Coaching By Email

What is coaching by email?
Want to know how to win at poker but hourly rate coaching is outside your budget? Coaching by email is for you! It is a cheaper option for players looking to improve and win money. This form of coaching has proved very popular as you still get the benefit of 1 to 1 coach and don’t have to invest as much.

How much does it cost?
The monthly fees are just $160. We can discount this for players looking to bulk buy for 12 months:
Monthly = $160
12 Months = $1,440 ( 25% off, saving you $480!)

What will I get?
You will receive regular contact from a dedicated coach who will support you and formulate a coaching plan based on where you are struggling and need improvement. We will also track your progress, suggest improvements, tweaks and provide food for thought so you continue to improve and enhance your earning potential.

How often can I contact my coach?
You can email your queries and questions as often as you like. There are no additional charges other than the monthly fee so take advantage and contact us as much as you like!
Your coach will always want to help you so you know how to win at poker in the long run.

I want to sign up to email coaching and make more money!
Great – sign up below or email us at and we look forward to helping you make more money.

Coaching By Email


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