5 Reasons Not to Fear Live Poker

fear live poker

Fear of Live Poker

It’s very common for online poker players to fear live poker. Moving from one setting to an entirely new one can be challenging and make a player nervous. The transition from online to live poker puts the player face to face with their opponents. There are additional fears like embarrassment, worries about being too readable, fearing losing the cash or making live poker mistakes like string bets. Whilst these fears are not unreasonable, they should not deter an online poker player try playing altogether. In this article we’re going to share some reasons why you should not fear live poker and actually embrace it.

1] The Standard is Lower

It’s widely accepted that online poker games are of a higher standard when compared to live poker. A NL $10 game online can play like a NL $200 in live poker. The reason for this is possibly due to the generally higher limits that poker rooms impose on the games. Either way, it’s good news for online players. It means you can play for more money and against fishier players. This is arguably the biggest reason to try playing live poker. Your first trip to a casino will be an eye-opening experience. The amount of bad plays you’ll see is very encouraging and will soon put you at ease.

2]The Fun Factor

If you don’t try something you’ll never know what its truly like. The majority of online players that move to live shun their fear of live poker when they realise how much fun it is. In addition to playing generally weaker players, you get to enjoy the table banter and social aspect of poker. You also get to physically see the cash you win and read your opponents. There’s nothing quite like making a great read on an opponent in a live poker setting. Whilst this is fun playing at a live casino online, it’s amplified in a cardroom where you are face to face with your opponents.

3] You’re Unknown to Others

Most players who fear live poker are only thinking through their eyes and not others. Remember, when you are new to a game, it might be new to you, but you are new to them. You’re an unknown entity to the other poker players. This presents a new challenge to everyone, even the professionals. This mystique and unpredictability are a reason they may fear you at first. If you are a strong player, they will soon respect you and this will alleviate any fears you may have had at the start. Live poker players have a healthy respect for those that play online so you have little reason to worry.  

4] You Can Speak with Cardroom Manager

All live cardrooms will have a manager in control. They ensure the tournaments run smoothly, make decisions when the dealers need assistance and manage the cash game tables too. If you fear live poker and the challenges it presents, you can always call the cardroom and ask questions to the cardroom manager. They will give you all the answers you need, put your mind at ease and advise of any rules you may need to be aware of before playing. Cardroom managers are friendly and supportive so it’s definitely worth having a chat if you are still concerned after this article.

5] Start & Stop at Your Leisure

Like online poker, you have freedom in poker to play whenever you want. Granted, if you’re a tournament player, you may feel obligated to stay at the table all the time. But, in a live poker setting, you can start and stop at your leisure, particularly in cash games. If you are uncomfortable or not playing your usual game, get up from the table and go for a walk, or quit if you are playing scared or on tilt . There is no pressure to sit and play for hours on end. The option to play when it suits you should help your fear of live poker. After all, you are the master of the games you play, when and for how long.


Live poker is an awesome experience. You can play with weaker players for more money and strut your game in a fun setting. The social aspect enhances the complexity of poker and puts an extra spin on it. It brings poker back to its roots of being a people game. We highly recommend you try it for yourself and hope the reasons in this article will relieve you of any fears of live poker you may have.

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