Unveiling the Misconceptions of Video Poker Games at Online Casinos

video poker

Video poker has been a popular casino game since its inception, and with the advent of online casinos, it has gained even more prominence. However, along with its growing popularity, numerous misconceptions and misunderstandings about video poker games have emerged. In this article, we aim to debunk these misconceptions and shed light on the reality of playing video poker at online casinos. Let’s separate fact from fiction and explore the truth behind these common misconceptions.

Online video poker games are rigged

One of the most prevalent misconceptions surrounding online video poker is the belief that the games are rigged. Some players believe that online casinos manipulate the outcomes to ensure that players lose more frequently. However, reputable online casinos like planet 7 operate under strict regulations and licensing requirements, which include regular audits and testing of their games to ensure fairness. Additionally, online video poker games employ random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of each hand, making them statistically fair and impossible to manipulate.

Video poker games are purely luck-based

While luck does play a role in video poker, it is far from being the sole determining factor. Unlike games like slots, video poker requires skill and strategy. Players must make strategic decisions, such as choosing which cards to hold and which to discard, based on the potential value of their hand. Skilled players can significantly increase their chances of winning by employing optimal strategies and understanding the game’s intricacies. Therefore, video poker is a combination of luck and skill, allowing players to influence the outcome.

Playing more hands increases your chances of winning

Some players believe that the more hands they play in video poker, the higher their chances of winning. However, this misconception fails to consider the fundamental nature of video poker. Each hand is an independent event, and the odds of winning remain consistent regardless of the number of hands played. It is important to focus on playing quality hands and employing proper strategies rather than relying solely on the quantity of hands played.

Higher denominations guarantee better payouts

Another common misconception is that playing video poker games with higher denominations will result in better payouts. While it is true that higher denomination games often offer higher payout percentages, this does not guarantee better overall returns. Each video poker game has its own paytable, which outlines the specific payouts for each winning hand combination. It is essential to review the paytable and choose a game that offers a favorable payout structure, regardless of the denomination.

Betting maximum coins is necessary to win

Many video poker players believe that to have a chance at winning the top payouts, they must bet the maximum number of coins. While betting the maximum coins can lead to enhanced payouts in certain scenarios, it is not always necessary to achieve the best returns. Some video poker games offer a bonus for hitting a royal flush when betting maximum coins, but the payback percentages for other winning hands remain the same regardless of the bet size. It is crucial to evaluate the paytable and betting options of each game to determine the optimal strategy for maximizing returns.


Video poker games at online casinos have experienced a surge in popularity, but misconceptions about their fairness and gameplay persist. By debunking these common misconceptions, we have unveiled the truth behind video poker games. Online video poker is a fair and skill-based game, with outcomes determined by RNGs. Players can enhance their chances of winning by employing optimal strategies and understanding the intricacies of the game. By separating fact from fiction, players can enjoy a rewarding and authentic video poker experience at online casinos.

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