Why No Poker HUDs is a Good Thing

No Poker HUDs

In recent years there has been an increased movement of poker sites opposing the use of HUDs (heads up displays). This has been met with opposition from grinders and the much of the poker community. The HUD is an essential tool for a regular. When playing multi-tabling, the HUD reveals facts about opponents that the naked eye cannot possibly detect if someone is playing lots of tables.

Poker HUDs are not “bad”

First of all, let me preface my argument by saying HUDs are not inherently bad. If the player pool was infinite and recreational players didn’t care, I’d be pro HUDs. They’re an awesome tool for winning players to use. However, there’s more to it than that. I am interested in the poker industry thriving, traffic increasing, prize-pools high and recreational players at least having a decent time. I think this is more likely to occur if HUDs were not permitted.

Unfair playing field

 The HUD gives the better poker player an even-greater edge than they already have. The edge is primarily on those players who don’t know of a HUDs existence or are playing on a device that doesn’t even facilitate the use of a HUD. How big is the edge? Pretty big! If we assume that most people using a HUD are at least semi-serious, they are likely to have a strategical edge on their opponents anyway, now they have even more with instant access to relevant stats. 

So, why does this matter? The poker industry is not just for those that win regularly is it? It’s for the weekend players too, those that want to have fun. This pool of players is occupied by many that are long-term losers. That’s not a dig at anyone who loses. For someone to win, someone has to lose… These players won’t want to play if they are being completely beaten up on. If you play squash for fun once a week with someone 10x better, would you want to return? What if that player was not only technically better but also had better racket and trainers? How about if you play someone similar level or perhaps a little better? You’ll probably return right? It’s enjoyable yet challenging.

The online poker sites recognise they need to cater to social players just as much as grinders and have started fighting back in recent years. I am definitely in the pro ban HUD. The reason is simple, a good poker player can win without a HUD and there should be more money available and easier games around if HUDs are banned.

Mobile players at huge disadvantage

Playing poker on mobile has became a huge thing in recent years. All the major sites have an app that allows you to play online poker within moments. This has been a great way to bring in new players who wouldn’t otherwise play poker. Whether they know it or not, app users are at a huge disadvantage to a grinder on a desktop. Why? Apps do not allow for a HUD to run. You only have the your eyes and memory to rely on. Worse than that, if you play a couple of tables on an app, you can’t even watch both tables as the action flips between the two.

In a game where information is power, the desktop user with a HUD is going to dominate a similar level player on an app, against a weaker player they are just destroying them. Everyone was a “fish” or “donkey” at some point in their poker journey but the odds were not stacked up like this in the early poker days. If you did get pounded on every session, you might have quit before you really started.

What are poker sites doing about HUDs?

There’s an inconsistency across the poker sites at the moment. Some sites are banning use of HUD completely. Sites like Unibet have a couple of effective deterrents. One way of preventing HUD usage is the identities and avatars that can be changed at will. There is no limit to how often you can change them. They take a hard stance on HUD developers saying Unibet won’t permit any HUD software at all. Furthermore, anyone caught trying to use a HUD will be banned outright. They are a site clearly dedicated to recreational players. If you’re interested in knowing more about Unibet, read my Unibet poker review, you can also get 75% training video membership.

Other sites like Pokerstars are trying a soft approach. They clearly don’t want to upset their grinders. This is the biggest site in the world and they are aware any strong action they take will be met with criticism. As such, their permitted software is almost as long as their prohibited! See below for software that can be used on Pokerstars.

What is the future of poker HUDs?

It’s hard to predict how long poker HUDs will be around for. Look, they’re a fantastic tool and significantly help a player’s ROI if used correctly. If you are interested in poker training, I would recommend using poker software to increase your edge. But, that doesn’t mean it’s great for the online poker industry overall.

I imagine the clampdown on HUDs will continue in the future. As recreational players become more and more familiar with their existence, player retention will drop at sites. The poker sites will have no choice but to meet the demand of their customers which will mean taking a tough stance on HUD software.

Just as the strategy side of online poker is continuously evolving, so is the technical and software associated with it. As long as some sites permit the use of HUDs there will still be a demand for them. The online poker professionals will worry that their edge will diminish once the HUD is banned. But the increase in traffic, fishes and cash injection into the community will cover this. A decent win-rate will still be attainable as the playing field will be levelled, they may not be able to use HUDs against opponents, but opponents can’t use it against them either.

I want to conclude by saying whilst poker software is permitted on most sites, you absolutely have every right to use them to your advantage. My position on HUDs is not a criticism of them or their developers. They’ve helped make players earn lots of money. If you want to see our recommended poker software, click below.

Why Do Poker Players Love Online Casinos?

Poker & Online Casinos

I’ve never been a lover of online casino games. As someone that found poker before any other gambling game, I have been accustomed to complexity and strategy. The other casino games never had the same appeal to me. Countless times in casinos I’ve seen very strong poker players have a penchant for other games like slots, blackjack and roulette. But what is it about the other games that poker players love? I will try to answer that mystery in this article.

Stress relief and relaxation

As stated before, I used to see poker players spend time at roulette and blackjack tables. The house loves a tournament break as many poker players flock to the tables to wager. I get the feeling a lot of poker players do this for stress relief. Poker playing is a mentally and physically exhausting activity. They may see other casino games as a form of stress relief and a way to relax. After all, if they’re wagering small amounts, what’s the harm? They may take their poker stress out on the blackjack table. Better to avoid tilting at the poker table and gamble a few quid at the blackjack instead perhaps? If a poker player gets bluffed out of a big pot, they may relieve some stress by betting on roulette for a few minutes instead of blowing up on at the poker table.

Flexible banking options

If you look at any online casino, they all have countless options to deposit and cash out. To poker players who have money here there and everywhere, it’s an appealing way to gamble. Most online casinos accept PayPal, Bitcoin and other crypto-currency so it’s very easy to get money to and from them. I remember years ago you had to have credit card or Neteller otherwise you couldn’t get money online. Those days are long gone now!

Free bonuses

Poker players don’t often get the opportunity to gamble for free. Ok, you can try a freeroll but it takes hours and you can’t win much. Unlike poker sites who seldom offer a no deposit bonus, most casinos online offer a bonus simply for registering. Naturally, there are terms and conditions and you need to wager a certain amount to qualify for withdrawal but it’s still free. This is definitely reason poker players love online casinos. A quick google search or checking out a review site like veritop.com is all that is needed to find sites that offer lucrative bonuses.

Casino games are easy to play

With no disrespect to casino aficionados, the other casino games are very simple to play aren’t they? It requires practically no input from the player. The rules are usually basic and can be learnt in a matter of minutes. This accessibility has got to be a big factor for a poker player giving most games a try.

Unlike poker that is layered and can take years to master, casino games like slots or craps can be understood and played in minutes. This must be a nice respite for a poker player that doesn’t have to worry about learning strategy, reading books or investing in poker training!

They love to gamble…

Finally, many poker players just love to gamble. This is evident through the table chat you casually hear, the wagers they make and even the way they play Texas Hold’em. A spewy LAG poker player is almost certainly more likely to love the other gambling forms. There’s nothing wrong with this, the other casino games provide fun, adrenaline and a nice break from poker.

Irish Poker – The Basics

Irish Poker

Poker comes in many forms and one that is growing in popularity is Irish Poker. It’s unique mix of Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha that entices players from both variants to give it a try. It affords the complex strategy of Texas Hold’em with the ability to play more hands like in Pot Limit Omaha. In this article, I’m going to explain the rules and offer a few tips on how to play Irish Poker.

How to Play Irish Poker

Irish Poker begins the same way as Pot Limit Omaha. Every player at the table is dealt four holecards, face down that you not be revealed to anyone else. There are the same small and big blinds posted and action proceeds left of the big blind i.e. under the gun.

Here’s where it gets interesting… After the dealer has dealt the flop,  betting continues, except, after the betting is complete on the flop players are required to discard two of their holecards. Action proceeds the rest of the hand exactly like Texas Hold’em. So at the river, you can use two, one or none of your holecards to make the best possible five card hand.

Irish Poker Strategy

Like any form of poker, one of the most important pieces of strategy involves in hand selection. Irish poker is no different. You can get wrapped up playing every hand and blinding down. Instead, try to stick with playing the more premium hands. After all, you’ll be playing most of the rounds with two hole cards, just like Texas Hold’em so you can’t go crazy pre-flop. You may be asking “what does a strong hand look like in Irish Poker?”.  The groups below are a good starting point.

Double Big Pairs

These are great for obvious reasons; you can make top set if you connect and you’re likely to have overpair to the board.

Double Suited

It’s much better to have two shots at potential flushes than one isn’t it? Double suited holdings are great as you’re not eating into your outs. These hands are even better if you can have the ace of the suit so you can make the nut flush.


These are four cards in sequential order and make for amazing playability. These hand types give so many options are increase your chances of connecting on the flop.

Big Pair & Connectors

These hands give you two shots at the flop, you’re either hoping to hit the top set or a made hand like a straight.

irish poker

Hands to Avoid in Irish Poker

The obvious hands to avoid are 3 of a kind in your hand, 3 or more of one suit and small pairs. These are trouble hands as they are harming your odds or likely to make a hand that is second best to someone else. 

What Cards do I Discard?

There is no hard and fast rule to deciding what cards to discard in Irish Poker. It is completely dependent on the flop texture, your opponents actions and your cards.

You need to be wary of what is going on. If there is lots of betting and you’re only holding a one pair hand, you are very likely beat or against someone holding a powerful draw.

If you’ve missed any draws on the flop and there is little action, it’s best to hold on with your stronger, made hand. This will be top pair and your best possible kicker. There’s no use holding on to two cards that have missed, hoping to make some backdoor straight or flush.

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A Guide to Online Gambling in Australia

The online gambling industry soars in Australia. Wikipedia reports that over 80% of adults gamble in Australia and that it is one of the highest rates in the world. That’s unsurprising given the relaxed approach Australia took to gambling for many years. In this article, I’m going to share some insights into Australian gambling. By the end, I hope you will have a greater understanding of our Aussie friends, their laws and their gambling habits.  

The Law – Interactive Gambling Act (2001)

First of all, lets’ get the legal bit out of the way. The interactive gambling act is the chief law that experts refer to when discussing gambling in Australia. The main thing to come from this bill was the prohibition of advertising real money online games to Australian residents. This was obviously a way to curb some of the problem gambling that was rising in many states. The second cause of the bill was to protect Australians; unlicensed regulated interactive gambling services must not be provided to customers in Australia.

There were quite a few games that were not eligible to Australians but innovative operators have found loopholes e.g. accepting bets over phones. The Australian government tried to resolve this by passing an amendment bill in 2016. The biggest hit from this bill amendment was the major poker sites leaving Australian market. Whilst many forms of gambling could be accessible, online poker was not. It was helped when some operators like Ignition entered the market.

In short, there is nothing for an Australian to be concerned with when gambling. It is the operators that are impacted by the laws and have to jump through hoops. Gamblers are protected by the laws and cannot be prosecuted for betting online.

Disclaimer on Gambling Laws in Australia

Australia, like the USA is a country that is regulated at lower level i.e., state or territory. There are eight territories, each of which have their own jurisdiction for gambling activities in its own area. The areas are listed below and I recommend you do some research if you live in one of the areas, to ensure you are compliant with up-to-date regulations.

  1. Australian Capital
  2. Northern Territory
  3. New South Wales
  4. South Australia
  5. Queensland
  6. Victoria
  7. Western Australia
  8. Tasmania

Taxation in Australia

Like the UK tax system, Australia does not view gambling as anything but a recreational past time that involves luck. Therefore, any winnings that arise from gambling is not subject to tax. That’s pretty awesome eh? The reason they take this stance is due to the fact that gambling is not a profession, its luck based, and that the government seek to take taxes from the operators instead. For astute Australians who regularly win at gambling, this is great news.

Favourite Australian Online Gambling Game

Without doubt, slot machines or “pokies” are the default go to game in Australia. These games are so popular that there are laws regulating the use in some territories. It’s a massive market that generates interest from all over Australia.

The popularity of pokies is probably down to the variety of slots available. A google search shows there is literally hundreds of variations of pokies so it’s no surprise Australians love them.

Online Poker in Australia

Like USA, online poker is going through a turbulent time with Australia. Essentially, many operators don’t want to get fines or run into legal problems by operating to Australians. Whilst the law is clear and individuals are safe to bet, the operators and offshore sites are the ones that could get into trouble. This means Australians wanting to gamble online need to do due diligence and find the right sites. There are fantastic review sites that do the hard work for you like  https://www.onlinecasino-australia.com/. By sticking with the best and trusted sites, you will have a better experience.

Conclusion on Online Gambling in Australia

There is no risk of fine or penalty for an Australian gambling online. Like any gambling activity, it’s important to do research, exercise bankroll management and gamble responsibly. If you do this, you will be more likely to have a fun time and hopefully win too.

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What’s the Impact of Quick Internet Speeds on Online Poker Games?

For many online poker players, the Internet is a basic need. It’s a necessity for creating accounts at new online casinos. And they need to make deposits, participate in poker tournaments and research materials to improve their skills.

In other words, taking the Internet away from an online poker player is like suspending Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu from Las Vegas casinos. In that regard, this focuses on the impact of reliable Internet connections when playing online poker. Ready? Let’s get started.

#1: A Smooth Gaming Experience

Playing poker using fast Internet is not only enjoyable but it also provides a smooth gaming experience. No buffering, no disconnections, time wasted—games react instantly while streaming works out smoothly. This is the experience you deserve as an online casino player.

But it can only be achieved if you have a reliable Internet connection provider. Poker, like many casino games, isn’t demanding on data. So, for you to have a smooth gaming experience, you don’t really need to pay expensive Internet plans.

A smartphone with 4G Internet connections or a computer with access to 3Mbps to 10Mbps Internet speeds can deliver a buffering-free gaming experience. In turn, you can focus on the game and how to win without worrying about disconnections from the Internet.

#2: You Can Play Poker Live

Playing poker against RNG software is great, but you get a better experience playing the game with a fellow human being. You can see one another, talk and exploit each other’s weaknesses, all while using your cubicle desktop or iPhone.

The only condition is that you have quick Internet access and an account at a live casino. Of course, take time to select a great live dealer. Winny live Casino, which provides Texas Hold’em, Three-card poker and more variations of the game, is a great candidate. It also features quick payouts, has a mobile responsive website and welcome bonuses.

With that in mind, you can’t cherish live poker unless you have fast Internet connections. Any minor disruptions can mean losing your chance to call blinds or bluff. In turn, this can lead to unnecessary losses. If the Internet disconnections are rampant, a casino could even suspend you from a game.

#3: Increases Productivity

When you think about it, there isn’t much you can do online when your Internet service provider is terrible. You focus on loading web pages while you could be worrying about winning. What’s more, you waste a lot of time as your ISP provider takes ages to open web pages.

But with reliable Internet access, you can play as many poker games as you want. Better yet, you can play your favorite games with maximum concentration, allowing you to make smart poker moves and increase your potential profits.

#4: You Can Multitask

You might think you have quick Internet connections at home until you decide to download large files while playing poker. With the addition of an app to stream music, your Internet could become too slow that you can’t achieve any of the tasks you intended.

In light of that information, quick Internet access helps you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you can play Omaha or Hi-Lo at your favorite online casino. On the other, you can listen to soothing music because it increases your concentration.

Most online casinos don’t allow you to play different games at the same time, though. Otherwise, you could open multiple tabs to play slots, blackjack and poker without stretching your data traffic package.

#5: Spend Less Time at the Casinos

Casino gaming isn’t supposed to be something you do for hours. You should play poker for an hour or two when you’re in the mood and spend the rest of your day doing more productive things. Unfortunately, saving time at online casinos is easier said than done if you have poor Internet connections.

Between buffering and web pages that won’t open, you could spend a lot more time at a casino because your Internet speed is slow. This is time you could use to read a book, watch a movie or take your dog out. In other words, you can save valuable time by using fast Internet providers.

Another benefit of minimizing your time at poker sites is that it reduces the possibility of getting addicted to the game. When your Internet speed is slow, you’ll have an excuse for spending more time at the website. But if it’s fast, you spend as little time as possible gambling.

#6: Quick Banking Process

Unless your intention is to play free poker, you must deposit money at an online casino. The entire process is meant to take a couple of minutes. But if your Internet connection is poor, it could take up to half an hour. This means you can easily get frustrated and abandon the gaming process.

When you have stable Internet access, though, depositing money is a fast, stress free process. And as a result, you can save time, and enjoy poker with fewer frustrations. Withdrawing money after you win is also quicker when your Internet is quick. Otherwise, it could take days to get a payout processed if you can’t even make the request due to unstable Internet speeds.

#7: Reduces Stress

Saving time might be a good reason for upgrading your Internet package. But the main reason you deserve fast Internet is that it’s eliminates stress. This is not an opinion. A study done by tech firm Ericsson in 2016 shows that people’s heart rates rose by up to 38% when surfing the Internet through an unreliable ISP provider.

Worse, the study concluded that some people’s stress levels rose from 19% to 34% if their slow Internet began to buffer as they watched a video. For comparison, this is the amount of stress the average person gets while watching a horror movie.

Lesson learned: you can avoid stress by simply switching to an ISP provider with fast Internet. And because you can use the Internet on a lot more things than playing poker, you can enjoy your online work and social life without the stresses of slow Internet.

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Running it Twice in Poker – is it Worth it?

Running it Twice

Anyone who has watched the popular show “High Stakes Poker” will have been introduced to the concept of running it twice. When playing for hundreds of thousands, the idea of losing it on a peel of the deck or to a bad beat is pretty brutal. That’s why you’ll notice many players will run it twice or more, as an insurance policy against bad luck.

Phil Hellmuth, actually bets against himself as insurance too. This is definitely – EV and results in him being mocked and mathematical minded opponents happy to accept his wagers. 

Does Running it Twice Effect Table Image?

I’ve often thought that running it twice or more is detrimental to one’s table image. Players are more likely to stack off or shove on you if they know you are happy to run it several times if called. This is something opponents will be aware of both consciously and sub-consciously and they will use it to their advantage. I think it’s better to refuse deals, for the most part. It will act as a deterrent to those that like to gamble. They will definitely think twice before shoving on you, unless they’re sports betting poker sites like OlyBet. Players on sports betting sites won’t be put off like serious poker players.

Barry Greenstein famously refuses to run it twice. The Robin Hood of Poker understands how important image is in poker and will not jeopardise that for less swings of variance.

Bankroll Management and Running it Twice

Playing with a sufficient bankroll is critical to long time earning. However, we know that some people play beyond their means and this won’t change. If this is you, then I recommend running it twice in poker. Your bankroll cannot sustain the swings and to reduce the variance, you may want to give up a small percentage of edge to keep yourself in the game. This is not ideal approach for the long term, but I appreciate many players will play with under 20 buy-ins and that is not going to change.

If you’re playing with a large bankroll and generally very conservative you should almost definitely decline any deals with opponents and not run it multiple times. Why would you want to give up edge? Even if your hand is the underdog, you will win it from to time to time and scoop. But, if you accept deals with the weaker hand, you are almost certainly not going to scoop. So, refusing a deal is probably wise regardless of your odds of winning. I’m not sure if this mindset is accepted by all professionals, but it is my 2c for what it is worth.


Running it multiple times is ok if you’re anxious about money or taking a shot at higher stakes. But, if you’re employing good bankroll management, I recommend avoiding it. The whole point to running it several times is to reduce variance and insure yourself against bad luck. If you have the bankroll to sustain swings in luck, you don’t need to forgo some of your edge in the short-term.

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“Poker 1” by adam.croft is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The History of Poker Broken Down

History of Poker  

Whilst I am an advocate of planning, looking forward and adapting to changes in poker, it’s sometimes good to look back and reflect on the past. Poker has changed drastically in the last two decades but what about before that? In this article, I decided to do some research and look back on the history of poker, going back to it’s origins to find out where this great game came from, how it was played and by whom. 

Where Did Poker Start?

Most historical sources point to poker originating from USA in the early 1800’s. Interestingly, the name finds it’s origin from “poque” in French which may indicate that it started in a French speaking parts of United States of America, possibly New Orleans? This is not accepted as historical fact but certainly plausible as it’s widely accepted that there was gambling dens in New Orleans and French was the spoken language.  
There are sources indicating a game of poker was played in Germany earlier than the 19th century. This was a bluffing game and is said to be the original card game that was later developed into poker.   

What Was the First Poker Game Played?  

History is a little murky on the first poker games played. As-Nas, a card game with 20 cards was said to be played first. This card game that had no draws, just best hand wins. Later, when 52 cards were played, we had the first game that has carried forward to modern times, stud. So, if you’re a mixed game poker player and expert in 7 card stud, you can feel privileged to know you’re playing one of poker’s original games. It has lost popularity in recent times due it’s fixed limit and monotonous nature, but still features in major events and WSOP every year.  

How Did Poker Stay Popular?

Poker survived and remained popular due to the changes in formats, rules and introducing money to the game. Its likely the original forms had no money wagered and was just a game to pass time by. However, the gambling dens and saloons housed many poker games with the opportunity to take money from opponents. This is why people love the game. The chance to win money from others. You’ve heard the old stories coming from saloons and the west right? The “dead mans hand”, aka Ace-Eight was titled this due to Wild Bill Hitchkok purportedly holding aces and eights at the time of his death, when he was shot in the back of the head.  

With the introduction of more games in the 20th century including Texas Hold’em (most popular form today) and the World Series of Poker, it’s no surprise it’s stuck around in culture.  It has also been helped by countless Hollywood movies depicting poker games. There’s an element of coolness to poker playing and manliness that appeals to a great many.  

History of Online Poker 

We’ve covered the history of poker in live setting but what about online poker? Despite the internet being introduced in the mid 1990s, online poker took a few years to get going. Whilst I found sources online showing poker was played online as early as 1994/95, it appears this was only for play money. The first real money poker site wasn’t available until January 1998. It was called Planet Poker. It held all the cards (pardon the pun) as there was no competition. Despite bugs, software crashes and other issues, it was the number 1 game in town until Paradise Poker launched.  

The Golden Years

As with all marketable products, more competition arrived with major sites launching like Ultimate Bet, Party Poker and PokerStars. The government did not have it’s eye on online poker and it truly was golden times. Then, online poker took got a huge boost that changed things forever. Chris Moneymaker won the main event of the World Series of Poker, and online poker became an international sensation that swept the world. He’s currently of thes face of America’s Cardroom – make sure you use America’s Cardroom bonus code if you want to play there! Amateurs saw a Chris Moneymaker qualify online for a few dollars and become a millionaire. Everyone saw that it could be them next. Online poker, for a few years, boomed like you wouldn’t believe. The best part was, everyone was pretty bad and few had really “solved” poker yet.  
I don’t want to go into what happened post 2005. This article is only dealing with the history of poker and online games, the beginning, not recent times. Perhaps in a future article we will deal with the last 15 years.  
There you have it, a brief history of online poker. It may not be the exact game it was once was, or booming like it was in 2004, but it’s still here and one of the most popular online past-times available. With new forms being introduced and money games available, there will always be money to be won from the game we love so much.  

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The Main Differences between a Poker and Bridge Deck

The two most played card games in the world are the bridge and poker games. A huge number of people play these games for leisure and entertainment. But many people still cannot tell the difference between the poker playing cards and bridge cards.

Despite both being card games, there are numerous differences between the two games. The bridge community are die hard fans of the game. Some say you never stop learning new strategies to win. Poker is much more globally recognised. It can be played for real money at online casinos by using Paysafecard, debit cards and many other casino payment methods.

Similarities between the Bridge and Poker Cards

Before we delve into explaining what the differences are, we have to first of look at where these cards are similar. Apart from the jokers, plus the extra cards, each of the decks involved in poker and bridge comes with 52 cards. So, this means that players can play poker games with bridge cards, and can also play bridge games with poker cards. It is good to note that this gesture is very common among card players. But once it comes to the dimensions, the differences are noticed.

Differences between the Bridge and Poker Cards

If you take your time to study the cards involved, you will notice that the poker cards are not as narrow as the bridge cards. The bridge cards are narrower. This is because bridge games demand that you have the cards for a longer time in your hands than you would hold cards in poker. They designed the bridge cards in such a way that they won’t be a burden to the person holding them, hence the reduction in the size of the width.

When measured, the length of the bridge cards is 3.5 inches, while the width is 2.25 inches. When the poker cards are measured, the length returns 3.5 inches, while the width is 2.50 inches.  The simple explanation is that the poker decks are wider than those of bridge games. It is also worth nothing that most of the playing cards available come in the same size as the poker deck.

How to Store and Take Care of the Cards

The bridge cards are mostly made of plastic. You can take care of these cards in a specific manner. For example, to store these cards, a constant temperature is needed. The best temperature for cards of this nature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You must place the cards into their packages whenever you are done playing with them. It’s best to place the jokers and extra cards on the top while the others come below them. This will avoid any form of warping.

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What should you look for in an online poker platform in 2021?

Online Poker 2021

Unlike in the early days of the online casino, the modern poker player is spoilt for choice when selecting a platform. Whether it’s a little practice or playing for fun or high-stakes tournaments, there are more ways to play than ever before.

But what should the modern online poker player look for in a platform in 2021? In this article, we will look at the elements that help today’s poker platforms stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced pro, these factors matter.

Bonus offers

For new players, there’s no place better to start than with the bonuses. They are available to those opening an account for the first time. In such a competitive marketplace, poker platforms will pull out all the stops to entice players to join their platform.

The bonus offers available include money back if your first bet loses, a top-up on your first deposit, or free spins on slots games. Practically every major poker platform offers a welcome perk to prospective new sign-ups. It can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, if you navigate to Bonusfinder US, you’ll discover a handy guide to the best casino bonus offers available. This aggregator provides a list of available offers across platforms. It even provides a star rating, allowing players to make a more informed choice.

Variety of games

The growth of the online casino sector can be measured not only by the number of online casino platforms but by the range of games available. Most poker players will be eager to see a wide selection available. The best sites also cater to the demand of users who prefer to play staples like roulette and blackjack. Many sites will also offer varieties for players wanting to try a different take on an existing game.

Tournament schedules

For many poker aficionados, tournament play provides the ultimate challenge. The best poker platforms will maintain a structured and consistent schedule of events for all abilities and prize pots. Some leading platforms also allow players to watch the action unfold as a spectator. This is a free way to hone your skills without betting any of your own money.

A safe experience

Perhaps more important than any other aspect is ensuring that you enjoy a safe experience when you register an account and make a deposit. Never game with a platform that doesn’t offer a secure connection. Make sure you check out the available payment methods before signing up. Beyond that, many will consider the resources they need to make the most of their time when playing poker.

Many experienced online poker players already have a preferred platform, selecting a site may not be much of a consideration. However, it’s important to keep your options open! Dip your toe into the marketplace every so often and discover the latest innovations.

For new players, taking steps to research available platforms is important before you dive in and make your first deposit. Consider a platform’s reputation, their variety of games and the available bonus offers before signing up.

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Poker Satellite Guide 2021

Poker Satellite

The mention of satellite conjures outer space ideas doesn’t it? In poker, it is a way of entering a particular for tournament for a lower fee. Basically, you register for a SNG or tournament which rewards the winner or x number of players a ticket into a more prestigious tournament. In this article, I will offer some information and advice on how to approach poker satellite tournaments.

Satellites are for dreamers

The great thing about is satellites is that it offers those with smaller bankrolls the opportunity to play high buy in tournaments. Speaking from experience, I satellited into a WPT event and WSOPE event. Whilst I wasn’t able to bink a result in them, the experience of playing $10,000 + events and slow-structured events was invaluable.

Let’s not forget the most famous WSOP main event champion was a satellite winner. Chris Moneymaker won a satellite on PokerStars for $86 and went home a WSOP main event winner and millionaire. Not bad eh? If you’re ambitious and have time for satellites, give them a whirl. Satellites are available to players all over the world including some states in USA. Be sure to check out legal US poker sites first though.

Pros of Poker Satellites

1) You risk a small amount so if you don’t win it, no big deal.
2) The calibre of play is quite poor. Most players don’t make the proper adjustments.
3) If you get the seat, you have opportunity at lifechanging money.
4) They don’t take very long to complete. Most satellites are finished within a few hours.

Cons of Poker Satellites

1) Turbo or super turbo structures are common so expect a lot of push/fold poker.
2) Some satellites have multiple rounds and can take a long time to secure the final tournament buy-in.
3) More luck based. This is just a fact. The faster structure means there is more variance and volatility. 
4) If you chase a lot, you may find yourself playing many satellites to try and get in, which can be costly.

How to Win a Poker Satellite

Winning a satellite tournament takes a combination of strategy, luck and risk. The tips below should help your chances.

Finding a Balance

In order to succeed at satellite tournaments, you need to find a balance between aggression and survival. The first thing you should do is look in the lobby and see how many seats are available. If it’s winner take all, then you need to adopt a more aggressive attitude, take risks and not be afraid to bust out.

Consider The Number of Seats

If there are several seats and awards, you can afford to take the foot off the gas a little. You still need to be aggressive and take calculated risks, but once you’ve established a decent stack, survival is order of the day.  

Picking Up Chips

As the poker satellite progresses, you must find opportunities to steal the blinds and keep your stack healthy. The last thing you want, is a short stack and find yourself with no fold equity and no threat. This means finding good re-shove spots and pushing around the short stacks who are trying to hang on.

Push/Fold More Important

Learning Push/Fold strategy will help you too. There are spots where you have to begrudgingly call and try to bust out opponents. This is true for normal tournaments too but not to the same extent as satellites where players have short stacks pretty quickly.


Poker satellites are a great way to play big tournaments. They give thousands of people the chance to play with professionals and earn millions. I am huge fan of them and recommend you give them a try. Please remember to employ bankroll management and only register if you are available to play the tournament! You’d be surprised at how many have to sell their seats due to work or other commitments.

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