We are experienced professional poker players and coaches based in the UK. We are dedicated to helping players improve and win money at poker.

Narciso Baldo, the founder and MTT coach was a professional poker player for many years with over $700k in online MTT cashes (inc a final table in the Sunday Million)  and undocumented success in live cash games. He now runs the web site, coaches part time and works in finance.

“My ambition with texasholdemquestions.com is to cater to individuals, not create robots, to help players earn money from poker. It brings me and my colleagues joy to see our players crush games and earn money on the back of our poker coaching.”



Our coaches take greater joy in seeing other players improve and win money than playing ourselves (genuinely!) . We have decades of experience between us and are ready to impart our collective wisdom to other players who aspire to become long term winners.


We take pride in our service, keen to help anyone who’s willing to learn and improve their game. We are a poker coaching UK website dedicated to any English speaking players.


Our coaches have core principles of integrity, objectivity, duty of care to players and professional ethics. Read our responsible gambling page for more information.


What about the other variations of poker? Do you coach them?

Yes, we also offer poker coaching in Pot Limit Omaha.

Can we pay for fees by online poker account transfers?

No. We have various payment methods available including PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Skrill.

Where are you from? 


Are you able to offer any discounts?

Yes, discounts are offered for recurring services. We also offer special discounts to those who subscribe to our mailing list.

How much time do I need coaching every month?
It varies person to person and how attentive you are. We have players who coach 3 hours a week and others who we coach 1 hour a month!

Meet the Team

Narciso (Director & Head Coach)

The founder of Texas Hold’em Questions and part-time coach. Narciso has a passion for helping low stakes players become consistent winners and reach their potential.

Narciso was a professional poker player for many years before going into coaching and working in finance.

He often goes above and beyond for his students, recently taking a player with 1 year experience up to NL $1,000 in the space of 9 months.

Narciso writes most of the content for the site and is responsible for the mentor by email service. He’s a big football (soccer) fan and loves his hometown club Peterborough United. He also loves cycling, swimming and anything with Al Pacino in.

If you have any questions about poker training or want a 30 minutes free consultation, Narciso is the person to talk to.

Contact: info@texasholdemquestions.com

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Craig (Coach)

Craig is a professional poker player and head coach at Texas Hold’em Questions. In addition to being a Texas Hold’em cash game specialist, he offers coaching in other variants like Pot Limit Omaha.

Craig lives in the north of England in Saltburn-by-Sea and originally from London. A West Ham fan of 30 years, Craig never misses a game.

Craig has helped lots of cash games players in the last 3 years and loves to coach by Skype. He’s a chatty Londoner who can talk your ear off if you give him a chance so don’t be afraid to interrupt him!

Contact: craig.oneill@texasholdemquestions.com

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Tom (Marketing)

Tom works part-time for Texas Hold’em Questions and is responsible for our marketing operations. Whether it’s an affiliate, advertising or business promotion, he’s your guy to talk to.

Tom is a proud Brit and loves nothing more than watching Rugby and Cricket.

We are always interested in potential opportunities and collaboration so feel free to drop him a message and he will get back to you.

Contact: marketing@texasholdemquestions.com

Kim (Accounts)

Kim is responsible for the accounting work that goes on behind the scenes. She ensures our books are up to date and that everything is processed in time. If you ever have a finance related query, she’s your lady.

Kim is also studying for her AAT qualifications and hopes to complete this in 2022. Good luck Kim!

Kim loves cycling, baking and using her pizza oven. She’s a massive fan of Giovanna Fletcher and reads all her books.

Contact: accounts@texasholdemquestions.com