Poker Coaching UK

Poker Coaching for UK Players

Texas Hold’em Questions is a UK based poker training website. Launched in July 2018 from West Sussex, we have been helping new and intermediate poker players become winners for 5 years. We offer UK poker players the opportunity to improve at Texas Hold’em at an accelerated rate.

Poker Coaching Methods

We are flexible with our poker coaching and will try our best to meet your needs. Our various poker coaching methods are:

1) Skype/WhatsApp Calls
2) Email (Mentor)
3) Hand History Review Sessions
4) Poker Courses
5) Poker Training Video Membership

How We Work

Texas Hold’em Questions are committed to an honest and reliable approach to poker coaching. We are dedicated to helping players increase their ROI in poker. We don’t stake or take percentages of your winnings. Our philosophy is to help you win money for yourself.

We believe each player is different with unique strengths and weaknesses. As such, our coaching is not regimented but bespoke and specific to each player. After we’ve discovered the areas of the game that need developing, we prioritise and work with you to reduce and ultimately eliminate your leaks.

We are always happy to speak and discuss our services with UK poker players interested in improving at poker.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve played 5 minutes, months or years. If you’re keen to improve and work hard, we’re keen to help you.

How Much Does Poker Coaching Cost?

Poker coaching prices varies based on the service. Our expertise comes from years and years of experience and literally millions of hands. The table below is a guide on the services and fees.

Skype/Whats App Call£90/$115 per hour
Hand History Reviews£90/$115 per hour
Coaching by Email £125/$155 per month

We also offer players fixed price training products:

Poker Training Video Membership$59.99 for 12 months
Bluffing Course $74.99
Continuation Bet Course $99.99

The fixed price poker training products are popular amongst those with smaller bankrolls or prefer reading and watching. Poker courses are content heavy with lots of PDFs and quizzes to ensure players understand the course material.

Our poker training video membership is video based with real time life playing of low stakes tournaments and cash games. There’s also strategy videos with PowerPoint presentations. The poker training videos are accessed through a personal login. Once a member, you can access any and all videos as much as you want.

The same applies to our courses, once you’ve paid for the course, you can access it via your unique login.


If you are interested in poker coaching, we’d love to hear from you. There is no obligation to invest in training, we’ll just review your situation and see what we can do to help. Fill in the form below or email and we will get back to you soon.