Golden Gorgon Slot Review

Video slots are one of the most popular casino games since they’re amateur-friendly and don’t take much skill or experience to play. Modern video slots offer fantastic rewards and massive bonuses to attract players, and this trend is unlikely to die anytime soon. Video slots are convenient, offer diversity, and keep players hooked. These perks are exclusively reserved for online slots, which is the game’s USP.

Several reputed iGaming software developers work around the clock to create new games every few months. And the list of games keeps increasing by the day. Developers like Playtech, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, and Yggdrasil have several innovative video slots in their portfolio, and we’ll discuss one such game here today. Golden Gorgon slot is a popular title from Yggdrasil, and here are the key highlights of the game.

Golden Gorgon: Overview

Gorgons are quite popular characters in video slots. These winged creatures from Greek mythology can kill men simply with their glance, Medusa being the most common example. Yggdrasil’s Golden Gorgon takes players on an epic adventure through ancient Greece while offering special features and exciting rewards.

Golden Gorgon flaunts a 5-reel 3-row grid with 25 paylines and 96% RTP. The high-volatile title offers bonus multipliers randomly through the rounds. The betting range is between €0.25 and €400, and the game can amplify your winnings by 2,502x. Although Golden Gorgon offers bonus spins, players don’t get additional free spins on the side.

Golden Gorgon: Design and Gameplay

Golden Gorgon flaunts a classic theme inspired by Greek mythology, and the design and animations are in perfect harmony. Yet, it’s not Yggdrasil’s best work to date, and players will be left asking for more. The visual presentation is satisfactory at best, and the game is graphically lacking.

The purple patterned backdrop with decorated column reels and gold accents will remind you of a typical mythological setting. And the studio could have come up with better soundtracks. Shields and swords are the high-paying symbols, while the standard icons are Omega, Psi, Sigma, and Lambda.

Landing the high-paying symbols across the reels increases the stake between 3 and 20-times, and there are no Wilds or scatters in Golden Gorgon. The makers are inspired by the three Gorgon sisters – Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno, and there are several subtle mentions in the game’s design.

Golden Gorgon: Features

Gorgon Gaze is the game’s highlight, triggered when three or more matching symbols appear across the reels. When the round is triggered, it turns the symbols gold and locks them in place. Players are awarded a bonus spin that can be used in the next round. If the reels are filled with high-paying symbols during the respin round, a special win multiplier is unlocked, further boosting the stake.

The value of the multiplier is the same as the reel on which it lands. So, landing 3 matching symbols triggers a 3x multiplier while 5 matching icons offer 5x amplification. The reels must be filled from left to right.


The sheer number of video slots often overwhelms new players as it is easy to lose your way while sifting through thousands of exciting titles. Casino affiliates like Online Casino Ranger make our lives easier by reviewing, comparing, and ranking the best online slots based on several parameters.

You can shortlist the most popular games based on RTP, volatility, jackpot type, hit frequency, and several other factors. Don’t forget to read the terms of use and familiarise yourselves with the details before shortlisting games. For instance, Golden Gorgon doesn’t offer free spins. This is a major red flag for certain players.

Although Yggdrasil has compensated for the lack of free spins using random multipliers, the details are mentioned in the game’s terms and conditions. Hence, we cannot stress the importance of going through the fine prints enough.

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The Best Online Casinos to Play with Bitcoin

Online casinos that accept Bitcoin are on the rise. Most casino operators are adopting the Bitcoin approach to avoid burdensome regulations involved in the traditional payment methods. According to here is a rundown of the best online casinos where players can enjoy poker and other games with Bitcoin.

Red Dog Casino

This online casino is Bitcoin compatible and offers 220+ games. Red Dog Casino uses 250-bit SSL encryption to maintain privacy and data safety. It offers an attractive 225% of welcome bonus to kickstart the game. The best thing about this online casino is its 24/7 customer service. This is a big USP as they can answer all your queries instantly. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone and lets you swipe on four gadgets simultaneously. It features many video poker games, including Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces, Aces and Eights, Sevens Wild, Bonus Poker, and Double Double Jackpot Poker.


With $2,000,000 weekly poker prize pools, Ignition is one of the premier poker and online casino sites around. Best of all it accepts free Bitcoin transactions. The sheer number of poker tournaments, high traffic, and a good amount of poker variants make Ignition the best Bitcoin casino for poker games. Along with poker, this site has 280+ casino games and provides its players with eight other banking methods. Ignition is counted amongst the safest poker sites and has a reputation of paying winners quickly.

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino offers a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. It provides an attractive ‘Super Play Bitcoin Bonus’ to new players. There are lots of other generous deposit bonuses, too, including weekly prizes and a referral bonus. They have more than ten unique video poker games such as Joker Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, etc. This online casino specializes in live dealer games and offers a huge amount of Blackjack variants.

Betway Live Casino

It offers a massive selection of games and sports betting opportunities for the players. The payments at Betway Live Casino are secured by SSL encryption, and withdrawal requests are processed quickly. This site uses cookies to offer the best user experience. The simple user interface of this online casino helps the players to spot their favorite poker game easily. Betway poker is integrated with MPN software making it stable and quick in dealing cards.

7Bit Casino

It accepts both Bitcoin and fiat currency and offers around 5000 casino games in total. It comes with a demo feature that allows the players to try out the games before investing real money. Moreover, the 7Bit Casino lets you set the gambling limits. This site is fully regulated and charges no fees when you deposit or withdraw via crypto. Along with Bitcoin, it accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

22Bet Casino

22Bet Casino has many casino games, including poker, roulette, baccarat, sports betting, live casinos, slots, and many more. Along with Bitcoin, this casino site providers its visitors with 100 other payment methods. Players can find the best poker odds on this site and even bet on live poker events.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Casinos Need Blogs

Blogging isn’t something solely for the freelancer like years ago. It’s a medium that most businesses use in various ways, including casinos. We keep our blog active and find it a great way to interact with our visitors. In this article we are going to offer the top reasons why casinos need to maintain an active blog.


Casinos attract people from all over the world and they need to make sure that they connect with them regularly. The casino blogs are an effective way of connecting. The comments section in the meilleurs jeux au casino blogs allow form the casino to connect with all their patrons, be it queries, support or praise. Not all blogs have a comment section but they will usually provide email address or contact us page, enabling customers to connect easily.


Through the casino blogs, they have a personalized advertising platform. The blogger can write about the casino promotions as well as the other benefits that will come from gaming at a set casino. Therefore, keeping the players informed on the casino bonuses and promotions as well.

Also, in the area of advertisements, there are new games that are launched often by the developers and the casino can notify the players of these games through blogs. The blogs will also notify players of any new developments at the casino.

A blog can promote the best parts of a casino or poker site as the webmaster will plug their products and provide special offers. It’s a win-win for all parties really and another reason why casinos need a blog.


Another reason why casino both online and land-based need blogs is for feedback. They need to know what visitors think of their services and how they can improve. The blogs offer a way of getting feedback from visitors as they can get in touch via email or post comments on specific blog posts. Constructive criticism can help key decision makers enforce changes. On the other hand, praise can help casinos realise where there best products lie and try to push them more.


The casino blog will serve as a platform where they can inform the players of what is happening around the world. The casino will give the patrons news from other gaming sites and follow trending online casino related stories and news. Stayin engaged with readers is a big deal as they want to know the website cares. If you visit a site and the last post was published 2 years ago, you get a feeling they aren’t bothered about their readers, right? That’s why regularly posting is an effective tool to communicate to customers.


Finally, education is a big reason to keep a blog. Education on how games are played, specific strategy on games like blackjack or video poker for instance. This can be a great way to entice players to try new games and give players confidence.

There is also educating people on things like responsible gambling and bankroll management. A casino that regularly posts in ethical matters like being sensible with money will enhance their reputation and image amongst readers. It shows they care and aren’t only interested in taking players money.

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What Attracts Gamblers to Online Slots?

Players who come to us for poker training often indulge in other forms of gambling too. It never ceases to amaze us how many are lovers of online slots. There are loads of differing reasons why online slots prove so popular amongst gamblers. In this article we will take a look at some of the most common reasons people try online slots.

Free Spins

Everybody loves something for nothing. Fortunately, online casinos continue to offer lucrative bonuses to prospective players to entice them in. Gone are the days when poker players can get such generous bonuses but other forms continue to offer these promotions. The most popular of which has to be free spins.

A Google search brings up over 79 million results which shows that people are very interested! The free spins are a way of getting a player to gamble without risking any penny. All it takes is a few moments to register an account and players get a chance to play the best bonus buy slots.

Easy to Play

People love to play games that are simple and don’t take mental energy. Not everyone is cut out to play advanced strategy games like Texas Hold’em and online slots is one of the easiest games to play. Other than picking the stakes and theme of slots, there is very little else to do. Most online casinos even offer functions like auto-spin too so you could be gambling and watching without even pressing a button.

The convenience of online slots can’t be denied. Think about the demographic who probably play them, 9-5 working stiffs who want some light relief in the evening. They get a little bit of thrill and adrenaline and hopefully some fun too.

The Jackpot Prizes

Probably the most obvious reasons of all are the jackpots that slots offer. Players get the chance to win enormous sums of money for no work. In preparing for this article I was actually astounded at the sums of money that can be won in jackpot prizes when playing online slots. The top 5 winners of jackpot prizes in 2021 all surpassed over $10 million dollars – that’s insane money for clicking a few buttons online. When lucrative prizes are around, people will be attracted to it and online slots definitely offer that!

The Unique Themes

Slots are very different to other forms of gambling like poker, roulette or blackjack in the way they operate. There are so many different themed slots to try that it’s never obsolete. The colours, tones and characters offer fun and interactive ways to excite players that other forms do not. The casinos are also intelligent in their marketing by offering slots based on players favourite movies or TV shows. By doing this, they are casting an even wider net to capture interest from people who may not otherwise given online slots a 2nd glance.


As you can see, there are several things that attracts gamblers to slots. The free spins and bonuses, simplicity of the game itself, life changing jackpot prizes and themed versions are all factors. Whilst we love poker and find it the best form of gambling, there is no denying that online slots has taken a huge piece of the gambling market and looks to dominate the gambling industry in the coming years.

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Casinos: A Key Aspect in Economic Development

Whilst casinos and gambling get a tough rap in the media, there is an unspoken benefit to them, financially. Many states have approved commercial casino gambling primarily because they see it as a tool for economic growth. In addition, casinos can lead to economic growth simply because they stimulate new economic activities. In this article we are going to explain how casinos benefits society economically.

Casinos Helps to Boost Local Retails

Casinos have restaurants, shops and hotel rooms for Casino Canadien customers. All items purchased in these outlets are taxable under and local sales tax laws. A possible loss in retail sales in the local community may be partly offset by an increase in retail sales activity in the casino. They also attract visitors from outside the local area which positively impact local sales.

There is a side impact on tourism when visitors come specifically for a poker tournament or to visit the casino. Travel, hotels and food is all paid for by the visitors so there’s definitely a helping hand from

Casinos Increase Employment

With all the negativity around unemployment, casinos are certainly helping with the problems. They increase employment as a casino’s operation requires labour and this labour comes from the local area.  Casino roles require varied skills like accounting, dealing, security, customer service and catering. If a casino is planning to move to another area without skilled work force, the casino probably will draw skilled labour from other people. Even the smallest of casinos employs dozens of staff to ensure they have capacity to operate so don’t discount the benefit a casino has to a city’s employment.

Casinos Provide Tax Revenues

Probably the most obvious benefit a casino has is that it generates tax revenue for its home city. These taxes allow local politicians to fund essential community services or local infrastructure projects, or at the very least, avoid spending cuts or increase taxes elsewhere. If you consider how much a casino can generate each year and therefore how much is being paid in taxes, it’s no small feat.

Casinos Brings Entertainment to People

Many people enjoyed gambling as means of entertainment but they are also aware that gambling make them make money. You can also try playing games for free before you start using real money, which is entertainment process that will become even more fun when you start withdrawing your winnings. In an era where entertainment is found on TV or on our phones, casinos remain popular, particularly on weekends. They provide groups with social events like stag dues or night’s out that can live long in people’s memories.


A city does well and can help people when it thrives economically. A casino can offer this through boosting tourism, increasing employment, paying taxes and entertaining visitors. In summation, a casino contributes to economic growth, which is what everyone is striving for.

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4 Casino Tips That Could Change Your Life

With more and more of you transitioning from poker to casino games, we are keen to help as much as possible. We know playing  mobile casino games can be quite vexing for beginners when you’re new to online gambling. But, if you have a well thought out plan, you will be able to have a better gaming experience.  Therefore, to keep you going, we have compiled some tips on what we think will change your approach to gambling in 2021.

Do Background Research on the Site First

The good thing is that the online gambling world has made a community of its own. You do not have to go through bad experiences anymore. Someone would have already taken the shot for you. There are a lot of websites that come with reviews on different casinos. And, you can get to hear the firsthand experience from other gamblers on sites like Quora.

Quora is a community of people asking questions that experts from a variety of field will answer. It’s an effective way of gathering information without doing lots of hard work!

Always Pick the Bonuses

Bonuses are one way that you can get to learn to game if you are a beginner. Overall, they are there to give you a little boost with your gaming. Meaning, you get to save up on your bankroll in the first quarter of your gaming. They help you last longer in the games which can serve two purposes; increase your knowledge of the game, improve your chances of actually making money. Bonus offers vary from one casino to the next. So, pick a casino that comes with the biggest bonuses with favorable wagering requirements.

Choose Casinos Offering Your Favourite Games

Casinos come with different gaming choices. You will find that some are solely for table games while others focus on slot games.  But if you are do your homework, you can find ones that offer your favourites. Therefore, we recommend looking at the options before you start registering accounts and making deposits. Your time is precious so you don’t want to be wasting time depositing funds if the casino doesn’t even have your preferred games available.

The Mobile Gaming Option

Some casinos are yet to make their sites mobile-friendly. This may surprise you but if you consider how many online casinos there are, not all will invest in mobile apps. Therefore, you may not end up getting good quality gaming if you are restricted to playing on your phone. After all, who wants to play blackjack or roulette on a browser on Android?

We recommend you look in the play store to see if your favourite casinos have apps. Most gamblers in the 21st century are not only gambling on desktop. They like the option to gamble on their phones at their convenience.


There you have it, four casino tips to help you in 2021. They’re common sense and will ensure you’re playing on safe and trusted sites while giving you the maximum chance of success and enjoyment. If you are considering playing casino games, please employ strict bankroll management and be sensible with your money. We only want our readers to gamble with money they can afford to lose and won’t impact their personal life. Responsible gambling is hugely important and something to always keep in mind so set deposit limits and stop losses as a protective measure.

poker cheat sheet

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Online Casinos: What’s in a Name?

There are so many online casinos out there and each one is unique in its own way. They all have their merits, focusing on different things; welcome bonuses, game variety, promotions, banking methods or customer support. However, most people are initially attracted by the name of the casino. The name is a powerful way of interacting with customers and if the platform carries an attractive name or one that sounds trustworthy, then people will sign up.

The Name Only Takes You So Far

Some casinos have interesting names and have managed to garner fans not only because of the names, but they have gone ahead and provided the best services to their players. This is why you should always pick an australia casino according to reputation and not because of the name or the bonus offers. The name may bring players to sign up, but it cannot keep them coming back if the service is poor.

Funny Casino Names

Life is better if you laugh more isn’t it? This is the reason why some casinos and software providers make sure they get funny names for their platforms and games. After all, playing online casino games goes beyond winning real money; you will need to have fun and laugh along the way. The list below contains some of the funniest casino names online that we found in preparation for this article:

  • Golden Showers Casino
  • Yebo Casino
  • Lucky Pants Bingo
  • Cheeky Win Casino
  • Pink Taco Casino
  • Pamper Casino
  • Bumbet Casino
  • Dong Casino
  • Better Casino

These casino games are downright silly while others are a bit inappropriate. However, always remember that you want to have fun when you play. Also, we suggest that before you can sign up and make a deposit, you do thorough research to make sure that they are licensed and regulated. This protects you from losing your hard-earned money to rogue casinos.

Best Casino Sites to Play

No matter how funny or interesting the name of a casino gets, you should always make sure that you choose the best site. The funnier a name is, the more appealing it might be to try, but always look around first. With thousands of gambling platforms available, you should always be looking for the key aspects to ensure safety, enjoyment and the beste experience. With that in mind, the things that make up the best online casino are:

  • Licensing
  • A variety of games
  • Great bonuses and promotions
  • Low wagering requirements
  • Several banking options
  • Great customer support
  • Mobile compatibility


To conclude, a casino can be clever by having a funny or original name to draw your attention. They may have invested heavily in branding to capture interest, but ultimately they need to tick the other boxes too. A name means nothing it cannot deliver what customers are after. Therefore, do your research and some due diligence first before trying any funny casino names. There are plenty of trusted brands out there with original names that offer more than just a name.

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5 Ways Casinos Attracts People

Have you ever wondered how casinos are continuously gaining interest and new customers? Well, they are experts in using a number of tricks and cunning techniques to attract more people. AU Online Casinos have their secrets and tricks that can entice people to join and retain existing customers. In this article, we will share some of their tactics.

Impressive Jackpot Money

Casinos are always trying to persuade you with all kinds of huge jackpots you can try and win on their slot machines. And they obviously take great pains to indicate that you can win some pretty sums of money. This is very appealing for purely pushing the buttons on a screen. Seeing the prize winners and their amazing testimonies is very attractive to prospective players.

Playing With No Cash

Once your money has finally run out, there is always the option for digital credits. With credit cards, things can be pretty unclear. Sometimes players are stunned by the sum they have lost when they finally get the print out of their account balance. We advise against using digital credits as bankroll management is key in any form of gambling.

Casinos also attract people to play through free spins. Players take advantage of this by simply filling in a few details like name, email and phone number. It gives players a chance to trial software without risking anything at all.

Email Marketing

Once you’ve signed up at an online casino, you’re added to their mailing list. They have marketing campaigns running regularly that keeps them engaged with interest parties. It works very cleverly as they target individuals based on interaction and when they are likely to open. For instance, an online casino may send an promotional campaign on Friday evening’s when players are likely to have finished their working week. This works particularly well when it falls on dates that people are likely to get paid. By offering customers unique promotions like deposit bonuses or free spins, they keep people coming back to them.

The Illusion of Control

Every gaming has an influence on how far you feel are truly in control. So you can maybe choose the colours, numbers or hands you bet on, working on the assumption that doing this might help you influence the outcome of your game. There is always a factor of sheer luck in these things, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Compliments For High Rollers

High rollers are always welcome guests at any venue. They are always prepared to bet some really huge sums. They’re sure to get some additional compliments and even cash back rewards on some of the games. And this may attract other players, who think that betting a higher amount of money end up bringing comps up to such a level that they end up covering their losses.

People love getting the VIP treatment that comes with being a high roller. Just remember why they’re doing it though, it’s all designed to get more cash from the punter.

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A Basic Online Casino Guide for Canada

Canadians love entertainment as much as they love outdoor activities such as canoeing and bungee jumping. It is natural for most Canadians to love adventure and to have fun. Part of their entertainment is gambling online.

It is undeniable that they’re passionate about betting both in a land-based casino located in one of the prestigious hotels near Niagara Falls and online casinos. Having done our research for this post, Allbonuscodes online casino is a famous casino site in Canada and they are known for their best online casinos. Their clients are always delighted with their fresh online games with exciting bonuses and incentives that go with them. Feel free to check them out.

What is an Online Casino?

I know some of you only know about poker so to answer this beginner question. An online casino can also be referred to as an internet casino and it is a virtual counterpart of the land-based casino, only it is played online. Gamblers can wager at online casinos through the internet whether it is web-based or download-based.

Two types of Online Casinos

Web-Based Casino

Also known as no-download casino, simply because it doesn’t have to be downloaded anymore. The player simply just has to go to the website and make a deposit then presto! The player can play the game desired anytime, anywhere.

The games were made up of browser plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, and Java. To access the download browser, besides a stable internet connection, the player also has to download browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini.

Download-Based Casino

This type of casino requires downloading the software so that the player can play the casino game. It runs faster compared to a Web-based casino and has clearer graphics and audio. The catch here is because it has to be downloaded, there is a tendency that it might contain malware.

What type of games do online casinos have?

There are two classifications of games online casinos have. One is virtual and the other is a live dealer.


It is considered as the software casino game and the outcome of the games presented here is decided using the pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software. A pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software is this type of software that makes sure that all games being played such as slot machines is determined by PRNG in a non-bias, random, unpredictable, and fair way.

Live Dealer

The games here are streamed live online and the operator mimics the environment of the bricks and mortar casino, the same lively and glamourous looking ambiance. They usually hire croupiers, camera people, and IT.

Bets are conveyed through chatbots.

Typical Wagering Games at Online Casinos

Online casino’s rarely offer just one or two games. They try to attract as much interest as possible. As such, you can expect to find many games offered. The list below are the most common you will find:

  • Keno
  • Slot Machines
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Bingo

Online casinos offer various bonuses which is one of the highlights in playing online casinos because it gives a thrill to the player and makes them wager more. Bonuses are actually marketing strategies of online casino operators to their clients. 

Is Online Casino legit in Canada?

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, it is not illegal to play at an online site therefore it is perfectly safe. However, it is illegal to operate an online casino without a license, but it is legal to play at an online casino site from other countries.

The best part of it is whatever winnings from gambling activities, online or non-online as long as played for pleasure are non-taxable. It is also stated that no Canadian citizen has ever been prosecuted for playing online casino games. Nor is there a legal risk to playing at any online casino site whether for fun or part-time job. 

Final Comments

Wagering in Canada is fun and very popular. They might be a little bit strict in some areas but read the rules, stay compliant and gamble responsibly.

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How to Choose a Casino Game for Yourself

Online casino games have become extremely popular in recent years. The majority of people consider online casino games to be one of the best ways to earn a consistent passive income. However, before investing large quantities of money in a real money online casino game, it is critical to learn the fundamentals of any game first.  

You should pick a casino game that best fits your budget and skill level. Here are a few pointers to assist you in selecting your ideal casino game.

Do your Research

Study the many games offered at a casino before investing your money in any of them. Each casino game has its own set of regulations, house edge, and bonus opportunities. As a result, you should get a good understanding of all of the games before deciding on one.

Set your Target

Knowing what you want to achieve is critical when selecting a casino game. You might choose to play games with high payouts if you are willing to take risks to win large sums of money. To play with the least amount of risk, look for games with low payouts. Variance plays a big part of any gambling game, even poker. We suggest playing fewer volatile games but it’s entirely up to you.

Know What Interests You the Most

There are many different games to pick from in online casinos. You can even play a multiplayer game, such as poker if you like. If you enjoy challenges, try your hand at casino games, which necessitate much strategy and research. There is no guarantee to make money in any casino game but sticking to base games like slots or craps might be best if you don’t want anything mentally taxing. Ultimately you will do better and have more fun if you stick to games that interest you more than others.

Look for Games that Offers Bonus Points

Free bonuses are available in a variety of games. After that, you can use the bonuses to play several free rounds. Some online casinos, on the other hand, offer bonus points across the board. All you have to do is conduct research and identify games that award bonus points to their players. This will vary from one casino to the next as some have heavier focus on specific areas. If you bookmark your favourite sites you can see which ones offer regular rewards to their customers and take advantage yourself.