Poker Software: The Best Tools to Win at Poker

I want to help you improve your game and bankroll. I understand not everyone has the budget or inclination to get coached. Some poker players want to learn at a leisurely pace and are beginners looking to have fun, and some are looking for the best poker software available. I don’t want to deny you the chance to learn poker from other sources so I will be providing poker resources information for you. This will come in the form of recommended software, guides, videos, tips, reviews, articles and quizzes.

IntuitiveTables: Manage Poker Tables with Ease

IntuitiveTables is a must for any poker players that are frequently multi-tabling. Save time and increase profitability by letting IntuitiveTables automatically size and position tables for you. Assign hotkeys for common actions like moving tables or clicking the bet buttons. You can try it out for free with monthly and yearly subscriptions available. If you are someone who plays multiple sites at the same time or multi-tables, we highly recommend IntuitiveTables.


⦁ Setup is quick and easy
⦁ Hotkeys are available to easily move tables or click betting buttons
⦁ Interactive guide available to show all the great features and assist in set up
⦁ Fully customizable
⦁ Quick support through Email or Discord
⦁ Zero commitment free trial
⦁ Cheap at only $99 a year or $12 a month

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Simple Poker Products

Simple Poker has a fantastic array of poker software to help you. Whether you’re looking to improve preflop, post flop, 3 way or PLO, they have resources to help you develop your game.The Simple Poker products below have a 10% discount applied when using Texas Hold’em Questions links so if you are interested, sign up through us and save money.

Simple GTO Trainer

Awesome software that lets you play hands with instant real time strategy feedback. The best thing about this is the variety of packages. Whether you are into tournaments, heads up cash or spin & go’s, there is game theory optimisation training for any format.

10% Off Simple GTO Trainer

Simple Preflop Holdem

A fantastic solver to help analyse pre-flop Texas Holdem. It calculates the optimal strategy for given scenarios. Struggling with pre flop poker? Give this a try. Save $25 by using the link below.

10% Off Simple Preflop Holdem

Simple Postflop

Simple Postflop is solver for calculating Nash-equilibrium strategies (GTO) in preflop and postflop Texas Holdem situations. It solves GTO strategies in preflop and postflop situations according to bet-sizing and ranges of two players. It’s the best and most accurate poker tool for solving GTO solutions. Sign up below and save $30.

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Simple Omaha

The first solver without any abstractions that allows one to solve post flop Omaha strategy. If you are keen to develop your PLO game. This is sophisticated software and requires alot of space on your computer. You can save $30 by signing up below.

10% Off Simple Omaha

Simple 3 Way

This solver is one of a kind, offering GTO analysis of 3 way spots in multiple post flop scenarios. This is a little more complex and perhaps worth investing in after trying some of the other products. You can save $25 by using the link below.

10% Off Simple 3 Way

Free Poker Training Video

Out of Position Poker

Duration: 21:50
The lecture focuses on hand selection, informational advantages, playing from the blinds, calling wide from the big blind, continuation betting and check-call, check-raising.

Take Our Quick Tournament Poker Test & Get Free Personal Feedback

Why not try our free Texas Hold’em Questions Tournament Poker test? There are 15 questions and you get a mark instantly after completing. We will also send you personal feedback for free. Scenario work and feedback is a big part of our poker mentor service and this gives you a little taste, at no cost.