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Texas Hold’em Questions is a poker training platform offering cost-effective poker coaching options designed to help poker players develop their game efficiently.

How Poker Training Works

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I love the training videos. I was a break-even player until I became a member and am now a consistent winner. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon
19 September 2023
My name is Tomek and I've been playing poker for 16 years. Some years more, some less - as an amateur. I was learning a little bit - get some good spots in mtt but I wasn't a consistent player and I wasn't profitable in the long term. I was able to win a big tournament but lost everything in the next month or 2. At the start of this year, I made a statement I am going back to poker but this time I want to dedicate myself to it. I was looking for a poker coach who can help me develop my skills because I was in a place where I didn't feel learning from a website or YouTube was any good for me anymore. After just one month of working with Narciso Baldo, I just finished my full mtt month play of poker and I was able to earn 75 times more than I deposited. I had more than 10 FT with 2 tournament wins and 2 second places. So his coaching works! I can recommend whole my heart training with Narciso. Tomek
Tomasz Oleszczyk
Tomasz Oleszczyk
28 March 2023
I bought a poker course from Texas Hold’em Questions and saw a near-instant improvement in my results. I’ve since trialled their 1 to 1 poker training and very happy with how it’s going. Ciso speaks clearly and directly to me, so I know the how’s and why’s we’re doing certain things. I can’t recommend them enough for people looking to take their game to the next level.
aelred o'doherty
aelred o'doherty
27 April 2022
I started with Narciso and was playing sit & go, but decided to change to cash games mid way through which I had not really played before. The way he teaches is great he gives you tips while watching the video back and gives you around 3 things to work on until the next session. He's very patient and knowledgeable, he is very good at telling you the tips and the why behind it which makes you think about what you are doing and why. I had been playing poker on off for a number of years and thought there wouldn't be much for me to learn, I now watch my first videos back and think what am I doing haha. Although I'm still learning with the cash games as they are very different strategies I am seeing my profit getting much better, I do still have bad sessions every now and again but overall my game has improved massively and can see myself in a month or so improving dramatically as I'm still learning the cash games but everything seems to have clicked with it now, and just need to work on a few things, I am definitely going to do more sessions with him as I know I still have things that he can teach me. Would highly recommend if you are new or as me been playing for years, he's a great teacher and always replies to messages within a few hours max. 5 stars from me
Emyr Williams
Emyr Williams
15 October 2021
Narciso is patient and his strategy ideas easy to understand. His communication is timely and he definitely has improved my game and I have seen great ROI. I like the interactive nature of the learning too as its the easiest way for me to take on new information.
Jake Leach
Jake Leach
12 October 2021

Poker Training Methods

Poker Courses

Mastering key concepts at your own pace has never been easier with our practical poker courses. We understand the importance of continuation betting and bluffing, two fundamental aspects of winning that often trip up even experienced players. That’s why we’ve dedicated significant time to developing these specialized courses, designed to help you understand and execute these strategies effectively. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take your game to the next level with our expertly crafted courses. Best of all, you can learn at your own pace!

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Free Poker Training Consultation

I would like to get to know you before taking you on a student, find out what you aim to get out of poker coaching, what level you’re at and where you think you need improvements. This can be seen as an audit and a taster for both you and us to get to know each other before starting any poker training.

The call will involve me asking questions which will allow us to identify leaks in your game that need addressing. I can also get to know about your past and future goals.

Consultation is free and can be completed by WhatsApp or Skype call or email. The consultation can last up to 30 minutes, saving you $57.50. Click below to book in a free consultation or email us directly at to find a suitable time.

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Poker Coaching Plans

Once we have had the initial consultation, we will discuss the most important areas of your overall game that need improvement and will create a carefully created bespoke poker coaching plan specific to you with recommendations on how to proceed. This will allow us to monitor your learning, progress and focus on the most urgent areas so we can help you win money sooner! 

We take a unique approach to poker coaching focusing on the individual rather than creating standardized coaching plans. We prioritize the areas that need most attention and set realistic targets and goals for you. Our coaching style is more of an exploitative poker style than GTO. We believe an exploitative approach is more profitable for micro to mid stakes games and want you to earn the most which is why we often coach this way.

Poker Training FAQ

What is poker training?

Poker training is a way to improve your game and knowledge of poker. There are many ways to train to improve at poker including; watching videos, discussing with an expert, reading articles and listening to podcasts.

Which variants do you offer poker training in?

We primarily offer Texas Hold’em, the most popular form. However, we also have a coach in Pot Limit Omaha.

Do you take a percentage of my winnings?

Whatever you win from our coaching is yours, we don’t stake or take any of your winnings. We are here to help you increase your ROI and win money for yourself. That is our main motivation, to help enthusiasts make money from poker.

How good do I need to be?

It doesn’t matter, we coach players at all levels. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, our advice, knowledge and careful tuition will help your game significantly and increase your ability to make money. Poker training is an investment and we are committed to making sure you will get fantastic returns for your investment by helping you be the best player you can possibly be. Whether you are interested in perfecting small ball, value betting or you don’t want to be a donkey and just want to learn how to play, we are here to help you.

How much does 1 to 1 poker coaching cost?

It depends which service you are interested in. Our typical hourly rate for Teams/Skype coaching is £90/hour ($115) . Poker coaches generally charge between £50-£150 an hour. I would be skeptical of any poker coach charging under £50 an hour. Surely it’s more profitable to just play?

It should be looked at as an investment, not an expense. Poker training is an investment in your future earning potential. There are plenty of ways to learn poker online for free but poker training is a shortcut to winning quickly and efficiently. You can certainly reach the same end-goal through experience alone, but it could take 10 + years and you’ll probably lose more learning it than the investment in coaching.

I don’t have much money for poker training. Can you still help?

Of course! We want to help as many players as possible. If coaching is too expensive for you, try our poker training video membership. It’s $59.99 per year. Alternatively, read our free articles and join our newsletter to stay up to date with articles and special offers.

Online Poker Site Reviews

I know many of you want to know the best poker sites available. I’ve done my best to provide a full review of my preferred poker sites. You can read them in full below.

online poker reviews


One of the most popular and high traffic websites around today. Great sign up offers and high prize pool tournaments. They also have their own build in HUD.

Coral Poker

Typically known for their sports betting but Coral has a poker platform, with lots of fishes. This old bookies is a great place to improve your win rate.

888 Poker

One of the most reputable gambling platforms online. 888 Poker is a trustworthy place with soft competition and a no deposit bonus on registration.

Helpful Poker Articles

I publish several articles every month. Below is a selection for each category.

Poker Guides

I’ve created lots of guides that are free to for you to use as per below.

poker guides

Poker Cheat Sheet

This article is the ultimate beginner’s guide to Texas Hold’em. It provides hand rankings, hand selection and basic tips to help at lower stakes. If you are new to poker, read my Texas Hold’em cheat sheet.

6-Max Strategy Guide

6 Max poker is the most popular form of cash game available online. Our 6 max poker strategy guide will help new players and those wanting to transition. There’s also a free downloadable PDF for you to print and read whenever you wish.

Iso-Raising Guide

There’s lots of different ways to exploit weak players at the poker table. Most of it is through post-flop skill but a key part of beating weak players is getting them heads up. That’s where the iso poker raise comes in.

Poker for Beginners

If you’re new to poker, the posts below will answer some common questions.

image showing question marks

Suited Aces?

Our article on playing suited aces is perfect for beginners. It shows the right ways to play low suited aces. The article will demonstrate the difference between overplaying and making this hand group profitable for you in the future.

Online Poker Rigged?

Beginners often ask whether poker is rigged against the player. I attempt to answer that question in a full and frank way in my in my “is online poker rigged?” blog post. You’ll get your answer here.

Hellmuth’s Animals?

I’m sure you’re all aware of Phil Hellmuth. Love him or hate him, you have to respect him. An acclaimed author and the unofficial King of the WSOP, he has been a figurehead for poker for decades. But, did you know about his classifications of poker animals?

Poker Stats and Tracking

Below are a selection of articles related to poker stats and tracking. If you’re interested in recording your results with MS Excel, you can download our free poker spreadsheet.

poker stats and tracking infographics

Poker Win Rates

This article details how to calculate poker win rates for both cash game games and tournaments. We also share what a solid win rate is for both formats. Monitoring your poker win rate is vital to ensuring you are developing and meeting your goals.

Poker Stats

We share the key stats you should be looking at when using a poker HUD. So, if you want to know poker stats like VPIP, PFR, 3bet % and c-bet stats, this post is for you. We offer support to beginners who haven’t grasped the key concepts.

Setting Poker Goals

Have you ever set poker goals before? This article explains the different types of goals to set and offers way in which you can measure and meet them. A great article for anyone wanting to improve their game over time.

Mental Poker

Poker is as much a mental game as it is technical, some of my popular mental poker themed articles are below.

psychology infographics

Poker Variance

Variance affects millions of poker players around the world. Our article on variance is designed to help those of you who struggle to handle the variance element of poker. Read about variance.

Tilting Opponents

Sometimes you can exploit opponents mental side of game by getting them on tilt. This is not a lovey-dovey topic but is a point worth making. If you’d like to learn about tilting players, read our article on how to tilt players.

Hero Calling

Making a brave call or “hero call” is about trusting your gut and instinct. This is about as mental strength and conviction. Sometimes it’s just got to be done and shows faith in yourself. Read our post on hero-call for more information.

Advanced Poker Strategy

For my experienced readers, below are some of my more advanced poker strategy articles.

advanced poker strategy

Exploitative Poker

In this article we highlight how exploitative poker works and why it’s ideal to use in low stakes games. With advances made in other areas like Game Theory Optimal poker, we aim to show why the exploitative poker way is the best way in the modern era.

Bluff Catching

To counter aggressive opponents, bluff catching can become another powerful weapon to harness. You have to use tricks like this to exploit tough players. Read this article and start using it to full effect!

Playing LAG Poker

Everyone loves to try LAG poker but few pull it off well. In this article we explore what you need to do to execute a profitable loose aggressive poker playing style in 2023. Read my LAG poker article to learn more.

Partners & Recommendations

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