The Seven Deuce Game – It’s Great for Poker

seven deuce being played in texas hold'em

The Seven Deuce game is a fun variation of standard Texas Hold’em that adds payout bonuses for winning pots with seven-deuce hands. This creative twist forces action, keeps opponents guessing, and increases excitement. In this article, I will explain how the game works, why it can be good for the game and offer some tips on how to play the seven-deuce game well.

How The Seven Deuce Game Works

The Seven Deuce game follows all the normal rules and mechanics of Texas Hold’em. The only difference is the special treatment of seven-deuce starting hands:

  • Players are enticed play the worst hand in Texas Hold’em (seven-deuce)
  • If the player holding seven-deuce wins the pot at showdown, they receive an extra bonus payout from each opponent. The agreed amount is usually equal to a few big blinds.
  • They must show their seven-deuce to collect the bounty, so if they win with a bluff, their hand must be shown

The Power of Bonus Payouts

These bonus payouts are the creative tweak that makes Seven Deuce so compelling. They introduce an exciting risk/reward dynamic that changes the flow of the game.

Players are motivated to build pots and play seven-deuce aggressively to maximize their chances of winning a bonus from other players at Latvija casino. Opponents also have added incentive to bluff or target players on seven-deuce hands to avoid paying bonuses.

Additionally, it forces players to make more hero calls as they can now include seven deuce in their opponent’s ranges which will often be a pure bluff post-flop.

Keeping Opponents Guessing

Seven Deuce integrates seamlessly with standard play – opponents have no idea if you’re on a premium hand like Aces or the Seven-Deuce game hand. This forces opponents out of their comfort zones. By masking your underlying hand strength, Seven Deuce allows more bluffing opportunities and postflop play. You’re incentivized to see flops with speculative hands to keep opponents honest.

image shows man frustrated at a poker game

Spicing Up Boring Cash Games

The Seven Deuce bonuses refresh stale cash game dynamics. Seeing flops with seven-deuce removes repetitive play as every hand becomes a puzzle to maximize value. Passive players are forced to engage and maniacs get paid for gambling with seven-deuce holdings.

Hitting a flop with bottom or middle pair on a seven-deuce hand is thrilling. Turning or rivering trips takes it to another level. The bonuses mean big swings, rewarding both skill and the luck of the cards.

Playing Seven Deuce Well

To master Seven Deuce, players must balance their regular Hold’em strategy with the altered incentives of seven-deuce hands:

  • Play seven-deuce fast pre-flop against opponents who have a high fold to 3 bet frequency
  • Continuation bet even more frequently in heads up pots
  • Check-raise bluff with greater regularity

Seven Deuce spices up every stage of Texas Hold’em with the added bounty. It’s a game even the professionals play at high stakes.

Seven Deuce Video

I hope this article goes some way to showing why seven deuce is great for cash game poker. Most online poker sites don’t have this feature. But, if you’re offered it in a live setting, jump at the chance. It gets players off their game and increases action which is +EV for you. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below for a great example.

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