5 Reasons Why You Can Trust Online Poker Reviews

online poker reviews

Reviews are always important in any business sector, for everybody. They help both the informed and uninformed, as they either equip you with more knowledge or prepare you. It could be positive preparation or negative, depending on the review.

Most people read reviews expecting positive insight and information. Reviews can be found online or in magazines and such reading materials generally. The most common reviews these modern days are online reviews, as they are easy to come by.

Given that every business can have online reviews, poker is no different. Whether you want to play online or not, you might always need to know what to expect. With an increase in the popularity of online gambling, online poker reviews are the easiest to come across.

Some reviews can be intense and thorough, making them easy to believe and trust. On the other hand, others are misleading and inaccurate. It is such reviews that have taken all hope away from people. They have made online poker reviews doubted, painting a bad picture. However, here are some solid reasons to prove why you should still trust reviews such as this Bodog poker review.

1. They do a general evaluation of poker sites

As we have seen in recent times, online gambling is growing rapidly day in and day out. Even when the advantages of such growth are undeniable, there are some disadvantages. The biggest one is scamming, which is becoming just as common.

Online poker as a category of online gambling is one of the most successful. People enjoy playing poker, especially when the bonuses and prizes are really good. Frauds take advantage of this and create fake sites to lure people and con them of their money. That is where the reviews chip in.

First, if a site does not have any reviews, especially online, be wary of it. Most poker sites have a review somewhere online, depending on how good they are. When reviews are conducted and written about a poker site, they include all major features.

The minor features will only be included depending on how thorough the reviews are. In-depth, reviews are the most trustworthy, as they give you an overview of exactly what to expect.

2.They inform on the safety and reliability of sites

A big issue with all online sites is reliability. Every user of any online platform will want to be assured that a site would be reliable and safe to use. Assurance of this is not easy and doesn’t come from a lot of sources. However, it is different with online poker reviews, because they are the most trusted source on that. They conduct heavy research on the types of software used by the site in question.

Another issue that goes hand in hand with reliability is security. Before trusting a poker site, one has to know how secure their information will be. This is not just for the poker site’s sake, but for the players’ benefit too.

Nobody wants to see their private information being spread online due to a security breach. Reviews go through any past incidences or issues and tell it as it is. Once you get the information you can trust on the security of a site, it is easier to trust the site.

3.Reviews give an insight into customer service

Reviews can sometimes be considered harsh or unforgiving. Whenever this is the case, it mainly has something to do with poor service from a service provider. Such reviews are not biased or rude, they just explain the nature of a situation.

Poker reviews on customer service are very important, for quite a few reasons. Not just because they tell you what to expect, but because they show how a site treats its clients. Every once in a while, there is an issue you will experience with online poker that will require assistance. The help comes from the site’s customer care, which reviews go through.

If you trust the reviews and read their review, you will know whether or not the site will act. Sites that have great customer service always get as positive reviews as they deserve. Those that have questionable customer service get the most criticism, and deservedly so.

4.Online poker reviews give information on traffic

With the growth of not only online poker but all casino games, it is clear that many people play. Depending on the region and time, a poker site can be fully packed or barely filled. The latter is never a problem, but the former can be. If the site does not know how to handle the numbers, there will be delays and other unconventional problems. Reviews can help with such an issue. They offer insight into how a certain site handles the numbers.

Whenever the reviews warn about traffic, then the poker site in question isn’t prepared to handle big numbers. The problems will only lead to uncomfortable gaming experiences that can be avoided. On the other hand, if the feedback on traffic is positive, then the poker site is a preferable option. That shows that they have a good database that can handle as many people.

5.They prepare you on what to expect from a poker site

Apart from the above reasons to trust poker review sites, the final ground to cover is expectation. Whenever you read a review, you are eager to know what to expect from the site. It may be about the games offered by the site, or bonuses and other incentives. It could also be about the graphics and gameplay on the site.

All that information is found in a review, however brief it may be. Reviews tell you what to expect, giving you a chance to know where to place the bar. If you decide to go into a poker site without any insight, you may be disappointed in the end.


Online poker reviews can be described as trailers for the sites. Depending on how good a site is, the review will match it. Reviews are worth trusting because they equip you with all the necessary information you need, however minimum.

Narciso Baldo is the Director and Head Coach of Texas Hold'em Questions. He has been playing poker for over 16 years. After spending many years as a professional, he now runs UK poker training site Texas Hold'em Questions. Narciso regularly writes poker articles sharing tips, strategy, news and experience with gambling enthusiasts. Narciso also writes for reputable gambling portal Casino City Times, (bio here). Contact: info@texasholdemquestions.com