Everything You Need to Know About Part Time Poker Playing

part time poker

Part Time Poker: Introduction

Many players that come to Texas Hold’em Questions for coaching are not necessarily aspiring to be professionals. The majority are simply looking to capitalize on part time poker playing to make a secondary income for themselves. Like many things in the 2020’s it can be another revenue stream or side hustle that can bring extra income to their household.

The thing to remember is that online poker is not an easy gig. Few generate massive win rates so playing part-time may be the peak for some, even those who may wish to go full time professional. In this article I will highlight the advantages of only going semi-professional and the typical criteria of who it will fit.  

Advantages of Semi Professional Poker

There are numerous benefits to playing poker as a side job rather than your main income. For a start, playing semi professionally removes the massive burden that weights on you every month where you are completely reliant on poker as your source of income. Playing professionally adds a lot of pressure and even the great one’s struggle with this at time. Whereas, if you play part time poker you are not relying on your winnings to pay for your monthly bills. Your side job won’t have to pay for expenses like food, gas, electric and rent.

Another advantage to playing part time is the enjoyment lasts longer. Anyone who plays professionally that tells you it’s always fun is fibbing. Most pro’s suffer burnout at some point and you can play too much poker. Playing part-time by definition means you’re playing less than full time hours and therefore playing fresh.

Finally, semi-professional poker ensures you are not restricted in the real world. This may sound odd but speaking from experience, buying cars or moving into a new place can be tricky when you’re job is “professional poker player”. By having a proper job with payslips you will remove the obstacles that professional poker players face. You won’t always have to buy a car outright or pay for 6- or 12-month tenancy agreements in advance.

Who Suits Part Time Poker Playing?

Now you know the advantages, let’s filter those of you who are suited for poker as a side hustle. For a start, you need to be winning regularly and with a decent amount of data behind you. There’s no use saying you’re turning semi professional and have only played 3 months. Even part time poker players know they need lots of data backing up them up.


A part time poker player also needs to be disciplined, both with their bankroll management and with their scheduling of time. Most semi pro’s are playing around their day job and study poker too. This means devoting a few hours each evening and possibly more on weekends. If you want to go semi-pro you need to take it seriously and schedule the time in to play. Fortunately, the times you play should also be around the times when recreational players are at the table.

Focused on Poker

Part time poker playing doesn’t suit those of you who are heavily interested in other gambling forms. This is not a snipe at other gambling games but focus should be on poker only. If your bankroll and interests are intertwined with other forms like roulette or blackjack, poker probably won’t be for you as a side gig. There are plenty of online casinos that might be up your street instead.

People Who Enjoy the Game

Finally, playing poker as a part time job suits people who are level headed, content, realistic and enjoy poker. These are the ideal people to thrive as they won’t be looking at poker as their way to escape their current situation. In other words, if you are working at a grocery shop, hate it and trying to get out by playing poker without enjoying it, you will fail. Sorry if this crushes dreams but the players who win at poker have an interest in the game. They are dedicated to improving and enjoy the game too.

Part Time Poker: Conclusion

I’ve stated before poker isn’t dead and plenty of money to be made for the right players. It’s not an easy way to make money anymore. But, if you’re someone that enjoys poker and dedicated, part time poker playing could be for you. Earning another income stream can help you and your family have extra holidays, pay for cars or even buy property. It can be a fantastic benefit to loads of players around the world. Best of all, it can be done without pressure.

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