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Online MTT expert Neab records low stakes MTTs and narrates, shares strategy, insights and tips that will help you crush online MTTs. The poker training videos are unedited, unfiltered and show how a professional plays strong, weak and mediocre hands in countless different scenarios revealing expert advice and secrets only showed to members. The training videos also include strategy lectures, SNG’s and low stakes cash games.

Neab has over $700,000 in online MTT cashes including a sunday million final table.

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Benefits of Poker Training Videos Membership

Expert tips how to play tournaments online and live

Don't wander around tournaments aimlessly. Watch our training videos from expert Neab who will clearly and concisely give tips to help you increase your in the money rate, return on investment and number of final tables you get.

Unedited commentary, no cherry picking, we show you every hand

I am not interested in cherry picking amazing bluffs or great folds. The videos are played in real time and provide useful insight for all types of players. This type of training is best of all as it will reveal commentary on hands that are not typically discussed.

Regular updates

The training video membership will have something added it to very regularly to ensure there is a steady stream of fresh, relevant content for you to absorb.

Strategy videos

In addition to real time play. I will be uploading 20-30 minute strategy videos from time to time. This is great for those of you that like to learn in an academic way.

One price for 12 months, no add ons

Our annual price of £49.99 is all you have to pay. There are no extras you have to pay at all. You can choose whether you want a subscription that renews each year, or just pay 1 year alone. It's up to you.

Unlimited and unrestricted access to all video content

Once you're a member, there is no limit to how often you login or watch the content. You can watch videos 1,000 times without extra charges.

Expert insights and secrets shared that are only available to members

Our training video membership is exclusive and has tips and secrets that I am only sharing with members. The blog is a great tool to learning key poker concepts but the training videos reveal more for our paying members. For £49.99 you can gain secrets that take years to learn.

Learn winning tournament strategy from an expert

With over 15 years of experience both online and live. I have discovered and learn various tournament strategies that work to earn money. Where else can you learn from an expert for such low price?

Videos include micro stakes snap poker cash games

The training video membership isn't just for tournament players. There are videos on SNGs, micro stakes cash games and even Snap. This means there is something for everyone. If you ever want more content on one format, email your request to

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Content Update

Poker Training Video Material 1,030 Minutes (over 17 hours)
Latest Upload15th November 2020
Average cost per hour of content£2.94
Our library has material most months. This means the price per hour of content will continue to drop each month, making your membership even better value for money!
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