Poker Bots – Time to Worry?

What is a Poker Bot?

A poker bot is a computer program developed to play against human opponents online. They are despised by most players as people hate the idea that they are playing and potentially losing, to a piece of AI.

Why Would Anyone use a Bot?

Everyone likes free money and the idea of developing a programme that automates playing and allows you to have fun while it plays and wins money is appealing to some. The reality is, that whilst some bots may have capacity to win at micro stakes levels, they are likely to be used primarily to clear rakeback and bonuses on websites.

How Good is a Bot?

Most bots are likely to be programmed quite basic and unlikely to be profitable beyond very low stakes due to the inherent complexity that is involved in poker. They are programmed to work purely on mathematically theorems so whilst they are not burdened by tilt, ego or personal battles with opponents, they are not as observant or creative as a person is. Software has been created that was able to beat professionals  but this is very rare and we are a long way off this ever being used online.

Poker Bot
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Are Poker Bots Legal?

Poker bots are illegal to use on all websites, however, developing and selling them is fine. You are unlikely to play against one but there are a few traits that distinguish them from your opponents; identical timing for decision making, deathly silent in chat box and repetitive use of same line in a hand e.g. check raising turns frequently.

Beating Bots

Anyone who developed a poker bot to play well has to be a very strong player in the first place and likely a winning player at decent stakes. In order to develop a poker bot strong enough to win, the person must have spent thousands of hours developing the strategy behind the bot’s decision making. 
Beating a bot can be quite simple, if you have identified you are playing a bot in the first place. Most bots will be sensitive to different bet sizes based on the coding. They may have been coded to call 3 bets for 8bb but not 9bbs – this type of leak is very exploitable. Once you have found the chinks in a bot’s armour, they are actually easy money as you can just repeat the same moves and they are very unlikely to adjust like a person would.


Poker bots are so rare that you need not concern yourself with their existence or them taking your money. The ones that are around are unlikely to be very profitable and are used purely for rakeback purposes. They are also illegal so feel free to report any signs of bot usage to the website you are playing on.

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Ethics in Poker

If you’ve been around poker enough, you’ll know that there is table etiquette to abide by and honor amongst the seasoned professionals. Whilst gambling isn’t traditionally synonymous with ethical behavior and pride, things have changed over the past few decades. A good reputation is very important in the poker world, it can take years to build and a day to lose.

The first thing you need to do is protect yourself playing online poker for real money by playing on the best websites and the best ran casinos for live play. You can find reviews online before playing so be sure to check them out so you are in excellent environments for playing poker.

Here are some tips and reasons to build and maintain a great poker image and reputation as an ethical poker player.

Never Slowroll
A slow roll is where a player takes an eternity to call a bet on the river. This is designed to taunt and annoy your opponent. Whilst it will work on players, you lose respect from your peers and will be disliked. It’s not a rule that you can’t do it, its just poor table etiquette and rude.

Honor Deals

Players often trade percentages or stake each other into tournaments or cash games with an agreement on what will be exchanged. Any time you do a deal with another player, be sure to honor it. Word travels fast so you should 100% keep to the deals you make, even if you later think it was a poor one.

See their cards? Tell them.
We’ve all been there, you’re at the casino playing with beginners and the gentleman next to you picks up his cards poorly and doesn’t protect his hand so you can see his cards. Some players will tell you it’s ok to look, it’s his fault. But let’s face it, it’s cheating. You are gaining an unfair advantage on your table by seeing an opponent’s cards. Please tell them when you see. You’ll build an honest reputation and have a less guilty conscience too.

Donate % to charity
The icing on the cake for building a squeaky clean, amazing reputation in the poker world is donating a % of your winnings to charity. Notable players have done this in the past, with Barry Greenstein the most well-known. You will be loved by most and people don’t mind losing to you as much!

We hope you found this post interesting. Please behave ethically and respectfully in the future and please remember to gamble responsibly.

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Online Slots

We’ve had several requests to discuss online slots recently . Online slots are not for the faint of heart. You can win and lose money quickly. For this reason, many poker players keep separate bankrolls, one for poker and one for their other online gambling. It’s important to distinguish the two as the luck and skill element in the long run is widely different. Whilst none of our poker coaches are big on online slots we do have 3 key things for you to consider if you choose to gamble online slots.

Progressive Jackpots
These are one of the most popular games to play. The pay-outs on some sites are crazy and it shows the level of interest they generate for it to build up to tens of thousands of dollars. It can be quite confusing to a new player which jackpot is which and how to win so be sure to read before you gamble.

Random Number Generator
The biggest mistake gamblers make is failing to realize or accept that the RNG has no memory. Its completely random and doesn’t care what has happened in the past. The software is always tested before being implemented to ensure systems are robust and fair and safe to use.

The best thing about online gambling is the bonuses available. If you look around, there are sites with huge welcome bonuses and free spins available. You can visit website here to see a list of online casinos with great offers. If you are going to gamble on slots then you have to take advantage of the best offers. Make sure you read the wagering requirements so you know how much needs to be gambled before cashing out.

Online slots are a fun form of gambling and there are great offers and bonuses out there if you look around. The software used is rigidly tested and fair so you can gamble safely.
Please remember to gamble responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose. We coach our poker players to play for the long run and embrace skill but there is no harm in playing online slots for fun as long as you are responsible and not playing above your means.

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Please remember to gamble responsibly.
The content on this site is not intended for an audience under 18 years old.

Pot Limit Omaha Coaching

Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is a probably the 2nd most popular form of poker and continues to increase in popularity. With its similarities to Texas Holdem and it’s exciting action; it draws in both the studious player and those who love to gamble. Investing in Pot Limit Omaha coaching is a way of staying ahead of the game.
The combination of the Texas Holdem player that crosses over to Pot Limit Omaha and those who sports bet or play casino games makes for wild action but also potential to earn lots of money. There are a lot of players transitioning to PLO and not making the right adjustments. Don’t be one of them.
Pre flop hand selection, post flop odds, wrap draws, multi way pots, deep stacked cash games, bankroll management, bluffing, mental game and game selection are just a few key topics to be discussed and considered when playing Pot Limit Omaha.

pot limit omaha coaching
Photo by Kay

Undoubtedly Pot Limit Omaha is a game on the rise and going to be around for a long time, if you are keen to learn more and increase your win rate then get in touch and book in a call with and start your Pot Limit Omaha coaching today by emailing us at and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your PLO game and how we can take you to the next level, helping you earn more money and enjoying playing at the same time.

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WCOOP 2019

Ever watched a really intense poker show and lived every hand, every turn, every fold?! Ever wanted that to be you up there, beneath those lights? The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much the most stunning, exciting, and popular event in the world of online professional poker. 

The 2019 WCOOP looks set to be a stunning battle for ultimate supremacy among the world’s best poker players. And it’s this event that has poker fans all across the world on the edge of their seats. The World Championship of Online Poker perfectly encapsulates all the glitz and glamour of the professional online poker circuit, and may well wet your appetite for learning this most wonderful of games in a little more detail.

Texas Hold’Em has become the go-to poker game among fanatics and professionals, and it is a game that combines skill, experience and chance. If you want to hone your skills, learn the trade, and develop into an excellent poker player who may one day have aspirations of winning a WCOOP event you need to learn.

Online poker is a different animal to playing poker around a table, and this is something you will have to quickly get the hang of. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and poker coaching with us is one of the best resources on the market. Here you can access free poker lectures, poker training videos and so much more.

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Free Poker Strategy Lectures

As if we aren’t nice enough, we are now offering free poker strategy video lectures! Our first lecture has been uploaded today discussing the difficulties of playing out of position.
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Free Poker Coaching?

Sorry to break the news but there is no such thing as free poker coaching. Poker coaches have to earn money just like anyone else.  When you buy any form of poker coaching you are investing in yourself and your long-term earning potential. Comparing the cost of the investing in a poker coach should be weighed against the potential return you can expect to gain but the best poker coaches are more than worth their fees.

Texas Holdem Questions offers several cheap poker coaching services detailed below:

Poker Mentor You will be sent scenarios to get you thinking, given feedback on the scenarios and have regular contact with your personal mentor, tournament expert Narciso. Month 1 trial is only £50 with no obligation to continue thereafter.

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We are keen to keep helping players improve. Our greatest joy is turning losing players into winners but we cannot offer free poker coaching. We are flexible though and will always try and accommodate a new player so don’t be nervous about joining if you think you don’t have the budget as we will do our best to help.

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