What Does Covid-19 Mean For Online Poker?


It’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues so Texas Holdem Questions could not avoid the issue. We had to write an article about the virus that has swept the globe and had an impact on lives everywhere. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that so many countries would be in lockdown today? Fish are seen in Venice canals; pollution is down and there are empty roads in countless major cities. Now, as of yesterday in the United Kingdom, pubs, clubs, theatres, gyms and shops are closed. Schools are closed and people are being asked to work from home. What is the impact of this? People will have to find things to do at home.

One of the few industries that are benefiting from the Covid-19 outbreak is the delivery industry and grocery shopping, but what about online poker? There are no sports being played so there is less to gamble on. Those who like to gamble may turn to online poker as a quick win or maybe just for fun. Let’s face it, as long they know how to play poker and have the time, the poker rooms are going to start booming.

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United Kingdom Job Retention Scheme

The Covid-19 job retention scheme introduced on 20th March 2020 by Rishi Sunak means the UK government will prop up wages up to 80%. This is for employees who are unable to work due to Covid-19. What will they be spending their money on? Well they won’t be going to pubs, restaurants or the cinema and they are confined to staying at home for the most part. This is where the poker rooms will be promoting and pushing their brands more than ever. They will be keen to open doors to new customers. There is every reason to think this could be at least 3 months isolation, which is a long time to be stuck indoors.

Final Thoughts on Covid-19 & Online Poker

Covid-19 is not going anywhere in the short term; we are all in this together and have to keep our distances, wash hands and be smart for the good of society. If you are likely to be indoors, off work and interested in playing online poker, visit our poker cheat sheet article and can download for free too. Or perhaps sign up to our poker training video membership for £49.99. If you are going to be indoors for a few months, we want you to make the best of it. Improve your game and bankroll, but most important of all, stay healthy and gamble responsibly.

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