What is Small Ball Poker?

Introduction to Small Ball Poker

A poker strategy that has exploded in popularity in the last few years, small ball is an overarching poker mentality used successfully by professionals, yet often misunderstood and poorly used by novices. There are several components to playing small ball; hand selection, bet sizing, position and table image.

Hand Selection

Small ball poker dictates playing a lot of poker with a variety of hands. If you want to attack many unwanted pots, you need to widen your opening range. This varies player to player, but most professionals accept that suited connectors, suited aces and the paint cards have the most play-ability and equity to warrant including in opening raise ranges.

Bet Sizing

Small ball poker is what you expect, small bets. Professionals understand that a smaller, probing type bet accomplishes the same thing as a bigger bet and for less risk. This means many cheap bluffs.

The underlying concept is that the player is consistent though. It’s no use sizing your bets differently based on hand strength, otherwise your opponents will correctly read your hand. It doesn’t take long to figure this out.

Consistent bet sizing is critical to small ball poker. It means you can accomplish cheap bluffs but also extract value.


As always, position is important. Small ball experts will play as many pots in position as they can. They understand there are an abundance of chips to be picked up in pots that people aren’t interested in contesting. As such, they will be opening an incredibly high amount of pots in position when it folds to them and also be calling raises in position if multi way and cheap. The reason being they can risk few chips to gain many. They understand the implied odds. They can play the three four of hearts for a small raise when stack sizes are 100 bb + because they are risking 2.5 big blinds to bust a weak player who is prone to overplaying their pocket Aces on a 3s 3h Kd type flop.

Table Image

The beauty of small ball is the image you project to your opponents. By playing many pots you are giving the illusion you are a bit wild and almost certainly a bluffer. After all, you are playing many pots and often betting and winning without showdown.

On close inspection though, the small ball expert is not betting crazily and big amounts. They are often betting 30-50% of the pot and carefully wagered, often heads up pots or when the time is right. In short, the table image a small ball player projects is perfect! An opponent may notice after hours of lost pots, take a stand and then bust out when they finally realise that the small baller is only playing big pots with monster hands.  


Small ball requires a player to be expert before and after the flop, experienced and attentive. Don’t try this style of poker if you are not confident playing many different scenarios. It’s also worth pointing out this is not the ideal strategy for most cash games and is mostly utilised in tournaments to build a stack without much risk.

This article has touched on just a few parts involved in small ball poker. If you are interested in knowing more or want mentoring in small ball, email us at info@texasholdemquestions.com.

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Photo by Keenan Constance @keenangrams. Image Source: Unsplash

WCOOP 2019

Ever watched a really intense poker show and lived every hand, every turn, every fold?! Ever wanted that to be you up there, beneath those lights? The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much the most stunning, exciting, and popular event in the world of online professional poker. 

The 2019 WCOOP looks set to be a stunning battle for ultimate supremacy among the world’s best poker players. And it’s this event that has poker fans all across the world on the edge of their seats. The World Championship of Online Poker perfectly encapsulates all the glitz and glamour of the professional online poker circuit, and may well wet your appetite for learning this most wonderful of games in a little more detail.

Texas Hold’Em has become the go-to poker game among fanatics and professionals, and it is a game that combines skill, experience and chance. If you want to hone your skills, learn the trade, and develop into an excellent poker player who may one day have aspirations of winning a WCOOP event you need to learn.

Online poker is a different animal to playing poker around a table, and this is something you will have to quickly get the hang of. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and poker coaching with us is one of the best resources on the market. Here you can access free poker lectures, poker training videos and so much more.

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WSOP 2019

We are approaching the start of the most popular poker festival. The 50th edition of WSOP Main Event begins on May 29th, running until July 16th, whereby the winner will be crowned! Read on to discover more about the World Series of Poker, as well as discovering how you can be a part of competitive tournaments with the right poker coaching and training. Who knows; maybe you could be on the WSOP winner’s list in the future.

An introduction to the World Series of Poker

So, let’s start by having a brief look at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Of course, any poker player has heard about this amazing event! But, do you know when it started? It dates back to 1970. Benny Binion started the WSOP with a single tournament event, whereby he invited seven of the world’s best poker players to the Horseshoe Casino. Benny Binion was an American gambling icon, as well as being a career criminal. He also played a huge role in revitalising the Vegas hotel and casino scene. Over time, this event has grown and grown, with the vast majority of the major poker variants featured. In recent years, though, over half of the events are variants of Texas hold’em.

The 50th Series of WSOP

This year’s event is the 50th edition of this amazing tournament. It starts this week and it will end mid-July. The event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the famous Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The tournament involves 89 bracelet events. There are a number of additional tournaments and prizes to celebrate the fact that it is the 50th anniversary of the WSOP. This includes the addition of the Big 50, which is a No Limit Hold’em event with a $500 buy-in, offering $1 million for the winner, which is part of a guaranteed £5 million prize pool. There will also be a No Limit Hold’em event with a $500 buy-in. So, what other events are on the card? As mentioned, there are 89 poker events. The first event is the $500 Casino Employees No Limit Hold’em, and the final event is a $5,000 No Limit Hold’em. In between, there are lots of great poker events, suited to all styles, including a $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Handed poker event and a number of different Bounty events.

Win more tournaments with expert poker coaching

When it comes to any type of poker tournament, poker coaching and training is of huge importance. You cannot go into these events without doing any research or preparation. There are going to be players there with tons of experience and you need to make sure that you are prepared. We offer tournament (MTT) coaching to ensure that this is the case. This includes hand history reviews, so you can look at how particular hands have been played in the past with our coaches and get expert guidance and insights. You can use this knowledge to give yourself a competitive edge. If you would like more information about the poker coaching we provide and how it can give you an advantage, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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Middle & Late Tournament Strategy

Tournament players can struggle with the middle and late stages of tournaments. These key areas separate the most profitable from the average. We identify several key areas to focus on and improve. These include psychological, theoretical, mathematic and strategic. We will coach you in these areas to help you make better decisions and more money in the long run.

  • Psychological – Are you nervous, scared, too aggressive? Are you thinking about the money, always think everyone is stealing and you’re re-raising too much?
  • Stealing blinds and survival strategy
  • Table image and reacting to it
  • Pot odds for calling all ins
  • How to combat the modern loose aggressive players
  • Adjusting post flop betting sizes
  • Adjusting pre flop opening raises
  • Finding optimum moments to steal blinds and antes
  • Bubble strategy
  • Which stacks to pick on?
  • Identify which players to target and play pots with
  • Moving all in at the right time

You can now sign up for as little as 1 hour of coaching to get a feel for how we work with you, to help you become the best player you can be.

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