Tournament Poker Coaching

No Limit Hold’em tournaments are getting tougher to maintain high ROI every year. Our 1 to 1 tournament poker coaching keeps you ahead of the game with an easy to understand process, helping you become a long term winner.

Our tournament poker coach will look at all the key areas of your tournament game and tweak or radically modify your game (if required) to suit the new style of tournament poker player.

We will do our best to turn you into a long term winning player at tournaments. Our coaching is a simple of assessing your game, understanding your thought process and recommending changes to fix leaks and expand your knowledge.

Tournament Poker Coaching Focus Areas

There are so many areas to analyse. We will help you in areas that need most attention.

Pre-Flop Hand Selection

The starting point of any hand begins pre-flop with the hands you play or don’t play. We will look at and analyse your hand selection from different positions and stack sizes.

Tournament Selection

There are so many different types of tournaments these days. Picking the right buy-in and format shouldn’t be done lightly. We will help you pick the right ones, whether it be freezeout, 6 max or bounty tournaments, we’ll help you choose the right one.

Flop, Turn and River Play

We will data mine and discuss how you play the different rounds of betting in different scenarios. This will be over many sessions where we will get to the root of your tendencies and find solutions to areas that are causing you problems.

Value Betting

Many tournament poker players fail to appreciate value betting properly. They miss thin value bets or over-bet their strong hands. Our tournament coaching will be dedicated to ensure you are firing in those value bets with precision, helping you get paid and build your stack better.

Bet Sizing

Your bets are everything. It is perhaps the most fundamental part of any poker game. It will enforce errors, get you paid, protect your hand, force players out and help bluffing. We will spend time looking at the size of your bets with all types of hand strengths and scenarios to assess and advise where you need to make adjustments.

Pot Control

Sometimes you need to tone down the aggression and try to showdown your hand or not commit yourself lightly. That’s why we will spend time helping you appreciate and identify when pot control should be used. This is a concept that some nit players use to the extreme. We will help you find a balance.

Short Stack Strategy

Everyone is a short stack at some point. Most tournaments you play will find you in short stack situations. We can provide push/fold strategy tips and coaching in re-shove spots and see if there are any gaping holes in your short stack strategy that needs correcting.

Big Stack Strategy

Being a chip leader is awesome but are you executing the right plan when big stacked? Do you throw it away trying to bully every one or go into a shell to protect? We will chat and provide feedback on how to manage big stacks in tournaments so you are well placed for a deep run.

Bubble Play

Playing the bubble depends on your stack size and table composition. Our coaching will demonstrate and provide tips on how to play these tricky part of the tournament.

End Game Strategy

Do you find the last part of a tournament challenging? We can give feedback and support in how to adapt to different table compositions and move chips in a +EV fashion. By striking the right balance of aggression and caution, you can hope to make more top 3s and get heads up more regularly.

Defending the Blinds

Playing from the blinds is one of the most crucial part of tournament poker. If you give them up too lightly you will be making it easy for opponents. On the other hand, if you are 3 bet and 4 betting too much, you won’t have a good ITM rate. We will look at your strategy and hand selection from here and tweak your strategy if necessary.

Pot Odds

Maths is part of poker like air is to part of living. We will help you use pot odds intuitively so you know whether a call or fold is likely to be profitable. By looking at decisions in the long term, you will not be results orientated. You will be dedicated to making good decisions that will help you long term earnings potential.

Pot odds help calculating whether a call is profitable, whether you need to call a shove and whether your opponent is bluffing enough. It’s a key part of tournament poker that must be mastered for one to be successful.

Bankroll Management

Tournaments have a huge element of luck and variance in the short-term. That’s why prudent bankroll management is necessary. We will discuss your bankroll management and how it’s being employed.

ITM and ROI Tracking

We will check you are making best use of poker software or spreadsheets. Monitoring and assessing your tournament results is diligent professional behaviour. We ask all our players to track results so they can see the benefits of our tournament poker coaching. We even offer poker dashboard reporting as a standalone product for those wanting to see how they do on a month to month basis.

And much more!


Our tournament coaching is done via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom and is charged $115 per hour, payable in advance.

If you are interested in improving as a tournament player, get in touch to arrange consultation and get your tournament poker coaching started. We offer excellent rates discounted down when paid in bulk so we see your long term growth.

We also offer training video membership for $59.99 per year. This is a cost-effective way to improve your game as you gain access to hours of material from a tournament expert. Watch how an expert plays the different stages of tournaments and listen to the strategy videos too.

“I can’t afford hourly rate coaching”

If you think Skype hourly rate coaching is too expensive, trial our tournament poker mentoring service. You can sign up to the first month for just $65 and gain access to weekly communication, quizzes and personal feedback just for you. All communication is confidential so you can share whatever you want and ask as many questions as you like. The more questions the better! 

We care about our players and want to see you do well. If you’ve never played poker tournaments but would like to learn how, we recommend learning the basics before investing in our services. Check out our article on how to play.

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