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Continuation betting well is absolutely essential all Texas Hold’em players. Getting it right will significantly help your win rate. Our continuation bet course will provide you with material to understand everything you need to know about continuation betting. With quizzes after each section to ensure you fully understand it.

Over 16,000 words, 27 PDFs and 9 modules and quizzes, our course will help you solve one of the greatest challenges players face in Texas Hold’em.

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Our continuation betting course is the most depth in c bet course online. Every area has been covered. We cover all the key areas of continuation betting. Whether it’s playing against a tight or loose player, in position or out, multi-way or not. Practically every scenario has been covered, including how much to bet, how often to bet and how this changes based on different board textures:

  • Position we are in
  • How many players
  • Types of players involved
  • Continuation bet size
  • Expected success rate
  • Flop texture with likely success rates
  • Relative hand strength and recommended continuation bet %

In addition 27 PDFs of course material accessible via login, we provide 9 quizzes on each area to ensure you’ve properly absorbed the course material.

Why Invest in our Continuation Bet Course?

Whether you are a cash game player or tournament player, this course will help you. Continuation betting is arguably the biggest part of successful poker strategy. The flop is where the hand takes off and when the betting gets going. If you are making mistakes and unsure the right thing to do sometimes, this course will steer you in the right direction.

After completing our course, you will be confident in all scenarios, understanding probability correctly and whether a continuation bet is correct (in the long run). The importance of knowing this can’t be emphasized enough. The course material will always be there for you to refer to as well so if you ever take a break and need refresher, it’s yours to access.

Poker Course Content

The continuation bet course comprises 9 modules with a quiz at the end of each. Each module has 3 pieces of content for you to study. A 70% mark is required to pass each module.

Module 1In position against a loose opponent
Module 2 In position against a tight opponent
Module 3In position against a strong regular
Module 4 In position in multiway pots
Module 5Out of position against a loose opponent
Module 6 Out of position against a tight opponent
Module 7Out of position against strong regular
Module 8Out of position in multiway pots
Module 9Between players in multiway pots

Continuation Bet Course Sample Content

27 areas are covered in this course.
We hone in on specific scenarios e.g. loose player, wet board and tips based on types of flops.
There are 9 quizzes to take to ensure you have fully understood the course material. Get 70% to pass and 80% or more for merit.

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