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In this article we will answer the most frequently asked questions in poker. There are so many questions beginners ask so hopefully you will find your answer in our poker FAQ.

What is the best hand possible in Texas Hold’em?

A Royal flush is the best hand possible. This is extremely unlikely to obtain. I have played millions of hands and only had it twice in almost two decades of playing. The best starting hand is two aces AKA pocket aces.

What are the blinds?

The blinds are forced bets. There are two, the small blind and the big blind, both to the left of the dealer button. The big blind is usually double the small blind. These forced bets help create action.

What is the difference between cash games and tournaments?

A cash game involves static blinds e.g. £1/£2 and involve cash. Tournaments have a fixed fee to enter, you are paid based on where you finish, i.e. the higher the place the more money you make. The blinds go up at timed levels in tournaments. These two different forms of poker are radically different and require different mindsets.

What is the worst possible starting hand?

Seven-Deuce (7-2) Off suit is mathematically the worst possible hand to start with.

What is a straight draw?

A straight draw is when you have four cards to a straight (five cards in sequential order) and one more will complete your straight. There are two types of straight draws, open ended where you have 4 in a row and need one card either side or gutshot straight draw, where only one card can help you.

What is a flush draw?

Similar to straight draw but four cards of the same suit and one more of suite needed to complete your flush (five cards of the same suit).

What is the river?

The river is the 5th and final community card. It is the last round of betting where the pot must be won if it hasn’t already.

What are outs?

Outs are the number of remaining cards in the deck that you expect will give you the best hand. Read our poker cheat sheet to know how to calculate outs and use them correctly for pot odds.

What happens if my opponent bets more than what I have?

Contrary to old movies, you can call all your chips without having to borrow to meet your opponents bet. If he bets £100 and you have £90 and call, he simply takes back the extra £10.

What is the dealer button?

The dealer button signifies the last position to act post flop and also where the blinds will be. It moves round the table clockwise at the close of every hand. You are not required to deal if you are on the dealer button. It is the most favourable position at the table as you get to act last on every round after the flop.

What is a continuation bet?

A continuation bet or “c-bet” is where the pre-flop raiser bets on the flop, hence “continuation” bet. We have an entire course focused on c-betting as it is something even advanced players make mistakes on.

continuation bet

What is a freeroll?

These are tournaments that cost nothing to enter. They usually reward you with loyalty points or cash. They typically have many entrants.

What is a bad beat?

A bad beat occurs when you lose a pot where you were a significant favourite. Many players are quick to cry bad beat when it’s in fact quite close mathematically.

Can I make money playing poker?

Of course – provided you play in the right games and slowly move up stakes. We have a how to make money playing poker article that offers helpful tips to beginners and part-time poker players on how to earn from poker.

Are poker winnings taxable?

The rules around tax on poker winnings vary based on the country you are in. Here in the UK, there is no tax on poker earnings, however, there are plenty of countries where winnings are taxable. We recommend you consult a tax professional who is up to date with legislation in your country.

What is rake?

Rake is what the poker site or cardroom charge per hand. This will be calculated and automatically taken each hand by the dealer or poker platform. It is typically a small amount and is often capped too. For tournaments, the rake is the fee charged on top of the buy-in. For instance, you may pay $11 for a tournament where $10 goes to the prize-pool and $1 is the “rake” i.e. the fee the poker site takes for running the tournament.

Which is the softest poker site?

We find sports betting sites especially soft. Read our Coral poker review or sign up below. GGpoker is another soft site at the low stakes so be sure to use the best GGPoker bonus code.

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*This page was originally published in April 2020 and has been updated*

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