn from Negranu’s trademark.

Phil Ivey

A legend that needs little introduction, Phil Ivey might just be the best of the best. Ivey has performed well in online poker, tournament series, and live cash games. There’s nothing he can’t do. Ivey teaches us the opposite lesson of Brunson, which is to try and play as much as you can. The truth is that few of us can be prodigies. So, us average players need to practice as much as we can. 

Erik Seidel

Finally, Erik Seidel gives us the lesson of never giving up. He’s been playing for over 30 years and is in his 60s. He might not always be at the front of the pack, but he has a very consistent record and hasn’t slowed down a step over his many years of play. As pro poker moves online and we see a new crop of rising stars, Seidel is an example of why you can still crush it with an old-school style.

If you are interested in having us look at how you play and offer some tips and feedback, why not try our hand history review service?

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What Are the Easiest Online Casino Games to Learn?

Entering an online casino for the first time can be a very intimidating experience, considering that there are so many different games to choose from. What’s more, there are various appealing bonuses for those games which makes deciding on what game to play more complicated. You can find the latest casino bonuses at Casino Bros if you already know what games you’ll play. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to choose the right games rather than playing anything that comes up, since not all games are noob-friendly. So if you’re wondering what are the easiest online casino games to learn, we’ll answer that question in this post. 

Texas Hold’Em Poker

This poker variant is the most widespread kind of poker, and it’s easy to learn but hard to master, hence why we coach it. Essentially, the object of this game is to build the best 5-card poker hand from the combination of hole cards and community cards. This leads to winning the pot or total of all bets that were made on the hand. Using perception and bluffing skills are some of the key elements of the game, which makes it very entertaining. In Texas Hold’Em Poker, players can:

  • Call – Match other player’s bets or raise the bet
  • Raise – Increase the size of an existing bet in the same round
  • Fold – Withdraw from the hand
  • Check – Decline to make a bet and reserve the right to bet later in the round
  • All in – Play all the remaining chips

If you new to our site and Texas Hold’em, we recommend you access our free downloadable poker cheat sheet. It details all the basics with some helpful tips too.

Video Poker

Once you learn hand rankings in regular Poker, you’ll be able to play Video Poker as well. This is one of the most straightforward Poker variations, and it’s an exceptional choice for novices. The aim of the game is to assemble the best possible five-card poker hand. There are several types of Video Poker, and the most common one is called Jacks or better. It’s named after the minimum winning hand required. Similar to Texas Hold’Em Poker, there are many strategies that can be used in Video Poker to increase your chances of succeeding. That’s why Video Poker is another top choice of online casino games for beginners.


Blackjack is one of the most beloved casino games generally and learning to play it is very manageable. The goal of the game is to aim for number 21, and you play against a dealer who delivers two cards for everyone at the start of the game. Picture cards are valued at ten, and aces can have a value of either one or eleven. If your current value is smaller than a 21, you can ask for a hit and the dealer will deal you another card or you can choose to stand, split or surrender. You can have any number between 16 and 20 in your hands, but once you reach a total of more than 21, you lose. Blackjack is certainly a perfect mixture of strategy and entertainment, which makes it another excellent choice of games for beginners.


For all the rookies that are looking for an uncomplicated game to learn, Baccarat is among the most suitable choices. The game is about having the 3 possible options for betting – Player, Banker, and Tie. All you need to do is make a choice on every hand and test your luck. Of course, betting on the player (house edge 1.24%) is the most desirable option, since betting on the banker (house edge 1.06%) has a fee, and tie (house edge 14.36%) should be avoided completely. Taking the house edge into consideration, it’s very clear why you should bet on a player.


So these were some of the best online poker games that are easiest to learn. If you want to get more skilled at online casino games, you can find many comprehensive tutorials on YouTube, Facebook groups, or on gambling forums, to learn everything from the basics to the advanced strategies. Once you decide to test your knowledge in those games, start with the demo games which can be played for free. After some experience you will be ready to play for real money. 

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What American States Allow Online Gambling?

In this article we are answering the question where citizens of USA can play poker online legally. The increasing availability of online poker games since the advent of the internet has given players limitless opportunities to take part in one of the fastest growing competitive gambling scenes around. No more, since the early 2000’s at least, would a prospective poker player need to venture across state lines or even play for fun at a friend of a friend’s house.

From newbie Texas Hold’em novices to blackjack high-rollers and everyone in-between, there has never been a more popular time to play with and against anybody anywhere in the world, at a click of a button from the comfort of your own home. It’s exciting stuff for those seeking a thrill without having to go too far – or even anywhere! – to find one.

A small percentage of players can make it as professional gamblers but most people will play for fun and entertainment. Online poker is great fun and provides solid entertainment value without the need to leave the living room.

When it comes to table games, the blackjack variant of poker is the king and every online casino tends to operate at least one blackjack title. It’s an easy game to learn, it’s fun to play and the entire premise adapts well to the online platform. It’s not uncommon for online casino sites to provide more than one version of blackjack, each with slightly different rules, and the providers know they’ll reap big traffic to their sites when it comes to blackjack for those reasons.

Popular online poker formats

But Texas Hold’em is pretty popular with online players too as it provides a more authentic live poker challenge against many other competitors. This is in contrast to to games like blackjack where you are taking on the house and dealer.

Wider availability for online poker

As we mentioned, the opportunities for gamblers to take part in online poker are increasing. We won’t go into talking about the states where it isn’t legal to play online here. The fact of the matter is the availability for customers to sit at various online poker tables is the best it’s been for years.

There are now six US states where regulated, legal online poker is currently offered – they are West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Three of those states are fairly new to the online poker scene as Pennsylvania and West Virginia entered the market in 2019, before Michigan became the latest state to legalize the online poker industry earlier this year.

Top online poker platforms

Meanwhile the very popular Pokerstars is currently legal in three states, with licenses to operate being granted by New Jersey, Pennsylvania and this year’s legal poker newcomers Michigan. Since its formation as long ago as 2001, Pokerstars has built itself up to become the largest real money online poker site in the world. It controls over two-thirds of the total online poker market.

The fact that it is available to players in half of the US states where online poker is legal means Pokerstars is incredibly popular with online poker players. It is natural for players to visit this particular platform, but there are plenty of other popular sites that stage online poker games to get involved with.

Ignition Casino, InterTops, BlackChip Poker and Cafe Casino are all up there when it comes to the best sites for online poker. They all offer great opportunities for players to enjoy the pastime in the six states where online poker is legalized…

The state(s) of play


It would make sense that the state in which Las Vegas resides is pretty key when it comes to online gambling. Although there is only one solitary active poker site in Nevada, it is pretty huge…

The world-famous World Series of Poker has been the premier event of the poker calendar for decades. Why? It provides the most sought after prize in the game. Online is the only real online poker site that exists in the state and provides the only chance you have to win from the comfort of your home. But it’s a fantastic chance, all the same.

New Jersey

After Nevada, the only other state that can lay claim to being a spiritual home of online gaming has to be New Jersey. With its extensive choice of online gambling options including casinos, sportsbooks, and poker games. There are dozens of online poker sites to choose from in NJ. New Jersey is the state with the most availability for players to stick or twist on the virtual tables.


You would be surprised to discover that Delaware was actually the first state to legalize online gambling in 2012. It beat the above two powerhouses of online poker. And online gambling is pretty big in this pretty small state, with the Delaware Lottery in charge of no less than three online casinos, three online poker sites, and an online lottery.


Online casinos with poker games first launched in Pennsylvania in July 2019 and the industry within the state has seen significant growth in the two years following. There’s over half a dozen online casinos in operation and more planned for the near future, this state being much more populous than the one above means the availability of online poker in PA will rocket.

West Virginia

This state was the one to take the lead to legalize sports betting. It has five casinos and a thriving online poker community making it a big player in the gambling world.


Michigan became the most recent state to legalize online casinos in January and has already granted access to no less than 13 (THIRTEEN!) online casinos where games such as blackjack, video poker and live dealer games are prevalent.


So there you have it, the six states where online poker is playable to anybody who wishes to enjoy it. There are plans for this opportunity to soon be expanded to at least one more state with Connecticut very recently opening for online gambling business. Although the poker option isn’t quite ready there yet, it is only a matter of time before it will be. The hope is this is just the latest in a long line of states allowing players to legally play online poker. After all, legal play is safe and protected and the more states that offer that can only be a good thing.

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New Slot Game Releases: Autumn 2021

For many people, trying something new can be somewhat frightening, but that isn’t usually the case for slot game lovers. New online slot machine releases are something that slot-heads eagerly look forward to. It’s no wonder why gaming developers are constantly battling it out to try and emerge as the cream of the crop with the most immersive titles.

Slot developers have been busy trying to coin the finest slots to entice players in recent years, with the number of monthly releases averaging about 100 slots. This autumn is no different, and punters have a plethora of vibrantly coloured and themed online slots to choose from. To have a taste of the latest online slots Canada, you’d better join top-tier casinos as they usually offer the newest titles as soon as they are released. Here’s a quick look at some of the most exciting new releases from different providers, fresh from the oven:

1.Lady Lava – Kalamba Games

Kalamba Games took ‘hot’ to a whole new level in its newest lava-themed slot, the Lady Lava online slot machine. The gameplay in this 5×3, 20-payline slot is bursting with ingenious skills on the developer’s part and is bound to melt your heart. The setting is a tropical lush green utopia with a volatile volcano bubbling on in the background, ready to blow your mind.

You’ll also relish the game’s high volatility along with the maximum possible payout of 3,700x your total stake if you’re lucky enough. And aside from the top payout, some smoking hot wins are definitely on the horizon, thanks to a 4-level cashpot payout, provided you play your cards right. Better still, you could also boost your winning potential via multiplier wilds and free spins.

2.Solar Queen MegawaysTM – Playson

The Solar Queen MegawaysTM slot game is one of the most electrifying hits from Playson, owing to its super attractive visuals and familiar yet captivating storyline. Casino players just can’t seem to get enough of the Egyptian thematic concept on the reels. Playson did not waste any time adding one more to the pool. This game features the MegawaysTM gaming mechanic, a proprietary gameplay system that affords players more ways to win, in this case, 7776.

This Solar Queen MegawaysTM slot machine is not Playson’s first rodeo as it is a sequel to an earlier 2019 release: the Solar Queen slot. And as with any sequel, the latter always has some upgrades in features and payouts. Transforming wilds, free spins and a buy feature lay the groundwork for punters to garner more enviable wins.

3.Moon Spirit: Hold and Win – iSoftBet

iSoftBet’s North American-themed Moon Spirit: Hold and Win slot machine is set to wade off bad losing dreams and make a punter’s wealth-oriented dreams come true. As you would expect, the symbols represent moon rituals and myths found in the Native American and First Nations tribes. From wolves and dream catchers to natives, you’ll immediately get the gist of the spiritual vibe iSoftBet was going for.

The Hold and Win feature is the cherry on the cake for this 243-pay ways slot, as the respins are epic. The totem levels are a feature that fans will be eagerly waiting to trigger as they climb the levels and increase their win potential. The graphics are on point, and when you stare at the vault long enough, there’s no doubt that you’ll want a piece if not all of what’s inside.

4.Legend of the Dragon – Play’n Go

Play’n Go has just released an ice-breathing dragon onto the slots scene, and no, it’s not Daenerys’ undead Viserion. Instead, this one is inspired by Japanese mythology. Instead of bringing down magical walls with its breath, the ice dragon in The Legend of the Ice Dragon game bears some good luck for players.

Audacious punters that dare enter the dragon’s den where a gargantuan treasure waits to be discovered will be richly rewarded. In addition, the game has a hidden superpower thanks to the Frames feature that operates in the same way as Play’n Go’s Wild Frames feature.

5.Grand Heist – OneTouch

High rollers will be rushing to get a piece of the loot in this high-variance game from OneTouch. This grandiose 8×8 slot with cluster pays will have punters attempting to pull off one of the biggest heists in slot history with the help of multipliers that pay up to 3,500x the stake. This is not a venture for the lighthearted, but the gems and treasures that lie ahead are enough to convince some to take the chance.

Take Your Pick this Autumn!

Playing new online slots is not just about entertainment. Slot machine enthusiasts get to have a variety of options with different experiences, features, and of course, perks. Meanwhile, slot developers are increasingly getting competitive with one another. This is leading to a fascinating mélange of slots for players of all tastes. This autumn, we’ve already picked some of the hottest releases for you, but there are loads more around the corner. With online casino slots, every season is slot season, and there’s always one or two that will keep you glued to the reels.

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A Beginners Guide to PayPal Poker Sites

We all have our favourite banking methods for poker playing. For many, the banking method will drive the site you play on. It’s not uncommon for the modern era players to disregard a site that doesn’t accept Bitcoin. We’ve found that there is not much literature on PayPal as a payment option for poker players. So, in this article we will give an over view how to create a PayPal account, share some advantages and disadvantages to using PayPal and list a few of the best PayPal poker sites to play on.  

Creating a PayPal Account

To get funds to your poker site, you need funds in your PayPal account. One of the largest payment merchants, PayPal have made creating an account swift and secure. The first step is to visit PayPal website and register an account. You’ll need to enter some personal information e.g. Name, address, email address etc. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to link your bank account or credit card to PayPal. Doing this by bank is safe as they send you a few pennies with a code that you use to authenticate your account. Once verified you’re good to go.

Advantages to Using PayPal

The main advantage to using PayPal is the security and speed of transaction. A deposit or cash out from PayPal is practically instant. I’ve made cash-outs in the past and had a push notification before the confirmation email has been sent!

PayPal also has a great app which removes the nuisance of doing everything on the browser. I don’t even need to enter password to access my account as you can login by fingerprint.

Another benefit to using PayPal is the privacy and anonymity you’re afforded. Transactions are within your own PayPal account and not visible on credit card statements or bank statements. This is a perk for poker players who like to keep their favourite hobby private.

Finally, most PayPal casino and poker sites let you deposit from PayPal without charging a deposit fee. Make sure you read the small print first but this is generally the case for the sites we tested with PayPal.

Disadvantages to Using PayPal

There are a few drawbacks to PayPal too. During our research for this article, we discovered that some sites could charge on withdrawals. This was not the case for the ones we recommend later but it’s important you check first. PayPal charge a few percent as a merchant to the poker site who could in theory pass this on to customer.

Another disadvantage is the limitation on PayPal in terms of amount that can be cashed out. You can potentially get this lifted but it requires PayPal to approve. The current daily limit for UK accounts is £7,500 per day. So, if you like to play high stakes or bink a big win, contact PayPal ASAP to arrange a greater limit.

Finally, having been an active PayPal user for years, we feel their customer support is mediocre. Like many companies, their customer support is running very much on FAQ and HQ sections. They deter you from contacting them by email or chat as much as possible. This can be frustrating if you urgently need to get clarity on something.  

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The Best PayPal Poker Sites

There a decent number of online poker sites that grant deposits and cash-outs via PayPal. However, most due to legislation most don’t accept Americans. The top 3 below are primarily for UK, Irish and European poker players.


The biggest poker site of them all has to accept PayPal, doesn’t it? PokerStars caters to proper grinders so they need to ensure they accept as many payment methods as possible. They have amazing volume, decent tournaments and plenty of cash tables. We don’t consider PokerStars one of the softest sites around but they are certainly up there for traffic. Read our review to see the pros and cons of playing on the world’s biggest site.

888 Poker

One of the softest poker sites online, 888 is a great option for PayPal users. What’s awesome about 888 is that they offer PayPal to most European countries, unlike many other sites we researched that only accept UK or Ireland. Cash outs might take a little longer from 888 but its worth it when you consider the competition level is lower and thus your win rate should be higher.

Coral Poker

Coral is one of the oldest and most trusted UK brands and quite rightly accept PayPal. We always recommend this site to our readers as the software is neat and the opposition are fishy. You’ll get the chance to play against mostly sports bettors who barely know the rules of poker so it’s certainly worth trialling Coral. As with 888, they don’t appear to charge players for depositing or cashing out via PayPal. The minimum deposit by PayPal is only £10.

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4 Pitfalls to Avoid as a Poker Player

Playing poker isn’t always free flowing, running good and playing easy to beat opposition. Most of you should know this already, otherwise you haven’t been playing very long. As a poker coaching website, we try to sharpen players skills and strengthen their talents. However, there are potential pitfalls beneath a player’s consciousness that could be lurking. It’s important to recognise our weaknesses and avoid them as best as possible.

In this article we will share the most common poker pitfalls so you will hopefully be on guard as you go through your own poker journey.

Using Poker Winnings to Cover Casino Losses

One of the challenges many poker players suffer with is their penchant for playing too many other forms of gambling. Perhaps they think they can dominate other casino games like they do poker? Rarely is this the case.

There are countless stories of player going broke, squandering their winnings at the blackjack table or playing casino games they have no business being involved with. This isn’t a problem for the best poker players as they recognise the other casino games are a bit of a fun. If they win great, if they don’t, it’s no big deal as they are risking very little.

Moving Up Stakes Too Soon

A problem many players struggle with is choosing when to move up in stakes. This a pitfall both losing players and winning players have. A losing player may think that the current level is beneath them, they don’t think the players are competent enough to give them credit. As such, they move up quickly even though they can’t beat their current stakes.

A winning player has a different issue. They beat their current game but not over enough volume. You need vast data and lots of hands of experience before going up in stakes. It’s not something to do lightly. Players that move up soon and lose hard are not only hitting their bankroll but their confidence too. It’s not uncommon for a player to move back down then lose there too, seriously harming their overall ROI.

poker spreadsheet

Stagnation (Hitting a Ceiling)

A live cardroom is full of players that have stagnated in their poker playing. They reached a level years ago and never went any higher. This is a serious problem for players, particularly online where the game is constantly evolving.

You’ll find lots of online players who were keen to learn and improve, spent hours a week studying and beat the games. Then, without rhyme or reason, they stopped the good habits and stunted in their poker growth. Perhaps they met their poker goals and have an ok win rate? But that will only last so long. A winning player needs to be dedicated to self-improvement and tweaking their game to ensure they are ahead of the competition.

If stagnation is something you suffer with, we recommend you trial our mentor service. Having a mentor is a great way to get honest feedback, support and advice.

Developing an Ego

One of the dangers of success, even a little bit, is the threat of developing an ego. This is certainly true in poker where you’ll see many players exhibit this trait. They want to be table captain, execute all the bluffs and proudly get paid off with their over-bet. However, we’re here to tell you that an ego is a pitfall to avoid! Professionals lose their ego when they realise it’s of no financial or psychological benefit at the tables.

An ego is just another word for pride or arrogance. In most walks of life, these character traits are unlikely to help you are they? So, if you are seeing good results or feel like you’re playing well, keep on guard to avoid developing a big ego. It could rear its head when you’re facing opponents who try to get under your skin. Rarely will letting your emotion and pride get the best of you be a profitable solution in poker.

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The Changes in Slot Games at Japanese Casinos

In light of the tremendous expansion of the online community, the proliferation of businesses and stores that are selling their services to the millions of people, it’s only natural that gambling has found its home online too. No need to leave the comfort of your bed to take advantage of all of the gambling opportunities found at a regular casino, as well as other benefits.

Slots are a popular game that has gained in popularity over the years due to their accessibility. In contrast, NetBet Casino has recently moved away from the typical slot experience. They have done this by introducing many new elements and considerably boosting the overall quality of the game. Similarly, but with a unique twist, Japanese internet casinos have done the same thing. Even though Japan has strict gambling rules, they have access to online gambling, which they have taken advantage of.

Bringing in New Themes

For quite some time, online casinos have been mixing various themes into their games. This includes films for film enthusiasts, music for those with a musical bent, and even video games for those who are more interested in the gameplay. Unique symbols, theme-appropriate music, and sound effects are used by incorporating parts of each theme into the slot machines.

Japan, on the other hand, has taken the slot game to new heights. With prominent gambling sites such as Casino X acting as ideal examples; a glance at their homepage illustrates how anime styles have been merged to appeal to the Japanese population. See how the anime styles are implemented on Casino X in this review from Manekineko Casino if you’re interested in seeing how they’re implemented on other sites.

Japan’s anime culture is deeply ingrained in its animation style, and the Japanese online gambling community has taken advantage of this by making it desirable for Japanese players. Additionally, anime and Japanese culture have recently gained significant popularity in Western countries, indicating that this game style is not limited to a single country.

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Enhancing Immersion

Slot machines have traditionally been extremely straightforward devices. With the introduction of fully developed characters that contribute to the game’s immersion by giving players a cause to play other than the potential financial benefit, Japan is making significant efforts to entirely revolutionize the game. According to the Japanese government, gambling in Japan has been gamified to the point where it feels more like an immersive video game than a typical slot machine.

As they proceed through the games, players have access to a huge map of kingdoms to pick. They’ll be earning experience points and moving to increasingly difficult games by conquering bosses. They were able to add an element of adventure to the game as a result of this. Not only are these games brilliant, colourful, and tempting, but the energetic animations also generate a sense of anticipation in the player as they go through the game.

Redefining the Genre

Japan has departed from classic game slot game mechanics. They now include a myriad of innovative features. As such, Japanese casinos are completely reimagining the genre.

With these Japanese online casino games, you may speed up the action. You don’t waste time on the uninteresting bits and can instead concentrate on the storyline and characters. This is in addition to collecting points for completing specific games and stages. You’ll be defeating game-specific characters such as bosses, and even earning benefits such as free spins, among other activities.

Every one is an example of gamification, which refers to the process of introducing gaming features into non-video game platforms. These revolutionary new features are conventional slot qualities such as music, sound, animations, and graphics in close succession.

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Can You Be a Professional Gambler?

The vast majority of you see gambling as a bit of fun or a side hustle but there are a select few that actually do it professionally. For punters who win semi-regularly or hit jackpot wins, there might always be a temptation to try it. In most cases it would be foolish as professional gambling is just as challenging as other “jobs”. We’ve recently been asked the question “can you be a professional gambler”. So, in this article, we’re going to answer the questions by giving an in depth look at what it takes to be a professional gambler, highlight some benefits and also show the disadvantages too.

The Necessary Skills & Resources

Becoming a professional gambler doesn’t happen overnight or by chance. There are plenty of strengths a full-time pro will need to be successful. We’ve narrowed our list down to five key skills or resources that a gambler must possess.


One of the most important skills requirements is a good temperament. Even if you’re the best poker player in the room, there is no guarantee you will win your next session. Having a sound temperament is essential to being consistent and making the right decisions for the long-term. In our experience, this attribute is very rare. Most gamblers mindsets are heavily swayed by the most recent results or outside influences.


Discipline is another necessity for professional gamblers. The discipline lies in playing the right stakes, not moving up too quickly, resisting games where there is no edge. Even avoiding alcohol when going to the casino. All these examples help a gamblers’ chances as they are treating gambling as a business, not entertainment like 99% of people.

Game Selection

This is a concept lost on the social gambler. They will go from one game to another, losing here and there without mastering any. This is anathema to a pro who carefully picks and chooses which games are right to play. A pro is more likely to stick to games where there is more skill input e.g. poker or blackjack. A professional won’t play slots 9-5 as they know the house edge is massive.  


Getting advice from likeminded successful gamblers and researching games and strategy is critical too. Like anything worth doing well, seeking advice from the best will only enhance your chances. For instance, if you are considering mastering sports betting, speaking with the best tipsters regularly will enhance your ability to find profitable betting strategy. You can find some offering free service plays on reputable sports betting forums.


Accountability and keeping accurate records are a vital resource to a full time professional. One needs to track everything so they know how many hours they played, what their wins and losses are and how they are doing overall. Without detailed records and understanding your ROI you are just aimlessly gambling.

poker spreadsheet

Advantages of a Professional Gambler  

The most obvious advantage to being a professional gambler is the ability to pick and choose when you work. Unlike a regular day job, you can wake up later in the day. You can have Monday off if you want. It’s up to you. This level of freedom is unheard of in most walks of life and undoubtedly one of the big perks of living the life of a professional gambler.

In many countries around the world, winnings from gambling is tax free. This is the case in the United Kingdom and a huge advantage to anyone who gambles for a living. In a regular job, a £1,000 bonus might be worth £668 after taxes or less if you have student loans or in a higher tax bracket. In gambling, you keep the entire £1,000, worth more than £332 than in a normal job. When you compare hourly rates, you should look at post-tax to compare with a professional gambler to really see the value to the individual.

Finally, the general freedom you have is certainly a benefit. You’re able to go on holiday whenever you want. You can also access games from anywhere. A professional gambler in 2020s doesn’t need to travel cross country to a casino to play. They can jump into a game in seconds through their phone or laptop.

Disadvantages of a Professional Gambler

Gambling for a living isn’t all luxury. There are several important disadvantages to the gamblers lifestyle that must be addressed before one even considers going professional.

An unpredictable and uncertain income is probably the largest disadvantage. In our regular jobs, we can comfortably forecast, plan and predict our future. This is essential to anyone who is in a relationship, has a family or just likes to know what is round the corner. For a professional gambler, it’s very difficult to look far into to the future.

Another disadvantage is the external societal aspect. A professional gambler cannot get a mortgage, a house must be paid for in cash. A rent tenancy must be paid for in full (e.g. 6 months or yearly). In UK, we have the national insurance system whereby paying in for decades entitles us to a state pension. So, a professional gambler loses the massive benefits this has too.

The lifestyle of a gambler is unsociable. That may seem contradictory as gamblers are generally playing on the nights at weekends, right? Well, that is anti-social when it comes spending time with friends and family. If you’re using time to gamble when your friends and family are free, you are unlikely to spend much time with them. After all, your partner is likely to work weekdays and your children will be at school. This is a heavy burden to put on those around you.

Finally, the motivational and mental aspects of professional gambling can be a downer too. How will you react when you are on a losing streak? Will it impact your decision making or your mood away from the tables? If so, you should think twice. The motivation to keep gambling and striving to do better is also a large obstacle for professionals. Even when you’re winning regularly, gambling can be demotivating and seem like a regular job at times. If it’s like a job, you may as well get one as the sacrifices for professional gambling are numerous and weighty.


Clearly, professional gambling is not something to go into lightly. It’s something for a very select few that have a strong mentality, a desire to learn, disciplined with temperament and accountable. A successful professional need all these traits to do well. We believe even lacking in one area could destroy your chances. For most of you, playing for fun and entertainment is going to be the right call. Just remember to gamble responsibly and stick to games you know well.  

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4 Technological Innovations in Online Gambling

Every industry has companies battling to be at the forefront, trying to dominate their respective market. Online gambling is no different. This has been proven out by casinos and poker rooms that are continuously innovating to keep people engaged and interested. We’re going share four technological innovations made in the online gambling world in recent years that has improved the availability to customers.

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be a little more enlightened. You may also begin to appreciate the vast sums that gambling companies spend in research and development to help provide us with a pleasurable gaming experience.

1)Mobile Gaming Technology

Probably the biggest change in the decade has been the proliferation of mobile usage. Everyone on the planet owns a mobile so online gambling has immense reach with phones. Every major gambling site has an app today. Gambling apps lets punters play their favourite game, take advantage of bonuses and deposit and cash out seamlessly.

It feels like yesterday when a laptop was needed to achieve this but those days are gone. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting an iPhone betting app or an android poker app, you can stay involved, have fun and hopefully make money too. The technological innovation by gambling companies to produce these apps must be immense because all the major brands have excellent apps that work faultlessly (most of the time).

2)Live Dealers

The online casinos are very clever with the live dealer technology. They basically said to customers you can play online and still have the same live experience if you want. Using streaming technology and employing real dealers (often from poorer European countries), the online casinos are offering a “real” casino experience without the add on expenses (e.g., fuel and tipping). Gambling in this way is arguably more enjoyable than traditional online gambling as you can communicate with the dealers.

3)Bitcoin Payment Method

The Bitcoin craze is showing no signs of waning and casinos are exploiting its popularity. Loads of gambling platforms are accepting BTC, LTC and ETH as payment methods when depositing and withdrawing funds. Gambling is inherently a private hobby so it affords players an increased sense of security and anonymity. The fast transaction times are attractive too, often days quicker than older and antiquated payment methods e.g., wire transfer.

4)New Poker Variants

Online poker had a few years of decline when the Americans were prohibited from playing, but the major sites responded vociferously. They’ve expanded their offering dramatically in recent years. With fast fold poker prevalent on most sites, new and exciting tournament formats and Pot Limit Omaha generating more interest, poker is very popular again.  

In recent years, short-deck poker (6 + Hold’em) has grown in popularity too. Many high stakes players have taken to this form as it’s “juicier” than traditional Texas Hold’em. The card numbered two to five are removed from the deck, so you can see how many hands become more enticing to play. This game is very new and only created in 2014 so it’s still in its infancy but very popular in places like Macau and Hong Kong.

poker cheat sheet


As you can see, there are technological innovations happening all the time in the online gambling world. Its encouraging to see. It shows that the industry is fresh, relevant and up to date with the latest advancements in technology. By piggybacking on mobile technology, streaming services and even crypto-currency, the online gambling platforms are serving customers today and, in the future, too. Who knows what the next technological step will be? We don’t but we’re excited to see!

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Advantages to Playing Poker on Sports Betting Sites

There’s a reason the major poker sites are popular; they offer customers loads of traffic and the biggest tournament prize pools. However, there are compelling reasons to play poker on sports betting sites too that you may not realise. In this article we’re going to offer some advantages to playing on sports betting sites.

Fewer Regs

Playing with fishes, arrogant businessmen and recreational gamblers is far more enjoyable and rewarding than playing against regulars. There are no prizes for mixing with tough opponents and trying to churn out a small win rate. Having an ego can hurt your bottom-line and fortunately that isn’t a problem on sports betting sites.  

The distinct lack of “regs” is a huge advantage on the sports betting sites that offer poker. You don’t have to be as selective picking games and you don’t have to get up and leave when your surrounded by grinders. Sports betting sites don’t attract the regs as they aren’t geared to offer the same loyalty rewards as the major sites. However, we gladly surrender some VIP points for a better hourly rate, and so should you.

Easy to Beat Opposition

The general traffic at these sites is compiled of punters who are giving poker a try. Some of them make a bit here and there and just like a flutter. They treat poker like their other gambling interests. Obviously, as we know, there is a huge difference. Poker is more complex and skill based and this is where our advantage is.

The opposition lack the fundamental poker skills that are needed to win regularly. You will see loads of unorthodox betting styles and overplaying on a sports betting site. This is great as it means a standard tight aggressive style will be sufficient to win on sites like bovada betting.


There’s been a surge of HUDs being banned across multiple sites in recent years. This has led to a divide, you’re either on the side of the recreational poker player or the professionals. The pros’ love HUDs and the recreational players don’t. As a poker training site that wants to increase your advantage, HUDs are excellent tools, but we appreciate the advantages to banning them. It brings loads of players back to poker which in turn increases the money involved in online poker, something we’re in favour of.

Many sports betting sites are anti-HUD and have been banning all usage. Whilst removing the stat tracking software reduces your edge, the softer competition levels more than make up for this. Any decent winning player should be able to adapt and take advantage, particularly when it’s on a soft poker site.  

Exposure to Other Bonuses

The typical poker sites are less generous with their bonuses these days. This isn’t the case with sports betting sites though. By joining with them you’re able to receive lucrative sign up and reload bonuses that can further bolster your bankroll. This is a secondary advantage to playing on sites like Unibet, Coral or Bovada. Quite often you’ll get a free bet just for signing up and depositing. Even if you’re not an avid sports fan it’s still free money to gamble with and just another reason to try sports betting sites.


The sports betting sites that offer poker can be extremely profitable. You’ll play against easier opponents, without HUDs and face fewer grinders. Couple that with the bonuses and you’ve got some powerful reasons to give it a try. The software may be less easy on the eye than major poker sites but we’re here to make money, not admire the graphics.

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