Deep Stack Poker 4 Reasons to Love it

deep stack poker

Introduction to Deep Stack Poker

A cash game with 200 big blinds or more and a slow-paced tournament, where you start with 200 big blinds or more is considered deep stack poker. It is the opposite to the turbo paced tournaments available online and the short stack cash games around too. In this article we’ll look at four reasons why deep stack poker is the best.

1)You have Flexibility to Make Moves

Poker shouldn’t just be about learning how to play the short stack in a tournament. Deep stack poker affords players the opportunity to make advanced plays. They can do big bluffs and try sophisticated lines in hands that short stack poker just doesn’t allow you to. If you try a check raise bluff with less than 15 big blinds, you’ve committed all your chips rendering the play useless.

2)Implied Odds

With stacks deeper, you can take a few more risks before the flop and play hands you don’t get the opportunity to usually. This is why you see people calling raises with three six suited on high stakes poker against the fish at the table. They are risking a few big blinds to potentially win everything the live one has in front of them.

Having the opportunity to stack opponents who overplay is awesome as it allows you to play the more speculative hands in the hopes of a winning a lot.

3)Improves You as a Player

By playing with larger stacks, you will find yourself in tricky, awkward and challenging scenarios that you won’t be accustomed to. Experience in unconventional scenarios will make you a better and more complete poker player. As a result, you can expect to develop quicker. You will quickly find you area able to make creative bluffs more frequently and extract value more regularly too.

4)Increases Your Edge

If you are table selecting properly, you should be the best or second-best player at the table when you play. With deeper stacks, you are minimising the variance and luck element and thus your edge will increase. It is in your interest to maximise your edge whenever possible. Playing with more money behind you and your weaker opponents is always in your interest, assuming you are employing correct bankroll management of course.

Beginner Texas Holdem Question

What is a Deep Stack Poker Tournament?

A deep stack poker tournament starts with more than 300 big blinds, has slow blind levels and small increments. The major live tournaments are usually deep stacked and slow. Online is generally faster paced but there are deep stack tournaments available too.


Deep stack poker is arguably the best and purest form to play. It reduces the luck and variance elements of poker and increases the skill. It allows you to make moves you don’t get the chance to. Deep stack poker also allows you to play hands you may want to play but can’t with a shorter stack. If you have the time to play them, I highly recommend the deep stack tournaments available online.

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