3 Simple Online Poker Tips For Beginners

Poker is one of the oldest and most exciting card games in existence. Sure, there are a lot of variants today, like Texas Hold ‘em or videopoker, but the original 5-card draw poker hasn’t changed. This just tells you how great and well-organized this game is. If you are a poker enthusiast, but you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to the game and where you might play it, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about some of the simplest online poker tips every beginner should know about.

This article is for the complete beginners who are entirely new and need some easy to understand tips to get started.

Start Playing On A Single Table

One of the most exciting things about online poker is the possibility of playing on a few tables at the same time. You know, while you are waiting for your turn on a certain table, you are betting on the other one. Even though this might be a very exciting concept, you should resist the urge to do this. As a new player, you have a lot of things to learn and the best way to learn poker strategy is to stick to one table at a time. Trust us, this is essential when starting out in poker, once you’ve gained experience you can look at adding tables later. Our article on how many tables to play is a good read for you down the line.

Only Play Strong Hands At The Beginning

An experienced poker player will tell you that there are no weak hands and that you can win the pot while having a pair of 2s in your hand. This, of course, is true, but only if you have mastered the poker strategies and played thousands of games and millions of hands. If you are a newbie, you have to stick to one playing style and this style should be – only playing the strong hands. Once you get a taste of victory and see how other, more experienced players, are using their cards, you might want to experiment a little bit but initially a tight aggressive style is necessary.

Watch Closely What Your Opponents Are Doing

You are probably asking – how can I do this when I’m playing online? Sure, you can’t see the faces of your opponent players, but there are still a few things you can watch that may tell you what the other players are thinking. For example, you can watch how much money the other players are betting each round and how long it takes them to make the call. Those two things can tell you how confident they are in their cards. Also, if you don’t want them to get a read on you, don’t make inconsistent bets or do anything erratic. Make sure you stay calm, no matter what cards you have in your hand. Be consistent in your bet sizing and actions to avoid giving off tells.

poker cheat sheet

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3 Popular Bingo Sites That Offer Poker

With all gambling games having some similarity to each other, there are natural crossovers. This is unsurprising as the two key attractions to online gambling is the opportunity to make money and the pleasure from playing. This is especially evident in Bingo where players get the chance to win money without any mentally taxing activity.

After all, unlike poker, bingo has no player input or strategy requirements. In fact, in online bingo is even automated so that a player doesn’t need to cross their numbers or shout bingo like in traditional bingo halls. In this article, we’re hoping to reach out to Bingo players by highlighting some of the most popular bingo sites that also offer poker, our favourite game.


One of the most reputable brands in gambling is 888. They seem to cater to gamblers interested in any form these days. 888 Bingo is incredibly popular with welcome bonuses and daily jackpots always running.  Gamblers want security they are on a trusted platform and 888 is certainly that. If you’re a bingo player considering poker, definitely start with 888. They have loads of freerolls, micro stakes cash games and cheap tournaments for you to wet your beak. You’re not limited to playing on desktop either as 888 has an awesome app that even lets you multi-table if you feel brave enough.


Is there a bigger name when it comes to UK gambling? Visit any high street in England you’re almost certainly going to come across a Ladbrokes. Whilst they specialise in sports betting they’ve diversified into other forms like live casino, bingo and yes poker too.

We suspect their bingo platform is popular due to their brand image and also the sheer number of games available. Ladbrokes is also dedicated to responsible gambling, something comparison sites like bingosites.co.uk care about when conducting reviews.  

Ladbrokes also offer poker with a wide array of formats and variants available. It runs on the trusted iPoker network which is as reliable as it gets. Another reason to try Ladbrokes is the competition is relatively soft. This is probably due to the crossovers from sports betting who give poker a try, making it one of the softest poker sites online.


Another trusted name in the gambling sphere, Betfred is one of the most popular UK bingo sites around. They have some generate bingo bonuses, a fast withdrawal process and offer some of the most pleasurable bingo games like rainbow riches.

We’re not going to lie, Betfred’s poker site isn’t the best sites online. However, they offer a safe and reliable platform to learn the game. They offer rewards when you sign up to poker in form of daily tournaments. Their customer support is decent too and they even let you deposit with PayPal so if you’re a Betfred bingo player already, you can try poker easily here.

Finally, if you’re anxious about trying poker for the first time, read and download our cheat sheet from below. It offers easy to understand tips on how to grasp the fundamentals of Texas Hold’em. Remember to gamble responsibly and either start with freerolls or play micro-stakes games so you are limiting your losses.   

poker cheat sheet

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Rakeback: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Rakeback

Firstly, let’s look at rake. You know how the gambling sites make their money right? The rake is charged on pots in cash games or on top of a buy in a multi table tournament. Every pot or tournament played by an individual contributes to the site’s revenue in the form of rake. You play a $10 tournament and they will probably charge $1, win a cash game pot and they will take a percentage too. Rakeback is kickback from the website to you as an incentive to play more. It is essentially commission paid back to the player. There are two main forms which we will cover here.

Contributed Rakeback

The player’s rakeback is proportional to the pots they are involved in. For instance, if you are involved in a pot that is $25 and the rake is $2, you will receive a percent of this back in form of contributed rakeback. The percentage is dependent on the agreement but often around 25% so you will receive $0.50 for that pot.

Dealt Rakeback

This is where the rakeback from a pot is split evenly by those on the table. For instance, a pot of $25 on a 9 handed table, the rake of $2 with 25% agreement is split between the players, entitling you to approx. $0.22c. The scheme is more beneficial for the tighter player as it rewards you whether or not you are directly involved in the pot. Remember, nit poker is losing poker in the modern era. It’s more profitable to adopt a solid TAG or LAG strategy these days.

Who is Rakeback for?

Anyone can sign up for it. Players who put in lots of volume and play regularly will gain the most. It can turn a break even player into a winning one, and a losing player into a break even one with sufficient volume. It also makes a winner, a much bigger winner. In short, it is free money and every poker player should be involved in a scheme.  There are millions of players playing that are turning down free money. There are no minimum requirements so every poker player should be on one.


Do You Play Turbo SNGs?

If you’re playing lots of turbo sngs you absolutely need to get on a rakeback scheme. There are lots of sites out there that offer rakeback schemes so be sure to find the highest rakeback deals. Turbo SNGs are notorious for high rake so signing up to a rakeback deal will mitigate this and help your ROI. It’s also worth pointing out that there are players around the world that are playing thousands of turbo sngs on rakeback deals. They don’t need to play high or even medium stakes due to the currency conversion.


Now you understand what rakeback is and what it is, it’s time to sign up for it. It’s essential to any and all poker players. Whether you are playing recreationally or professionally, you want to make money from poker and rakeback is a way of contributing to this, for free. If you are making full use of your poker tracking software and employing bankroll management, you’ll find yourself moving up stakes in no time with the addition of a rakeback scheme.

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Is The Over-Bet Underused in Poker?

The Over-Bet

Depending on the situation, an over bet is either an awful play or a genius one. There is not much in between, from a 3rd party perspective. This is because an over bet will force your opponent out of the pot (either lost value or a great bluff) or you’ve been called (lost far more than necessary or got extra value).

The truth is, there are scenarios where an over bet is the most profitable bet to make and also the worst bet to make. Deciding when to pull off a successful over-bet takes experience, intuition and thorough of understanding your opponent.

The Bluff Over-Bet

In order to pull off a success bluff, sometimes you have to bet big. With the right opponent (conservative) and deep stacks, an over bet bluff can be a great weapon to use. Whilst this same player may call 60-80% of the pot, they will often fold to an over- bet shove or double pot bet. They know they are not getting a good price on their money and will look for a more sensible hand to invest in. The over bet bluff is usually best to try on the river when there are no more cards to come. 
You need a few things to be on your side for an over-bet bluff to be successful:

An opponent who has the ability to fold

The overbet works best against players you’ve seen fold in the past. If you’ve seen your opponent fold on the river to bets before, they have demonstrated they can release if they think it’s best. It’s no using trying to push around a calling station. Most online casino reviews sites affirm that rookie players don’t like folding so trying an over-bet bluff in a freeroll will seldom work as most players lack the ability to fold.

When stacks are deep

An overbet bluff needs players to have deep stacks. If you’ve bet your hand all the way down and your overbet is less than a pot bet, it’s not an overbet is it? Please make sure you and your opponent have plenty of chips behind. If your opponent is deep stacked, they are more likely to be protective than if they’re short stacked and pot committed.

You haven’t shown down an overbet bluff

This is an important thing to remember. If you have tried the overbet bluff and got called, your opponent(s) will remember this. They’ll be wary of your move and be more inclined to call you down. Avoid doing this bluff if it hasn’t worked earlier in the session.

The Value Over-Bet

This over-bet value bet is not utilised enough really. I am guilty myself and don’t use this move often enough. I think many people think they will waste value and prefer to get something than nothing. So they will typically just put in a decent value bet like 60-80% of the pot. But there are times where you can get more if you’ve analysed the situation and assessed they will pay off an over-bet.

It’s a great move to pull off against fishy players who can’t fold a medium strength hand or advanced players who are prone to making a hero call or levelling themselves.

Fishy Opponents (Calling Stations)

Value betting is about getting the maximum out of any hand in Texas Hold’em. Why waste potential value against players that are just as likely to call an overbet as a smaller bet? These players truly don’t care if you bet double the pot so make them pay!

You showed an overbet bluff

Following on from earlier in the article, you can use history to your advantage. If you tried to over-bet bluff and got called, use it to your benefit next time. Your opponents will be itching to call you so go easy on the over-bet bluff and use the over-bet value bet as a counter strategy.

Competent players (level them)

Capable, thinking players will shock you. Sometimes, they level themselves in the face of an over-bet. They almost pay just to satisfy their curiosity. If your opponent is the type to think long and hard, he may just pay you off.

Deep Stacks

Like the bluff, deep stacks are required for overbet value bets. You and your opponents need to have at least 50% more than the pot to make it an overbet.


Like most poker moves, this is not one to be constantly used against the same players. In fact, against a decent player, you can probably only get away with 2-3 successful over bet bluffs or value over bets before they’ve figured which you use it for. The trick is to master both.

I recommend attempting both in the future when your instinct tells you it will work. Once you have dipped your toe in you will soon incorporating both bets into your game in the future.

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Poker Bankroll Management: How to Stay in the Game & Never Go Broke

Good Poker Bankroll Management

It doesn’t matter how good you are or what games you’re playing, solid bankroll management is a must for any and all serious poker players. It’s a universal truth that is attested to by those amazing poker players you hear of that end in up debt. Look at Stu Ungar as one of the most famous examples. In terms of raw talent he was arguably the best ever poker player but lacked proper bankroll management skills.

In this article, we will explore some important aspects of bankroll management and what you can do to ensure you don’t go bust.

Going Broke

One of the most common reasons a poker player will go broke is exercising poor bankroll management skills. Many a strong, technical poker player will play the wrong stakes and with too few buy-ins and scratch their head after they lose their bankroll. This can be mitigated if a player sets strict rules like implementing a stop loss that prevents them losing lots in any given session.

Size Matters

Proper poker bankroll management is understanding that the size of your bankroll dictates the games and stakes you should be playing. Perhaps you think you can beat a high stakes private game, but if it costs you your entire bankroll to sit in that game, clearly you shouldn’t. The reason is simple, poker has a large element of luck in the short term. Variance isn’t something that can be negotiated with or eliminated. By exercising poor bankroll management and playing with an insufficient number of buy ins, you are putting your bankroll at stake every time you play.

How Many Buy Ins?

There’s differing opinions on the number of buy-ins required for cash games and tournaments. It’s widely accepted amongst professionals that games involving higher chance require more buy ins e.g. playing turbo sit-n-go’s are very high variance due to the fact that blinds go up quickly and you are playing more all in before the flop poker.

The table below can be used as a guide for the minimum number of buy-ins you should have for different formats of No Limit Texas Holdem.

Game Format Minimum Buy Ins
No Limit Texas Holdem6 Max Cash Game 50
No Limit Texas Holdem Full Ring Cash Game 50
No Limit Texas Holdem 9 Player Sit-N-Go60
No Limit Texas Holdem 180 Player Sit-N-Go100
No Limit Texas Holdem Turbo Multi-Table Tournament (MTT)200
No Limit Texas Holdem Regular Multi-Table Tournament (MTT)100

If you find yourself going broke alot and you’re playing with less than 50 buy ins in your bankroll, you need to think about moving down to a level that your bankroll can afford.

Poker Money & Personal Money

Another aspect of poker bankroll management is the ability to separate poker money from personal money. We all love withdrawing and using the money we win on luxuries and that’s great but not if it means restricting your ability to move up stakes or worse, move down.

Why not implement a rule where you cash out 10% or 20% of winnings at the end of the month? This is something other forms of gambling recommend too as sports betting sites offer free betting tips suggesting punters withdraw a specific percentage at regular intervals.

Sound bankroll management allows you to play your A game regularly without pressure. You’re recognising that you are focused on the long term. It also means knowing the right time to move up and down stakes and finding the right level for you. There are players playing higher stakes than they should be and players too scared to move up. Recognising your skill level and reconciling this with your bankroll and the appropriate stakes is a skill in itself. Feel free to contact us if you want a consultation on this. We offer 30 minutes consultation for free.


Poker bankroll management is a key element to being a long-term winning player. The importance of being sensible with your bankroll can’t be overstated. It mixes common sense with budgeting skills and self-awareness. Assess your poker bankroll management today and ensure you are properly equipped next time you play.

If you enjoyed this article perhaps you’d like to read our article on poker excel spreadsheets?

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Poker Table Image – Does It Matter?

Poker Table Image

How are you perceived at the poker table? Do you know or care? You should, because your image is an important factor when playing poker. Whether it’s trying to get a bluff through or getting paid off, your poker table image will be taking into account by your opponents.

Everyone has an image they are projecting at the poker table, whether they know it or not. Within an hour or so of playing, a strong and experienced player will already have tagged the majority of the table, almost entirely based on how they have played and appeared.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing online or in a live cardroom, you are showcasing an image to your opponents based on how you play. It may seem more evident in a live setting but your poker stats are visible online too.

In this article, we will look at four common table images poker players project.

Loosey Goose Image

This is just a bad player. It is similar to a loose image, however, a loose player can still be a strong player. Where a loose player is involved in lots of pots and trying bluff, a fish/donkey is just playing bad poker. This image is not desirable as it a strong player will target you all day long. It is not in your interest to get into personal battles or be known as the worst player at the table. There’s a big difference between a loosey goose and a LAG.

Tight Nitty Image

This is the player folding, hand after hand, round after round. They are patiently waiting for the premium hands to come along. How these players think they will get paid is beyond me. But in low stakes online and great games live, they do! The benefit of having a nitty image is if you have the ability to change gears; you can pull off many bluffs (against the right opponents). The reason is simple, if you have folded for 2 hours and now 3 bet, your opponents will give you credit – and rightly so.

Fishy/Donkey Image

This is just a bad player. It is similar to a loose image, however, a loose player can still be a strong player. Where a loose player is involved in lots of pots and trying bluff, a fish/donkey is just playing bad poker. This image is not desirable as it a strong player will target you all day long. It is not in your interest to get into personal battles and be known as the worst player at the table.


On the face of it, having the image of a professional seems great. People respect you and how you play right? Ironically, this isn’t the most desirable image as people will try to stay out of pots with you. Getting paid can be more challenging. Opponents often want to impress you and will potentially fold big hands or try bluffs on you. If you’re on your A game and pick up on this, it’s fine, but the fact is, you won’t always be and you can be in a pickle sizing your opponent up.  

Tips to Improve your Table Image

Change up your style, don’t be predictable and be confined to one image. It’s important to be difficult to read and cause confusion for your opponents. Soon as they know how you play; you’ve lost the battle. It’s best to be aware of your current image and shift to another and exploit your existing image. This takes a lot of practice but it is essentially what the best players are regularly doing. They know you saw them pull off a bluff 5 minutes ago and have gone into lock-down for 10 minutes. You need to do likewise to be a big winner at poker.

I hope you found this article useful. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about table image. We can help you understand how to use it to your advantage. If this is something you’re interested in, why not try a hand history review session with us? Fill in your details below and will be in touch.

Hand History Review Session

This article was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated.

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Golden Gorgon Slot Review

Video slots are one of the most popular casino games since they’re amateur-friendly and don’t take much skill or experience to play. Modern video slots offer fantastic rewards and massive bonuses to attract players, and this trend is unlikely to die anytime soon. Video slots are convenient, offer diversity, and keep players hooked. These perks are exclusively reserved for online slots, which is the game’s USP.

Several reputed iGaming software developers work around the clock to create new games every few months. And the list of games keeps increasing by the day. Developers like Playtech, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, and Yggdrasil have several innovative video slots in their portfolio, and we’ll discuss one such game here today. Golden Gorgon slot is a popular title from Yggdrasil, and here are the key highlights of the game.

Golden Gorgon: Overview

Gorgons are quite popular characters in video slots. These winged creatures from Greek mythology can kill men simply with their glance, Medusa being the most common example. Yggdrasil’s Golden Gorgon takes players on an epic adventure through ancient Greece while offering special features and exciting rewards.

Golden Gorgon flaunts a 5-reel 3-row grid with 25 paylines and 96% RTP. The high-volatile title offers bonus multipliers randomly through the rounds. The betting range is between €0.25 and €400, and the game can amplify your winnings by 2,502x. Although Golden Gorgon offers bonus spins, players don’t get additional free spins on the side.

Golden Gorgon: Design and Gameplay

Golden Gorgon flaunts a classic theme inspired by Greek mythology, and the design and animations are in perfect harmony. Yet, it’s not Yggdrasil’s best work to date, and players will be left asking for more. The visual presentation is satisfactory at best, and the game is graphically lacking.

The purple patterned backdrop with decorated column reels and gold accents will remind you of a typical mythological setting. And the studio could have come up with better soundtracks. Shields and swords are the high-paying symbols, while the standard icons are Omega, Psi, Sigma, and Lambda.

Landing the high-paying symbols across the reels increases the stake between 3 and 20-times, and there are no Wilds or scatters in Golden Gorgon. The makers are inspired by the three Gorgon sisters – Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno, and there are several subtle mentions in the game’s design.

Golden Gorgon: Features

Gorgon Gaze is the game’s highlight, triggered when three or more matching symbols appear across the reels. When the round is triggered, it turns the symbols gold and locks them in place. Players are awarded a bonus spin that can be used in the next round. If the reels are filled with high-paying symbols during the respin round, a special win multiplier is unlocked, further boosting the stake.

The value of the multiplier is the same as the reel on which it lands. So, landing 3 matching symbols triggers a 3x multiplier while 5 matching icons offer 5x amplification. The reels must be filled from left to right.


The sheer number of video slots often overwhelms new players as it is easy to lose your way while sifting through thousands of exciting titles. Casino affiliates like Online Casino Ranger make our lives easier by reviewing, comparing, and ranking the best online slots based on several parameters.

You can shortlist the most popular games based on RTP, volatility, jackpot type, hit frequency, and several other factors. Don’t forget to read the terms of use and familiarise yourselves with the details before shortlisting games. For instance, Golden Gorgon doesn’t offer free spins. This is a major red flag for certain players.

Although Yggdrasil has compensated for the lack of free spins using random multipliers, the details are mentioned in the game’s terms and conditions. Hence, we cannot stress the importance of going through the fine prints enough.

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Countries That Love Online Casinos & Poker

Online gambling is a language millions of people understand. Whether you love poker, blackjack, slots or roulette – they are universal games that appeal to countries all over the world. In this article we are going to provide an overview of the top four countries that adore gambling online.  

South Africa

In 2004, the National Gambling Act prohibited many forms of online gambling. This was re-enforced in 20120. However, there are exceptions with horse racing and sports betting permitted. Despite outlawing most of the popular forms of gambling, there are offshore sites that market the Tops SA online casinos.  Whilst the government appears to have taken a harsh stance on online gambling by stating hefty fines would be dished out, in reality, players are not prosecuted for playing on offshore casino sites. This has resulted in a proliferation of online casinos that specifically target the South African gambling market.

United Kingdom

The UK is arguably the pinnacle of what online gambling should be. The UK gambling commission is an authority that regulates and educates on key issues like responsible gambling. Operators are also well versed in this and have to be seen to care about customers.

Secondly, winnings are not subject to tax which means no heavy admin or paper work involved. Finally, the media are regulated and cannot promote gambling websites often or to youths. All this, coupled with the UK’s love for sports betting, bingo and gambling in general makes gambling a very popular activity in the United Kingdom. All one has to do is watch a premier league match and see the countless bookies plastered over football kits to realise how loved gambling is in the UK.


The Aussies are huge lover of online gambling and have been for some time. Some research suggests that as many as 78% of the citizens participating in some of form of online gambling. Like the UK, anything won is tax free so its appeal is wide and far reaching. Australians favourite gambling game has to be pokies, the slots game with countless variations. There have been motions to deter to Australians gambling so much but it doesn’t seem to be effective so far. We wrote a guide to online gambling in Australia which gives a complete picture of the gambling scope there so feel free to check it out.


As one of the freest societies in the world, gambling is very accessible in Canada. In addition to the traditional gambling games, online poker in Canada is especially loved. In fact, many American professional poker players emigrated to Canada once online gambling was illegal in the US. They saw it as an opportunity to continue earning whilst living in an English speaking country. Like most other commonwealth nations, Canada is another place that lets residents keep all gambling winnings tax free. Another reason why many Americans moved!  We think Canada’s love for poker was given a forceful push when famous Canadians like Daniel Negreanu gained notoriety for earning tens of millions and appear in the biggest poker TV shows.

There you have it, four countries that love online casinos and poker rooms. Was there a nation we missed that deserved to be included? If so, contact us.

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Finding the Best Deal: 4 Types of Casino Bonuses for Texas Hold’em

To attract a flock of new players, casinos often run various promotions. As Texas Hold’em remains to be one of the most popular online casino games around today, you will find more than plenty to choose from. The only remaining question is, what type of bonuses are worth going for?

Depending on your casino of choice, these are the types of bonuses you are likely to encounter:

1] Non-Sticky Bonuses

Typically, a casino will require you to fulfill their wagering requirements before letting you withdraw your winnings and any bonuses you’ve cleared. In concrete terms, having to bet the amount of your initial deposit 40 times is nothing out of the ordinary.

Non-sticky bonuses, however, are something else entirely. Due to having no wagering requirements and thus helping you win more easily, non-sticky bonuses remain a popular players’ choice. If you’re looking for the best site to place a bet, Gamble Guardian has gone through the trouble of tracking down and listing all the non-sticky bonuses for the Finnish players to enjoy.

2] Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are one of the most traditional forms of casino promotions. Also known as welcome bonuses, these involve a player depositing a sum of funds, after which the casino proceeds to match their initial deposit. For illustrative purposes, let’s say the player deposited $100 and the casino is offering a 100% match bonus. After a successful transaction, the player’s account balance will show a balance of $200.

However, there is a slight catch. Before you are allowed to claim these funds, the casino will require you to wager the initial deposit X amount of times. Since these can vary from casino to casino, it’s best to check their terms and conditions. Either way, the casino should be transparent regarding the minimum wagering requirements. Note that some games will help you clear the bonus requirements faster than others.

3] No Deposit Bonuses

Unlike any of the bonuses mentioned above, no deposit bonuses require no deposit at all. Period. If you take them up on their offer, you stand a solid chance of winning some real money without risking any of your own. In other words, you’ll be playing with the house’s money.

There is a slight catch, however. Expect to run into steep wagering requirements before you’ll be able to withdraw your money. Still, these types of bonuses are excellent for getting your feet wet and gaining some valuable gambling experience.

4] Loyalty Programs

Also referred to as VIP bonuses, loyalty programs are a way for casinos to give back to their most hardcore and dedicated players. Hence, you can expect them to be far juicier compared to a typical casino bonus. If you play your cards right and do it often enough (and for larger sums of money), VIP bonuses alone have the power to transform what would otherwise be a losing session, into a profitable one.


In the end, different types of players are looking for different things, so there are no right or wrong answers here; every type of bonus brings something unique to the table. You do, however, need to do your homework and hunt down the most trustworthy provider that gives you the best deal. Best of luck!

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The Best Online Casinos to Play with Bitcoin

Online casinos that accept Bitcoin are on the rise. Most casino operators are adopting the Bitcoin approach to avoid burdensome regulations involved in the traditional payment methods. According to www.clovr.com here is a rundown of the best online casinos where players can enjoy poker and other games with Bitcoin.

Red Dog Casino

This online casino is Bitcoin compatible and offers 220+ games. Red Dog Casino uses 250-bit SSL encryption to maintain privacy and data safety. It offers an attractive 225% of welcome bonus to kickstart the game. The best thing about this online casino is its 24/7 customer service. This is a big USP as they can answer all your queries instantly. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone and lets you swipe on four gadgets simultaneously. It features many video poker games, including Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces, Aces and Eights, Sevens Wild, Bonus Poker, and Double Double Jackpot Poker.


With $2,000,000 weekly poker prize pools, Ignition is one of the premier poker and online casino sites around. Best of all it accepts free Bitcoin transactions. The sheer number of poker tournaments, high traffic, and a good amount of poker variants make Ignition the best Bitcoin casino for poker games. Along with poker, this site has 280+ casino games and provides its players with eight other banking methods. Ignition is counted amongst the safest poker sites and has a reputation of paying winners quickly.

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino offers a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. It provides an attractive ‘Super Play Bitcoin Bonus’ to new players. There are lots of other generous deposit bonuses, too, including weekly prizes and a referral bonus. They have more than ten unique video poker games such as Joker Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, etc. This online casino specializes in live dealer games and offers a huge amount of Blackjack variants.

Betway Live Casino

It offers a massive selection of games and sports betting opportunities for the players. The payments at Betway Live Casino are secured by SSL encryption, and withdrawal requests are processed quickly. This site uses cookies to offer the best user experience. The simple user interface of this online casino helps the players to spot their favorite poker game easily. Betway poker is integrated with MPN software making it stable and quick in dealing cards.

7Bit Casino

It accepts both Bitcoin and fiat currency and offers around 5000 casino games in total. It comes with a demo feature that allows the players to try out the games before investing real money. Moreover, the 7Bit Casino lets you set the gambling limits. This site is fully regulated and charges no fees when you deposit or withdraw via crypto. Along with Bitcoin, it accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

22Bet Casino

22Bet Casino has many casino games, including poker, roulette, baccarat, sports betting, live casinos, slots, and many more. Along with Bitcoin, this casino site providers its visitors with 100 other payment methods. Players can find the best poker odds on this site and even bet on live poker events.

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