Poker Coaching for Cash Games

Poker Coaching: Cash Games

Do you need cash game help? We are here to help you improve and earn more from cash games. We have experts in poker coaching that can help you in Texas Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha. Since 2018, we have been helping low to mid stakes players improve their earnings.

Look at one of our students stats below. He came to us a losing player, was breaking even the first 2 months just using our poker dashboard reporting, in month 3 he took up Skype coaching and won almost $6,000!

poker coaching


1 Hour£90
4 Hours£288£72 Savings
10 Hours £675£225 Savings


  • 1 to 1 Poker Coach
  • No minimum term
  • Personal feedback
  • Bespoke coaching plan for you
  • Free consultation by email
  • Expert advice


  • Skype Audio
  • Skype Video
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp call
  • Book session one off or on a monthly basis

“I love Craig’s coaching because he explores areas of my game I never gave attention and has made me a better player in a short space of time. Craig does really well at making you look at hands differently than you usually would. I recommend his cash game coaching to anyone looking to better themselves.” 

Dana  – USA, Cash Game Player (October 2019) 

You will be assigned a personal poker coach who will spend time with you, watch how you play, assess any leaks and recommend ways to improve your game.

All the key areas will be analysed so we make you the best player you can be!

Bankroll Management

We will coach you in how to manage your bankroll properly, ensuring you stay in the game and are playing the right stakes.


You will receive poker coaching in position, understanding the value of playing in position as much as possible. All your queries about the different positions will be answered with a listening ear.


Unfamiliar with poker software? Don’t worry, we will provide all the information you need, ensuring you maximise your edge and utilise the right poker software.

Bet Sizing

One of the most important part of poker is to properly size your bets. Ever wondered if your enforcing errors or getting max value? This is where our poker coaching will help you earn more money. We will coach you how to control pots, get value, force mistakes and get the results you want from accurate bet sizing.

Pot Odds

You can’t escape the fact that cash games and poker in general revolves around probability and maths. Don’t worry! We will provide all the necessary information to help you. You will know intuitively whether you have the right odds to make a turn call, whether it’s correct to call a continuation bet and much more. We will help you calculate pot odds so you are using it every session.

Table Image

Poker is more than just the cards you hold. This is especially true for cash games where you are often playing similar players. We will help you hone the table image you desire, help you take advantage of your table image and help you be more aware of your opponent’s table image. By collating the information and incorporating this into your game, you will be much better placed to make correct decisions and earn more money.

Game Selection

Picking the right game is critical to earning a decent win rate. You may enjoy full ring with nits but perhaps you earn more playing 6 max with loose aggressive players? We will coach you in proper game selection. Take the personal feeling, ego and pride out of decision making and coach you to treat poker like a business.

Mental Poker

One of the biggest flaws in players who lose at cash games is there inability to stop. Their propensity to tilt and being mentally weak. We will do everything possible to help you become mentally strong. You will be able to cope with downswings, bad runs and protect you from yourself. You will be coached in the importance of playing when you’re mentally prepared, not playing for the sake of it. This can only help to increase your winnings in the long run.

If you’d like to know more about our cash game poker coaching, fill in the form below and will get back to you very soon.

Cash Game Coaching