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Are you keen to improve at poker but don’t have the budget for hourly rate services or prefer to learn by reading and taking quizzes?  If so, our poker courses may be perfect for you. Texas Hold’em Questions has two poker courses focusing on the two most fundamental aspects of winning poker; bluffing and continuation betting.

Bluffing ($74.99)

Playing solid and value-betting well is brilliant and will go a long way to ensuring you win, but you can’t rely on value all the time. One must become expert in bluffing to become an all-round poker player.

Our bluffing course is one of a kind, focusing on 6 key bluff types that can low to mid stakes players improve their win rate. The course focuses on the check raise, turn re-raise, triple barrel, flop raise, river check raise and multi-way in position bluffs. These bluffs will help you exploit different types of opponents in various scenarios.

Continuation Betting ($99.99)

Everyone thinks they know about “c-betting” but very few do. Few people have solid c-betting strategy. They’re either c-betting it too much, too little or with no rhyme or reason. This is far from ideal as it will result in giving money away, not winning enough pots or just being confused.

Our complete continuation bet course is designed to help players appreciate all the important aspects when choosing to c-bet. This includes position, number of opponents, types of opponents, c bet size, expected success rate, flop textures and relative hand strength. It’s the most in depth c-bet course anywhere and took months to prepare.

How Do Poker Courses Work?

The poker courses are content heavy so prepare yourself for lots of reading! Both poker courses are broken down by modules. Each module concentrates on one specific part or section of the course. This makes it easy to move from on part to another. They follow a consistent and easy to understand format.

Our courses are not solely content based. We have dynamic quizzes to ensure you’ve absorbed the course material properly. You can re-take quizzes as much as you wish but we recommend re-visiting a module before re-taking.

Once you buy a course, the content is yours forever. It is not for re-sale or redistribution but you can save locally on your device or print etc. It’s yours and you can take quizzes or contact us anytime for support.

Purchasing a Poker Course

Purchasing one of courses is easy, click the banners above to go the page and pay at the bottom or visit our store to buy now. Any issues, email us at