What about the other variations of poker, can we ask questions on them?

Yes of course, we have poker coaches experienced in all forms of poker.

Can we pay for fees by online poker account transfers?

No, for now we are only accepting payment via PayPal . We will only ever invoice you from PayPal. This could change in the future and we will update you if and when this changes.

Where are you from? 


What if you don’t reply within 24 hours? 

If there is an emergency or connection problems and I am not able to answer a question within 24 hours of receiving a question then I will offer full refund.

Do you share my questions anywhere?

No, all questions are strictly confidential and will never be shared anywhere.

Are you able to offer any discounts?

Yes, discounts are offered for recurring services.

What is the minimum amount of hours I can sign up for?
2 hours a month.