The Best Poker Tables for Private Games

best poker table

Whether you’re hosting a private poker game or home game, it’s important to have a proper poker table. A quality poker table will provide a comfortable and inviting space for your players, and it will also help to keep the game organized and running smoothly.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a poker table. First, you’ll need to decide on the size of the table. If you’re only hosting a small game, you can get away with a smaller table. However, if you’re expecting a large group, you’ll need a larger table.

Next, you’ll need to decide on the material of the table. There are a few different materials to choose from, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wood tables are the most traditional option, and they can provide a luxurious feel. Plastic tables are more affordable, and they’re also easier to clean. Metal tables are the most durable option, and they’re also the most resistant to wear and tear.

You’ll also need to decide on the features of the table . Some tables also have built-in LED lights, which can add a touch of class to your game.

Lastly, the price of the table will be a consideration too. Everyone’s budget will vary based on requirement. Fortunately for you, this article will detail exclusively high quality tables with a decent price range too. Let’s get to it.

Riverboat Gaming Table with Folding Legs

I love this table as its flexible and can be used for both cash game or tournament. It also has cup holders which are really handy as they can hold pint glasses. It’s a 122 x 122 x 75cm table which is a decent size and perfect for 8 players. Its sturdy but lightweight which makes setting up or transporting easy too. The felt is high quality which is welcome as other tables in the market are cheaper but have low quality felt which can ruin a good game.

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Riverboat Gaming Tournament Table (10 people)

Like the previous Riverboat Gaming table, this one is exceptional quality. The felt is smooth, the legs fold easily and there are cupholders again too. The table measures 213 x 106 x 75cm so this table is really for the larger games. It’s ideal if you have more people as fitting the extra 2 players could mean not having to purchase another table.  You can get this table in green or blue with the blue costing slightly more. I’m a huge fan of this poker table and highly recommend it for those of you who play regularly and have slightly higher budgets. When you buy a table like this, it should last a very long time.

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Tuln Heavy Duty Poker Table

This table is the cream of the crop when it comes to poker tables. It rivals the types of tables you can expect to find in professional cardrooms. It is a heavy duty table that folds with little fuss so you can save on space. This table has high quality iron legs and some assembly is required. It seats 10 players and measures 213 x 106 x 75cm. This table weights in excess of 30KG. This gives you an idea as to the type of product you’re buying.I really love the felt and its markings which note where the community cards should be dealt. Tuln have gone the extra mile with features like this as it gives it that extra touch of professionalism.

Bottomline, if you’re running a higher stakes game or run a regular game and people are prepared to chip in for one of the best tables, go for this, the extra you spend can be well worth it. For those of you with smaller budgets or only run a home game once in a while, give this one a miss as its probably not worth the extra money.

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Red Tooth Poker Table Top

I appreciate some of you don’t have space for a table or perhaps have a smaller budget as you barely play. In this instance, buying a proper poker table isn’t right, you’ll want a table top. That’s where the Red Tooth poker table top can help you. This table top can cater for up to 8 players. It is black speed cloth and has extra padding. There’s a neat betting line which should help avoid any disputes around mucking. It measures 190 x 90 and folds in the middle which makes storage easy too. Finally, it even comes with a carry case which means you can transport it between games which is a huge perk for me.

Many of you that play recreationally will rotate private games so having a table top like that can be moved easily is very convenient. It’s reasonably priced and significantly less than the other products which are better suited for regular or higher stakes games.

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There you have it, some of the best poker tables available online. I hope you find my recommendations useful, if you’re also looking for poker sets for your game, check out my best poker chips for home games article.