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Are you fed up of breaking even or losing at poker? You know something isn’t working but can’t figure it out? We are here to help you. Texas Hold’em Questions is a unique poker training site offering many options to help you improve and earn.

Texas Holdem Questions Poker Training is dedicated to helping you improve your game and bankroll.  We want to help you have a record earnings year in 2020.

Look at one of our clients results below. Month 1 and 2 he was a break-even/losing player. By month 3 he is earning almost $6,000! That could be you.

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Your 3 steps to poker success

Training Videos

Start Here: Join our poker training video membership and access all our videos.

£49.99 Per Year

  • Unlimited access to all videos uploaded
  • Combination of strategy videos & live and unedited from MTT expert
  • £49.99 for 1 year membership
  • Content uploaded every month
  • Mostly for tournament players
  • SNG’s and micro stakes cash too
  • English only

Poker Mentor

Get support by email. One to one poker mentor who will help you develop.

£125 Per Month

  • All coaching by email
  • 1 to 1 Coach
  • Regular feedback including scenarios, tips, advice and quizzes
  • Month 1 Trial only £50
  • Discount available for bulk buying
  • Available for tournament up to mid stakes cash games
  • English only

Skype Coaching

Bespoke service, dedicated 1 to 1 coaching by audio call with experts in popular formats.

£90 Per Hour

  • Hourly rate service
  • Flexible – you choose volume
  • 1 to 1 Dedicated coach
  • Discount for bulk buying
  • Bespoke plan for you
  • Cash game & tournament players
  • Available on Zoom
  • Available on WhatsApp
  • English only

Unsure about poker training or which service is best for you? Read what players with us say below and book in a consultation call or email us.

“Ciso’s mentoring is exceptional. He goes above and beyond to ensure I get value for money and see real improvement.” – Lewis – UK

“I love the training videos and being able to get tips and secrets from an experienced tournament player.” – Gerrard – UK

“I love Craig’s coaching because he explores areas of my game I never gave attention and has made me a better player in a short space of time. Craig does really well at making you look at hands differently than you usually would. I recommend his cash game coaching to anyone looking to better themselves.”Dana – USA

“Texas Holdem Questions have helped take my game to a new level, made me think of strategy and ways of playing hands I never even considered. I would recommend their services to any player looking to improve.” – David – UK


We would love to get to know you before taking you on, find out what you aim to get out of poker coaching, what level you’re at and where you think you need improvements. This is should be seen as an audit and a tester for both you and us to get to know each other before kicking any poker coaching off. Our consultation will involve us asking lots of questions which will allow us to find leaks in your game that need addressing. We can offer initial consultation by email but our preference is to have a chat an hour Skype session or on Zoom. This can be paid for via PayPal for £90. Email if you need any help booking a consultation call. Once the consultation has been paid for we will contact you to book in a date and time.

Texas Hold’em Questions – Here to improve your game and bankroll

Bespoke Poker Coaching Plans

Once we have had the initial consultation, we will discuss the most important areas of your overall game that need improvement and will create a carefully created bespoke poker coaching plan specific to you. This will allow us to monitor your learning, progress and focus on the most urgent areas so we can help you win money sooner! 

Free Texas Hold’em Question

We have a unique question service. You can ask us any Texas Hold’em Question and we will answer for free, and within 48 hours. All questions are confidential but the best questions feature in our blog! Have question that needs answering?

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Recent Articles

We are committed to providing regular unique and engaging content from our blog. Have a look below at our most recent articles or use our search and category function to filter what you are looking for.

Favourite Articles

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This article is the ultimate beginner’s guide to Texas Hold’em. It provides hand rankings, hand selection and basic tips to help at lower stakes. If you are new to poker, read our Poker Cheat Sheet and download for free too.

ITM Poker Ratio for Tournaments

A useful article to help players understand the value of target setting your in the money rate for tournaments. This article also explains the limitations of the ITM rate. If you’re into tournaments, you should definitely give a read of our ITM Poker Ratio for Tournaments article.

Why Limp in Poker is Almost Always Bad

The most common problem among beginners is entering a pot with a call. This article explains the many reasons why limping in to pots is bad for your game and bankroll. Are you always limping in? Then you need to read our limp in poker article.

Poker Excel Dashboard

Ever given thought to using spreadsheets for your poker records? This is an informative article to help shed light on the benefits of creating a dashboard that highlights interesting facts about your game, selection and win rate. Check out our poker excel dashboard article for all the information.

Trouble folding Pocket Aces

Many players struggle with releasing pocket aces when they are beat. This article answers the question from our free Texas Holdem Question section of the site where you can ask any question. Check out the article if you have trouble folding pocket aces.

Donk BetFoolish or Genius?

Most people think the donk bet is a terrible play but is it? We explore several reasons why a donk bet can actually be the best bet to make sometimes. If you like thinking outside the box, read our article on the donk bet and let us know what you think.

Poker Training Questions

What is Poker Training?

Poker training is a way to improve your game and knowledge of poker. There are many ways to train to improve at poker including; watching videos, discussing with an expert, reading articles and listening to podcasts.

Which forms of poker do you offer training in?

We primarily offer Texas Hold'em Questions, the most popular form. However, we also have a coach in Pot Limit Omaha and the mixed games.

Do you take a % of my winnings?

No! Whatever you win from our coaching is yours, we don’t stake or take any of your winnings. We are here to help you increase your ROI and win money for yourself.

How good do I need to be?

It doesn’t matter, we coach players at all levels. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, our advice, knowledge and careful tuition will help your game significantly and increase your ability to make money. Poker training is an investment and we are committed to making sure you will get fantastic returns for your investment by helping you be the best player you can possibly be. Whether you are interested in perfecting small ballvalue betting or you don’t want to be a donkey and just want to learn how to play, we are here to help you.

How much does a poker coach cost?

It depends which service you are interested in. Our typical hourly rate for skype coaching is £90/hour. Poker coaches generally charge between £50-£150 an hour. I would be sceptical of any poker coach charging under £50 an hour. Surely it's more profitable to just play?

What are the best online poker sites?

We have recently started reviewing online poker sites, performing reviews on 888 poker and Pokerstars. They are certainly 2 of the best ones online. Check out our 888 Poker review and PokerStars review for more information.

I don't have much money for training. Can you still help me?

Of course! We want to help as many players as possible. If coaching is too expensive for you, try our poker training video membership. It's only £49.99 per year. Alternatively, read our free articles. We publish 10 + a month.


We provide training on most forms of poker, not the live casino forms e.g. Ultimate Texas Hold’em. We are flexible and within reason will provide poker training however you wish it to be done, whether it’s Skype, Zoom or Team-viewer, we will do our best to meet your needs. Most of our sessions are conducted on Skype by audio call.  How much training you have depends on your level of commitment, budget and time. The more hours you commit to getting better, the more work we can do for you and yield better ROI.

Signing Up

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our poker training services, please take a moment to fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make money in 2020!

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