Is Poker Gambling or Skill?

Is Poker Gambling? Skill or Chance?

It’s a question asked by many around the world. In order to answer the question in entirety, we need to look at several questions. Does poker player’s decision making significantly influence the result/outcome? How much skill is required to win? How does poker compare to other games of chance? What does the law say? We will look at each question separately before answering the question “is poker gambling?”.

Does poker players decision making significantly influence the result/outcome?

Texas Hold’em requires players to pick from several options at any one time. There’s no question that the decisions they take influence the result of a pot, cash game session or tournament. One can decide whether to check, fold, call or bet. This freedom of control is an important thing to remember and can’t be understated. Not only can a player decide on this, they also have control over the size of the bet. This means they not only exercise control over whether they continue in the hand but also to what extent and for how much. That’s a lot of influence. Poker player’s bets can affect the result/outcome as a bet can directly result in opponents folding or calling, thus, decision making impacts the result, every hand.

How much skill is required to win at poker?

It’s irrefutable that skill is required to win at poker. When I mean “win”, I don’t mean one hand in isolation. I mean a sample size that would satisfy a jury of sufficient volume. The definition of skill is “the ability to do something well; expertise”. Clearly, anyone who has a decent ITM tournament rate, a positive ROI or is a consistent winner at cash games has expertise in that format. With poker getting harder to win every year, one needs to improve and enhance their skills to continue winning. That aside though, let’s break down a Texas Hold’em hand to deduce many of the skills required in decision making.

Pre-FlopChoosing what hands to play requires understanding of maths, position, table awareness and an appreciation of starting hands value. There are 169 hand combinations (assuming K7s/K7d are the same). Each hand and in a different position pose the same question. Are you playing and if so, how much for?
Flop & TurnOnce you get to the flop, your hand is beginning to come together. Now the game becomes more complex. You need to understand what hand ranges your opponent is likely to have. You also need assess what they perceive of your hand. One needs to quickly identify the relative strength of their hand. Finally, a poker player may also need need to calculate outs – what % you have of hitting your straight.
RiverIf you’ve continued past the turn, you are now at the final round of betting. Now you need to make a decision on whether your hand is best or likely to be best. If you are facing a bet, you need to quickly calculate the pot odds and whether calling is profitable in the long run. Alternatively, you may have missed your draw and consider a bluff. This involves calculating an appropriate bet size, factoring in your opponents’ likely hand and the probability they will fold.

Clearly there is a lot of complex decision making involved. The more complex an event is – the less impact chance has.

Skills required to play poker well

  • Maths (pot odds)
  • Psychology (reading opponents)
  • Mental toughness (ability to not tilt)
  • Budgeting skills (bankroll management)
  • Shrewdness/Ruthlessness (game selection)
  • Accuracy (knowing how much to value bet or bluff)
  • Recall (memorising hands to make informed decisions)
  • Attention to detail (watching opponents to pick up patterns)

How does poker compare to other games of chance?

There’s little comparison between poker and the other casino games. Poker and other games of chance involve money being wagered, the house takes a rake and some use a playing deck e.g. blackjack. That’s where the comparisons end. Other casino games involve very little decision making. They are usually limited to 1 or 2 decisions; how much to bet and which number to bet on. To compare games like roulette to poker, is akin to comparing Snakes and Ladders to Risk just because they are both board games.
There is an exception to the other forms of gambling in sports betting. It’s a combination of skill and chance. There is undoubtedly a lot of skill in learning teams form, finding the best odds and picking the best sportsbooks. Whilst very few make a living from casino games, many are professional tipsters and sports betting professionals.

What does the law say about poker?

The UK gambling commission cites poker is a card game which involves elements of both chance and skill and is therefore classified as a game of chance under the Act by virtue of s.6(2). The law is pretty clear it views poker as a combination of skill and chance.

I contend it is a game dominated by skill with elements of chance. UK law answers yes to the question “is poker gambling?”. The selfish benefit of this is that poker winnings in UK are not subject to tax, unlike many other countries. But this judgement is still painful. When a professional poker player wants to buy a house or get a loan, stating “professional poker player” on their application will always be scoffed at.

is poker gambling

The problem with legality over poker is that those who judge it seem to understate the complex nature of the game. Mike Sexton famously said “poker is a game that takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master”. This is one of the truest poker statements. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can learn the rules in a few minutes (check out our how to play article) and sit and play but in order make consistent winnings, you need to become an expert.

Is Poker Gambling? The Conclusion

I concede poker is gambling when taken in isolation on one tournament or hand. This is the extent of my concession. As with many endeavours, the greater the volume, the less impact chance has. Many sports have elements of chance that can impact one result. It’s one of the reasons we love football’s FA cup. To see a minor team, score an upset as an underdog is thrilling. Who would win if they played 10 or 20 times? We all know the answer. You can apply this thinking to poker. The experts can have losing sessions, even a losing month. Have a look at their results at the end of the year and you will see a common pattern. They all win. My conclusion on whether poker is gambling is founded in logic and backed up by personal, empirical evidence too. I have never had a losing year.

Crypto Poker – Have You Heard of it?

Crypto Poker

First of all, let me preface this article by stating Texas Hold’em Questions does not encourage cryptocurrency gambling. This article is an educational resource for those interested in learning more about crypto poker and it’s existence, together with it’s advantages and disadvantages.

A few years ago, crypto currency swept the world by storm. You remember the news right? The gambling industry took notice too and saw another medium to make money. Online poker was not exempt from this. Some saw a loophole and way to bring back poker players who were thrown out of the market or otherwise dissuaded from playing. Legislation in some places in the world heavily regulate online gambling and make playing online poker very difficult. This led to new websites popping up, offering the chance to play poker with cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money or currency that is secured by cryptography. A clever, complex model that makes it practically impossible to fake or counterfeit. Most cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology.  Bitcoin was the first famous cryptocurrency, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It gained significant jump in share prices in 2013 jumping to $770 by January 2014. At the time of this article, 1 bitcoin is currently valued at $11,272.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

In order to gamble on a crypto poker site, you need to have cryptocurrency to gamble with. It’s quite straightforward but there are a few steps. This means registering an account an exchange. There many options here including Binance or Coinbase. After opening an account, you can then open a e-wallet. Most allow you to deposit money with usual methods like Skrill, PayPal or card.  Then, you can buy the cryptocurrency and move it from the exchange to your e-wallet. FYI- The most popular cryptocurrencies to buy are Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. With cryprocurrency in your wallet, you are then ready to gamble. Sign up to the online poker site you want to play on and transfer from your e-wallet and you’re ready to gamble.

Crypto Poker Sites

There are numerous crypto poker websites around. A quick google search will reveal this. Do your due diligence and read the reviews before depositing. It’s always worthwhile checking to ensure they operate safely. Nitrogensports, Ignition, CoinPoker and Fair Poker are some of the major, trusted cryptocurrency poker sites around. They offer flexible options, pay out fast and offer a decent range of games. There are sites dedicated to proving reviews of these sites. Check out Cryptomaniaks for advice on the best crypto poker sites.

Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency for Online Gambling

Pros of Cryptocurrency Gambling

Pro – Privacy
It’s far easier to be anonymous with cryptocurrency than the normal cash method. This has some advantages for those who like to gamble without big brother watching.

Pro – No legal restrictions
Where some countries banks won’t allow you to deposit on a poker site, they will allow you to process deposits and cashouts via cryptocurrency.

Pro – Low fees
Generally lower than bank fees to process.

Pro – Softer sites
Most professionals are earning on a living on the major poker sites with real money. This means crypto poker sites are filled with weaker players who view poker as a bit of fun or recreational income.

Cons of Cryptocurrency gambling

Con – Volatile value
Unlike real money currency, cryptocurrency value tends to move more. They are more volatile and increase and decrease in value regularly. This may be stressful for some and increases the overall risk of gambling.

Con –  Less security
Be wary of scams or fraud with cryptocurrency. It’s well established that cryptocurrency is used for malevolent reasons.

Con –  Refund problems
I have not found anywhere where you can claim refunds or chargebacks. I don’t think crypto poker sites have a policy on this.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a real money poker site or a crypto poker site, you need to play well to win. Sign up to our poker training video membership and start improving your game today.

Become a Poker Training Video Member

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UK Poker Tax Rules 2020

UK Poker Tax

Few love the idea of paying over 20% or more of their earnings to the government.  If you’re a winning player and worried about the tax implications in UK. Don’t worry, I will do my best to answer UK poker tax related questions in this article.

Do you have to pay tax on poker winnings in the UK?

Gambling and poker winnings are not taxed in the UK. This is music to the ears of poker players based in UK. It doesn’t matter whether you play online poker or at the casino. Both are considered gambling winnings and thus not taxable. This law has been in place since 2001 when Gordon Brown, then Chancellor of Exchequer got rid of it. This was largely due to the perceived thread of offshore betting.

There is no tax on poker winnings online or in casinos the United Kingdom. You get to keep 100% of your winnings.

Why is there no UK poker tax?

Simply put, the government makes enough money from the operators themselves. An industry that literally generates billions of pounds every year. There is a tax levy that the gambling operators must pay. Like any other business that operates, they pay tax on their profits. After laws changed in the early 2000’s the UK passed the Gambling Act 2005 and founded the UK Gambling Commission. Both designed to ensure compliance and regulate online gambling.

The Gambling Act 2005

This law had three main objectives; prevention of gambling becoming source of crime or supporting crime, ensuring gambling is fair and open and protecting children or vulnerable parties being exploited by gambling.

What about gambling winnings abroad?

It depends what you mean by abroad really. If you are playing on an online poker site based off-shore, you are safe. The UK Gambling Commission insists that any site offering gambling to Brits have to be licensed. Where they are based is irrelevant. Thus, you are safe here. If you are gambling abroad in USA or any other country that taxes gambling winnings, you should do due diligence of the law in that country. In the USA, you are not required to pay tax on winnings. However, you will need to declare it to IRS. There are a couple of forms you will need to fill in to ensure you can bring back all your winnings. These are the W-8BEN and W-7.

Winnings in Las Vegas are not taxed for UK residents, however, you need to fill in a few forms and show your passport.

Professional UK Poker Tax?

Again, no tax is applied. HMRC makes no distinction between professional poker playing or hobby. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t record keep your winnings though. As a professional, you should always keep accurate records so you know your winnings on a monthly and annual basis. In addition to being common sense, it’s good to retain records if you are ever investigated. If you want help with record keeping, I suggest you read our poker excel dashboard article or ROI article for more information.


If you are concerned about taxes, please consult a qualified tax accountant or contact HMRC directly. The content in this article is researched but I am not a tax accountant and the article is used as a guide. References to relevant laws and authorities are below.

Football Returns – Time to Bet

Football Returns

The beast is back! Premier League football returns to our screens on Wednesday 17th June and it couldn’t come sooner for regular sports bettors. Strap yourself in and prepare yourselves for six weeks of nonstop football.

Premier League News

So, what can we actually expect? For one, the viewing figures will be through the roof. BT Sports in the UK released figures that confirmed over 600k tuned in for Dortmund’s match with Schalke. Six times higher than their figures for the same fixture earlier in the season.

Part of why we love the Premier League is the fact that on any given day, any team can beat one another. But a huge weapon in some team’s arsenal, is the 12th man. Their loyal army of fans to push them on. That’s been stripped away so wave goodbye to home advantage. That’ll be reflected in the odds bookmakers are providing too.
I’d strongly argue that the usual favourites are better placed now to get the three points. With 5 substitutions available to be made, the likes of Manchester City are undoubtedly going to take advantage of their stacked bench. With just Pukki and Cantwell netting more than once for Norwich City, they however won’t be too thrilled when turning to their bench.

Football Tips

Big Boys To Win

Comprehensive victories can be anticipated. The big boys will show no mercy and be looking to roll over their weaker opponents. The top six in Germany have all already netted 4 in a game since the return. Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig managing it more than once. Bayern have won all their games. And apart from their defeat to their title rivals, Dortmund have also won every game. Whilst Leipzig in third are unbeaten.


Teams with more advanced training facilities and fitter squads will have a significant advantage. After months of no proper game time or training with teams, those with enhanced facility to train and get players match read will take benefit. Now is not the time to bet on the underdogs in this area.

Playing for something? Bet on them.

Definitely get behind the teams who’ll be fighting for something. The corona pandemic has had a massive financial hit on all football teams. Staying in the Premier League or fighting for European football has added even more value to an already lucrative pay.

Tottenham Hotspurs – Kane and Son are back

Don’t count Spurs out just yet. They’ve managed to recover the injured Kane and Son for one last push at getting into the top 4. But only if they get can all three points in a mouth-watering tie against Manchester United, who are also aiming to push Chelsea off 4th. That’ll be Friday 19th.

Final Thoughts

Football and sports returning is reason to get excited. The bookies will be happier than anyone, after several months of inactivity. Betting shops will re-open on the 15th June in accordance with government guidelines, provided they are covid secure. With many betting shops small in size and machines close together, how they operate safely is a challenge in itself. Many football fans will watch from home. Fixtures will be available for free, through either the BBC, Sky Pick or Amazon. While BT are offering a reduced monthly price too.

WSOP Goes Online – a Temporary Solution or Glimpse of the Future?

WSOP Online 2020

Few organizations have done more to boost the profile and popularity of poker than the World Series of Poker (WSOP). What started as a small, invitational tournament in 1970 has expanded and evolved into a series that last year featured 105 tournaments (90 in WSOP and 15 in WSOP Europe), thousands of players, and millions of dollars in prize money.

During the 50-year evolution of WSOP, the series has transformed players into superstars and millionaires. It has helped turn poker into a riveting spectator sport through television deals, and taken the professional game from the fringes and into the mainstream.

Time to Adapt?

To achieve such sustained success and maintain their prominence in the face of the emergence of rival poker tours. WSOP has had to adapt: to its growing influence; to television demands; to poker’s changing landscape; and most importantly, to technology.

That continued ability to adapt, particularly to technological changes, has most recently been demonstrated by the announcement that the 2020 WSOP will, for the first time, be played online.

The new ‘WSOP Online 2020’ must not be confused with ‘WSOP Online Poker’, which is an entirely different series of poker competitions under the WSOP banner.

WSOP Online 2020 Schedule

With the usual World Series of Poker – initially scheduled to run from the end of May to middle of July – postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the launch of ‘WSOP Online 2020’ will fill that void and make the series its most inclusive one yet.

Starting on July 1 and spanning more than two months until the final event on September 6, WSOP Online will see players North American players based in Nevada and New Jersey compete for large cash prizes and daily bracelets. While international players will join the action from July 19 on the GGPoker Network platform.

“It wouldn’t be summer without WSOP , ” said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker. “While we are thrilled to be reopening our venues and optimistic about future offline events, we couldn’t be more excited about deepening our relationship with GGPoker and watching some history unfold online this summer.”

While regular events will undoubtedly return in the future, there are certainly no guarantees that the 2020 WSOP will take place. The launch of the Online series is, at this stage, almost a necessity; a temporary solution to a current problem.

Look at the Future?

But yet, could this launch of what is expected to be “ largest online tournament series of all time ” also offer a glimpse of the future of competitive, professional poker?

Offering an online version to players is a luxury that poker as a game has compared to other sports and competitive events. Just look at the complications facing major sport around the world during the pandemic. Soccer leagues face numerous issues trying to complete or start seasons; the NBA is re-locating to Florida for a 22-team mini league; and horse racing has had to postpone and completely reschedule its calendar.

Other Sports Returning

While soccer is gradually returning to the pitch, basketball gets back on court, and a new horse will soon add its name to the Kentucky derby winners list, which you can read here in It has all proved to be a logistical nightmare after shutdowns that have also caused untold financial damage.

Poker and the WSOP do not have quite the same problems to contend with. Online poker is already immensely popular. While it differs in many ways to the table version, it is a capable substitute, for both players and fans, in the context of the current climate.

“There’s nothing in the world like winning a WSOP bracelet,” said GGPoker ambassador, Daniel Negreanu , who is also one of the great poker players in history. “Bringing this experience online will open the door for a new generation of poker players to feel the rush of competing for the game’s biggest prize.”

Opportunity for New Players

By opening up the game online to an increasing number of players, it will only serve to strengthen WSOP. It will provide a platform for even more talented poker stars around the world to make their mark. If WSOP Online can unearth the next poker superstar who perhaps otherwise would have been denied the opportunity, it will only benefit the WSOP brand.

Additionally, the incredible rise of esports has revealed an enormous interest in online spectator competitions and there is no reason why WSOP Online cannot claim a piece of that pie.

Perhaps, then, WSOP are viewing this online series a potential blueprint for future tournaments. Not to replace the traditional table games long-term, but as another extension to their operation.

So, while WSOP Online was a reaction to the pandemic, it could well prove a coincidental blessing. After all, an ability to adapt and evolve has served WSOP well over the past half of a century: why stop now?

Five of the Best Poker Blogs and Websites

The Best Poker Blogs

Poker may be a game with a fair amount of luck involved but skill and strategy – when deployed effectively – can far outweigh any good fortune the deck could offer. It is why the best poker players in the world are also the most successful and richest: they have been able to use skill and strategy to minimize the strong luck element of poker.

Many of the strategies deployed by the best poker players can be learned and there are many blogs and websites dedicated to teaching these tactics and to helping people become better poker players.

So, with that in mind, here are five of the best poker blogs to visit. Some focus entirely on strategy, while others provide news and information related to the poker world – but all are very useful resources for budding poker players.

Full Contact Poker

There is no better place to start than the website of Daniel Negreanu – arguably the greatest poker player of all time. The winner of six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour championship titles, the Canadian certainly knows a thing or two.

Negreanu started the blog in 2004 to offer insight on his experiences, provide his opinion on the industry, and discuss his fellow players. While he hasn’t been blogging as frequently in recent months, he presents a weekly podcast (DAT Poker Podcast) that can be found on the site.

While Full Contact Poker does not focus too much on strategy, there is an active forum where members discuss a variety of poker topics, including strategy, while Negreanu’s books on poker strategy can be purchased from the site.

Upswing Poker

Few poker websites are as comprehensive as Upswing Poker when it comes to strategies and helping people become better poker players.

Upswing Poker has an enormous library of blog posts, all of which focus on the many elements of poker strategy, including actionable tactics to use at the tables and on online casino betting platforms.

The website also has a huge range of resources to improve your poker skills – from free guides, charts, quizzes, and converters, to premium training courses, taught by more than a dozen distinguished players with proven experience and success.

For people keen to improve as poker players, then Upswing Poker needs to be bookmarked.

Poker News

The biggest poker news website in existence, Poker News covers everything from news and interviews to strategy and tournament information.

The website has an extensive news section, providing all the latest from professional events and the industry in general, so Poker News is the best place to go to stay informed. There is also a great video section which features news roundups, interviews with players and other prominent poker figures, podcasts, and other content.

Not only that but Poker News has used its considerable platform to provide a wide range of strategy content with helpful guides, chats with established professionals, and gaining advice from psychologists on the psychology of poker.

Elsewhere, Poker News has a section dedicated to reviews on the biggest online poker platforms as well as the latest updates from ongoing and upcoming tournaments.

For an all-encompassing website that covers all aspects of poker, look no further than Poker News.

Poker Tube

Poker Tube is one of the foremost poker blogs that almost entirely produces video content. Most people find watching videos as the best way to learn poker strategies, so Poker Tube is extremely useful.

There are videos providing steps and guides on poker hands, training videos, interviews, and some excellent documentaries. There is also a great section called ‘Pros’ where you can filter the video content based on the professional players that feature on the site.

The only section of Poker Tube that is not video is the News section, where there is a constant stream of the latest updates from the industry.

For the best video poker strategies, Poker Tube is the preferred choice of many players.

poker blogs

Jonathan Little Poker

Another website and blog from a top professional poker player, Jonathan Little has won two World Poker Tour titles, so his strategy advice should be taken on board.

Little’s website has a blog section that provides a combination of strategy, interviews, and reviews. Better still, Little has two free audiobooks that can be downloaded direct from his website.

Additionally, Little hosts a regular podcast that discusses strategy and offers his thoughts on the poker world, as well as poker coaching courses featuring video guides, webinars, and interactive quizzes.

There you have it, 5 of the best poker blogs and websites where you can learn how to play the game. And if you are into blackjack too, check out and their guide on how to play and get better at this game:

What Will Live Poker Be Like After Covid-19?

Poker Lockdown News

We are now 7 weeks into lockdown at the time of publishing and cabin fever is surely settling in. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just unveiled a road map to get the UK out of the corona virus lockdown, but it will take a long time. Whilst online poker is booming for now, questions remain over the state of live poker after. The world will be very different after corona virus. How will brick and mortar casinos adapt to what will undoubtedly be a prolonged period of social distancing measures?

Casinos After Lockdown

With many casinos generating most of their profit online, they may choose to close on terra firma. The rent and business rates for casinos must be extortionate as they often operate on a large area of land and in a desired area of town. A cost benefit analysis will need to be drawn up on the effect distancing measures will have on profit margins. Whilst it’s possible to distance to some extent, what will the roulette tables and blackjack tables look like? It’s likely that a 2-metre gap will be enforced to prevent potential transmission. This sounds great to the punter, not having someone breathing over you while rooting for black 26. It’s not a profitable model for the house though is it?

Poker Covid-19

Will Poker Rooms Operate?

There has been little word on how poker rooms will adapt after lockdown. I don’t see how one can operate a poker room where players are within breathing space of each other. It seems impossible to impose any kind of distancing when the game rests heavily on being in close proximity. Being able to observe, read and chat to your opponent is fundamental. To take this away would surely negate some of the most important parts of poker. The same can be said for other forms of gambling that rely primarily on the social aspect. What is the future of Bingo? What is the future of Horse Racing? It’s uncertain, to say the least.

Any Solutions?

The corona virus has posed the greatest threat to the world for decades. Whilst the suffering it’s causing is not really comparable to world war two and its survivors (despite the Queen’s references), it is causing long lasting and unknown problems to the world. On a positive note, it has forced the world to become innovative and find solutions. Businesses are forcing themselves to adapt and find new ways to be sustainable and survive this period. The same will be true for the gambling world. In order to retain the customers and footfall they had before, casinos will need to create a new model or change the way the games are played. Many casinos will focus more attention to online and probably resign themselves to closing their live casinos. This would be a shame as there is a demographic that only played in brick and mortar casinos. They will again, if encouraged to do so, and if they know they are protected. Casinos will need to put their thinking hats on. They certainly have the time to.

Final Thoughts

The effects of corona virus have yet not been felt. The slight ease of lockdown measures has not been met with satisfaction but with ridicule and parodies (check out Matt Lucas’ spot on Boris impression). Everyone needs to be reactive, prudent and wise. There are millions around the world that love playing live poker and will again in the future. The question of how and when is still unclear unfortunately. We will endeavour to keep you informed as information comes out over the coming days, weeks and months. Feel free to contact us in the meantime.

Online Poker Surge Continues with Lockdown

Lockdown Poker

We are 6 weeks into lockdown in the UK and online poker continues to soar. Lockdown can’t stay long enough for the professionals who are seeing this as an opportunity to increase their winnings. The government has paid attention to the rise in online gambling and placed curbs on betting companies advertising on TV and radio to mitigate the increase. They are concerned, as always, that with online gambling comes the risk of gambling addiction.

Easy Money?

The increase in online poker traffic will no doubt have sparked interest from those that played years ago but left due to tough competition. We’ve had people contact us requesting they want to have one off lesson’s again to freshen up their game. This is a golden time, albeit temporarily, for the online poker world. Whether it’s cash games or tournaments, there are many more recreational players than before. The halting of almost all sports activity has clearly forced those indoors to turn to other games like poker to satisfy their urge to gamble and at that is being met with rubbing of hands by the advanced players.

Lockdown Poker

USA Lockdown Poker

There are only a few states that permit online gambling in USA and all of them, without exception, saw massive year on year rises in revenue. New Jersey took $3.6 million in March, almost 91% up year on year. With almost all casinos closed, even those that are sceptical of online poker are turning their attention to online poker. The convenience of playing on PC, laptop, tablet or phone is a factor that can’t be ignored, 10 years ago, one couldn’t access online poker as easy today. There is still hope that more states will legalise online poker in the future. For now though, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada residents will be the only ones enjoying poker during lockdown.

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SCOOP 2020

The Spring Championship of Online Poker started on 30th April. One of the highlights of the year for the online tournament player, this tournament serious will be busier than ever. The range of tournaments, together with 3-tiered level of buy-ins will cater to all, with low, medium and high stakes events. SCOOP 2020 will run until the 19th of May 2020 and has combined guaranteed prize pools of $13 million. In addition to buying in directly, you can try satellites to enter cheaply.

Will WSOP 2020 Go Ahead?

It was confirmed a few weeks ago that WSOP 2020 will be delayed, at least until Autumn 2020. WSOP organizers confirmed they will monitor the situation and hope to have it run later in the year. Is this realistic though? Its plausible that the rest of 2020 will see strict social distancing rules in place. How will this work at a live poker table where one is elbow to elbow with the person sitting next to them? The largest and most prestigious of poker events may see a further delay. Watch this space as things develop over the coming weeks.


Online poker is certainly going through a mini boom. It’s a fantastic moment to put in volume, make money and have some fun. It won’t last forever, as governments look to seek some sort of resumption of normal life, but it may bring in players that otherwise wouldn’t have joined. The key for online poker sites is to retain these players. If you are new to poker and reading this, check out our poker resources page to help you improve. Most important of all though, please remember to gamble responsibly.

What Does Covid-19 Mean For Online Poker?


It’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues so Texas Holdem Questions could not avoid the issue and I had to write an article about the virus that has swept the globe and had an impact on lives everywhere. Who would have thought a few weeks ago that so many countries would be in lockdown today? Fish are seen in Venice canals; pollution is down and there are empty roads in countless major cities. Now, as of yesterday in the United Kingdom, pubs, clubs, theatres, gyms and shops are closed. Schools are closed and people are being asked to work from home. What is the impact of this? People will have to find things to do at home. One of the few industries that are benefiting from the Covid-19 outbreak is the delivery industry and grocery shopping, but what about online poker? There are no sports being played so there is less to gamble on. Those who like to gamble may turn to online poker as a quick win or maybe just for fun. Let’s face it, as long they know how to play poker and have the time, the poker rooms are going to start booming.

Covid-19 online poker
Image by

United Kingdom Job Retention Scheme

The Covid-19 job retention scheme introduced on 20th March 2020 by Rishi Sunak means the UK government will prop up wages up to 80% for employees who are unable to work due to Covid-19. What will they be spending their money on? Well they won’t be going to pubs, restaurants or the cinema and they are confined to staying at home for the most part. This is where the poker rooms will be promoting and pushing their brands more than ever to open doors to new customers. There is every reason to think this could be at least 3 months isolation, which is a long time to be stuck indoors.

Final Thoughts on Covid-19 & Online Poker

Covid-19 is not going anywhere in the short term; we are all in this together and have to keep our distances, wash hands and be smart for the good of society. If you are likely to be indoors, off work and interested in playing online poker, visit our poker cheat sheet article where you can download for free too. Or perhaps sign up to our poker training video membership for £49.99. Use coupon code COVID2103 and we will give you 10% off. If you are going to be indoors for a few months, we want you to make the best of it, improve your game and bankroll, but most important of all, stay healthy and gamble responsibly.

Are you thinking of playing online poker during lockdown? Why not get in touch and see how we can help you? Fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon.


WCOOP 2019

Ever watched a really intense poker show and lived every hand, every turn, every fold?! Ever wanted that to be you up there, beneath those lights? The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much the most stunning, exciting, and popular event in the world of online professional poker. 

The 2019 WCOOP looks set to be a stunning battle for ultimate supremacy among the world’s best poker players. And it’s this event that has poker fans all across the world on the edge of their seats. The World Championship of Online Poker perfectly encapsulates all the glitz and glamour of the professional online poker circuit, and may well wet your appetite for learning this most wonderful of games in a little more detail.

Texas Hold’Em has become the go-to poker game among fanatics and professionals, and it is a game that combines skill, experience and chance. If you want to hone your skills, learn the trade, and develop into an excellent poker player who may one day have aspirations of winning a WCOOP event you need to learn.

Online poker is a different animal to playing poker around a table, and this is something you will have to quickly get the hang of. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and poker coaching with us is one of the best resources on the market. Here you can access free poker lectures, poker training videos and so much more.

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