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Bluffing is an essential part of poker. There are games where playing solid will help be enough but that can only take you so far. All the best players at every stakes, low to high, know they have to execute a range of bluffs to defeat their opponents and maintain high win rates. That’s why, we’ve introduced a poker course that can help low to mid stakes players improve their bluffing game.

“I don’t know how to bluff”

“I know I need to bluff more”

“My bluffs always get called!”

Do any these sound like you? If so, Texas Hold’em Questions can help. Our 6 module poker bluffing course can help you learn the art of bluffing. After completing the course, you should be confident executing 6 effective bluff types against a variety of opponents.

Module Description
Module 1 – The Check Raise Bluff Learn how to check raise bluff effectively by watching out for key spots where it is likely to work.
Module 2 – The Turn Re-Raise Bluff One of the rarest bluffs players tend to make. This module highlights what a great bluff this is and how to incorporate it into your game.
Module 3 – The Triple Barrel Bluff Arguably the toughest bluff to pull of, this module helps explain everything you need to know to master the art of triple barrel bluffing.
Module 4 -The Flop Raise Bluff One of the more common bluff types but necessary all the same. Learn how and when this bluff will work so you are not doing it blindly.
Module 5 – The River Check Raise BluffHow many times have you executed this bluff? You will be doing so more in the future after this module!
Module 6 – The Multiway In Position BluffBluffing multiway and in position is 100% necessary to winning poker. This module will give you the information you need to ensure you are maximising these bluffs in your games.

How Does The Bluffing Course Work?

Our bluffing course couldn’t be simpler. As long as you can read and don’t mind taking a quiz, you can take the course.

Purchase bluffing course for $74.99

The first thing you need to do is register for the poker bluffing course. You can purchase it directly at the bottom of this page by card or PayPal for $74.99.
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Login and read, read, read

After paying for the course you will be sent your unique login details. This will allow you to access the course material. You can login an unlimited amount to access content. Each module contains between 1,200 and 1,600 words of content.

Take quizzes, get feedback

At the end of each module, there is a link to a quiz. The quiz has between 8 and 10 questions designed to ensure you have grasped the module material. After each quiz, the head coach will review your answers and email you with your score and personal feedback.

Every module follows a consistent, simple and easy to understand format.

IntroductionAn overview introduction to explain how the bluff works.
When it works and whySome background information and theory on when you can expect it to work with reasons.
Who to do the bluff againstNot every bluff works well against every opponent. Bluffs work better against different players types. This section explains the opponent types to utilise this bluff against more.
4 Example hands and analysisWe give four example hands of the bluff type to illustrate how it can be used. Two of the example hands will show poorly executed and two will be good scenarios. The analysis will help cover the logic and theory behind why it is or isn’t a favourable spot.
Summary and Tips A conclusion of the bluff type, wrapping up what was covered, together with some tips
Quiz A link to the quiz for that module.

Who is The Poker Bluffing Course For?

This course is suitable for:

  1. Texas Hold’em players
  2. Micro, low and mid stakes players
  3. Players struggling with bluffing
  4. English literate

Signing Up

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