Hand History Review

Hand History Review Sessions

Due to popular demand, we are now offering hand history review with coaches as a stand alone service. This service allows you to make best use of time and money and hone in on the hands you have played that you are unsure of or want expert guidance. Alternatively you can just replay an entire session or tournament, it’s entirely up to you.
This service is still charged by the hour so it’s important you think about how much time you feel you need.

What do I need?

All you need is to download the session or hands and have them ready on any one the free hand replays online.

How do we go through hands?

We are flexible and willing to use whichever software you are comfortable with. Our preference is Teamviewer type software but we can also perform hand history review by email for fixed rate price on number of hands. We can also go through hands on Skype or Zoom. It’s up to you.

What can I expect to receive from the review?

Our coaches will pause hands, ask for your thought process and opinion on how you played hands. We will then offer insight and expert guidance on how to play hands in certain scenarios. The beauty of poker is that there are so many styles of play that can be effective and profitable. Our coaches will gauge how you play, your mindset and how you enjoy playing and offer tips and tuition that will better you as a player. We want you to be the best version of you and will offer advice and tips specifically to you.

How much does it cost?

Hand history review sessions are sold as hourly service. We charge £90 for 1 hour.

Ok, I’m interested, how do I sign up?

Sign up from the forms below. We will invoice you via PayPal, once payment has been received. We will then book the slot to go through the hands you want us to review with you.

Hand Review

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