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Free Poker Online

Free Poker Online

You’ve found this article because you’ve heard of poker but want to play for free right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend lots of money to learn poker. You can play free poker online if you want to. Most online poker sites allow you to play on their site with play money. Most people want to make money but this is great way to learn the basics of poker before you spend any money.

Free Poker Tools

If you are interested in playing free poker online then you probably want some free resources to help you. The list below is a few free resources to help you learn the beautiful game of poker.

Texas Holdem Questions

This site is a free tool for you. We write lots of articles catered to all types of players so feel free to have a nose around. I highly recommend our poker cheat sheet to start with and then click on “poker basics” under our article dropdown menu.


There are lots of free videos on YouTube to help you learn poker. There’s a lot of naff material too but it’s still a great place to start. Just search “learn poker” or something similar and you will get thousands of results to help you.

Poker Podcasts

Podcasts seem to be incredibly popular in the last few years with most industries jumping on the bandwagon. Poker is no different, have a search for poker podcasts and find the wealth of listening material. A word of caution, whilst most of the podcasts are free, a lot may be going over your head initially as it may be technically complex.


Save the best till last. Poker freerolls are the best way to play free poker online. You can play poker, for money, without risking any of your own. This is undoubtedly the best way advice I can offer you. It’s not the best way to be a great player but if you’re just dipping your toe into online poker, this is the best place to start. If you want to play free poker online, I recommend 888 poker. They have hundreds of thousands in their galaxy freerolls and give £20/$31 free (in increments) upon registering an account with them. To take advantage, sign up from the banner below and start playing free poker online.