How to Determine Trustworthy Gambling Websites in 2020?

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Gambling Sites 2020

If you are new to the world of online betting, looking at the list of the best or even reputable casinos feels overwhelming. Each review has different sites listed and you probably don’t know who to trust. In this article, we will show you how to find the best gambling sites for you and your needs. The mission of websites like WeGamble is to provide a different and unique perspective on the world of gambling that should ease the whole process.

The Most Important Ranking Factor of Online Casinos

As we previously mentioned, the lists of top casino sites might feel overwhelming. Although most of the reviews list the parameters they used to rank those sites, we don’t know the most important ones among them. Therefore, we can’t rank the sites on our own, and we have to trust the reviewer unconditionally. But, if we knew the strength of individual parameters, we would know how to rate the site on our own.

The most important ranking factor for online gambling sites is the trustworthiness of the site. The best welcome offer, the biggest collection of casino games, and amazing user experience are worthless if you registered on the site which is not legit.

How to check is the site legit? There are a few ways, and you should combine all of them. First, there are user reviews online. However, if you are suspicious of sponsored content you see online, you should be suspicious when reading user reviews. Many of them are sponsored by competition, or simply not true. Many gamblers are quick to register when they see a great offer, but they don’t read the Terms and Conditions of the site, wagering requirements, and other important info, and then they feel scammed. You should always read everything you can about the particular casino before making your final judgement.

Do The Research

You should also check if the casino is licensed and by which gambling authority. By doing small research there you will definitely find the answer fast, but we recommend reading customer reviews anyway. Although most of the popular casinos in 2020 are generally trustworthy, you can come across some things you don’t like, regarding payment methods, wagering requirements, waiting time after you make a withdrawal request, and similar things. Therefore, reading user reviews is good, but always take them with the grain of salt.

The Best Site Must Follow Your Preferences

After we learned how to recognise scamming websites, we need to find the best partner for our online gambling adventure. Like we stated at the beginning of this article, you can find numerous reviews. Reviews of casinos, casino games, and gambling providers, but in most of them, you will find different sites at the top. That should tell you two things: first, it is really hard to make a definite list of the best online casinos, and second, the lists are different because ranking criteria is different on each of those reviews.

The solution is – ask yourself what is the most important thing you expect to find at the chosen casino website. Is it free spins? A great welcome bonus? Lots of casino games to choose from? The beautiful design or user experience, and then search for the best online casinos in that particular category. You will find out that searching for the easiest wagering requirements or the best welcome bonus will give you more consistent results. After that, you can register an account at the desired online casino and get the best experience based on your preferences. Of course, we always recommend going further and not sticking with one casino. There is plenty of fish in the sea. By widening your preferences, you will certainly stumble upon more great online casinos. Some of which will give you the best possible experience.


We learned that finding the best gambling site in 2020 requires more work than it seems. Also, your favourite might not be the site which is topping the most of the best gambling site lists. You need to figure out your preferences and what is the most important thing for you. Once you know, you will easily choose the perfect gambling partner, based on those preferences. If you repeat that process for each casino you choose, you will never feel robbed or think that you registered at a scamming website.

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