What makes the Starburst and Book of Dead slots so popular?

Starburst from NetEnt is a hugely successful game that is hosted at CasinoLuck for UK-based players. The brilliant Play’n GO game, Book of Dead, can be enjoyed by CasinoLuck players from other countries around the world.

Released almost 8 years ago, Starburst has proved to be one of the true all-time classic slots in the online casino world. To last so long at the top, NetEnt must have uncovered some hidden secret that appeals to thousands of players daily the world over?

Book of Dead is the Play’n GO hit with Rich Wilde as the main character. This slot tasted fame among casino players after its 2016 release. It is still as popular today as it ever was and has even spawned a few spin-off games from Play’n GO.

Both Book of Dead and Starburst have been reviewed in great detail at CasinoLuck already. It’s well worth your time having a read of those to inform yourself of everything you need to know before trying either game.

Catering to Players of All Levels

It’s very important for casinos and game developers to make sure a slot is accessible to players of all levels. If they want that game to be a worldwide hit, it’s simply a must. Starburst got this down perfectly. The game gives players a variety of betting options. They start at 0.01 and go right up to 100 per spin.

Very low risk players can start with one bet line and a total bet of 0.01. If you activate all ten paylines, then this means a minimum bet of 0.10.In between the lowest bet and the highest bet, Starburst offers you many more betting options thanks to the ten levels and the seven different coin values.

With Book of Dead, there is a similar betting range on offer. You can choose between 1 and 5 coins, as well as a coin value between 0.01 and 1. You can play with a bet range between 0.10 and 100 per spin.

Welcome Bonuses

You are sure to see Starburst or Book of Dead utilised a lot when it comes to welcome bonuses at various casinos. Why is this? Well, they are very attractive games to help introduce a new player to your casino. They look good and play great with easy-to-grasp gameplay. Add to that the wonderful win potential of each slot and the worldwide appeal of these games quickly becomes clear.

Both Book of Dead and Starburst are known for their huge potential maximum winnings. That’s a great way to introduce players to your casino, isn’t it? Give them a sample of some of the best games on the planet and they won’t be long falling in love with the website!

The Most Popular Slots in the World

If you are a seasoned pro at online casinos, or even if you are a relative newbie to the world of video slots, it’s likely that you have heard of either Starburst or Book of Dead. Maybe you are already familiar with both? NetEnt and Play’n GO created two absolute giants that became the benchmark for game developers everywhere.

You’ll see free spins offered up on both Book of Dead and Starburst as part of welcome bonuses everywhere. As well as a 100% bonus up to $/£/€150 at CasinoLuck, we also give new players 150 spins on Book of Dead. Why? Because it’s one of the best casino slots you can find. The same could be said for Starburst and that’s why CasinoLuck host that game too.

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What are the Most Popular Online Casino Poker Games?

As our site name suggests, we are lovers of Texas Hold’em. Ninety-nine percent of our poker training is focused on Texas Hold’em but there’s other variants too. Whether you are suffering poker burnout or wanting to try something new, there’s other forms that might tickle your fancy that you can play online. That’s why I’m going to share some insights on three other popular forms of poker accessible online.


This is the most natural game to transition from Texas Hold’em too as the rules are similar. The game follows the same course of action with the exception of number of cards dealt to each player. Every player is dealt four cards instead of two. What does this do? It creates a lot of action! Prepare yourself for swings and variance like no other.

Omaha is generally played in the pot limit format. This means no player can bet more than the size of the pot at any one time. Truthfully, there’s no reason to ever want to bet more than this as it doesn’t take long for pots to escalate.

To win at this game I recommend playing low stakes and playing cautiously post-flop. Hands like top pair are practically worthless multi-way in pot limit omaha so don’t get attached to them or over- pairs when facing lots of bets. It’s common for the winning hand to be the nuts or second nuts so don’t be surprised and think you’re on the bad side of a cooler . The other thing to remember is aces are not the monster they appear in normal poker.

Seven-card Stud

One of the older and more popular games before Texas Hold’em exploded, seven-card stud is a limit- based poker game. As the name suggests, players are dealt seven cards (if they hang around).

Initially, players are dealt three cards with one face up. The player with the lowest card faces up is forced to start things. Action proceeds and there are four further rounds of betting where players are dealt an additional card each round (if they match the betting). The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are face up whilst the final round (the river) is dealt face down.

The standard betting options exist in seven-card stud (bet, call, check, fold and raise). So, as long as you have some experience with poker it shouldn’t be hard to get to grips with seven-card stud. It’s worth noting that there are other stud variants; seven-card stud hi/lo and razz. These are not as popular as the traditional seven-card stud format and require more advanced strategy too.

Video Poker

Unlike the other popular poker games, video poker is played against the house. It is unique in it’s gameplay as players have limited options. You choose which cards you discard and that’s about it -other than picking the initial stakes and how many coins. Where most other poker variants can be mentally taxing, video poker offers some fun respite to gamblers.

To win, you need to beat a specific hand ranking (usually a pair of jacks). However, unlike Blackjack where a win is equal to the value of the amount wagered, video poker rewards good fortune by paying out lucrative odds based on stronger hands. So, if you are fortunate to make a royal flush you can potentially earn 4,000 if you wagered 5 coins.

Most video poker strategy guides advise wagering maximum coins to take advantage of lucrative prizes in the event you make better hands. It’s also recommended to retain pairs made and discard low cards if you’ve been given a hand like K-Q-7-6-2. Common sense should help you decide what cards to keep but feel free to do some research and bone up on video poker strategy. I recommend you go to bestcasinobonuses.co.uk more information.

Final Thoughts on Other Casino Poker Games

As you can see, there are three other popular poker games to be played online. Most major poker sites offer Omaha and seven-card stud and all online casinos offer video poker. The good thing about video poker is that you can usually take advantage of no deposit bonus offers on casinos. As with all forms of gambling, exercise bankroll management and gamble responsibly.

Bitcoin Casinos: The 2021 “thing”?

Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin has continued to attract immense interest this year. With all the buzz around the price of 1 bitcoin and figureheads like Elon Musk weighing in, it’s no surprise that casinos have grown to love bitcoin.

Bitcoin casinos are any casino you find online that accepts bitcoin or another cryptocurrency instead of the local currency. It’s a smart move to accept BTC as it caters to the recreational gambler who may have money tied up in bitcoin. In this post I’m going to share a little bit of news and hopefully some insight on bitcoin casinos in 2021.

Why Operators Love Bitcoin

The online casinos will be loving the boom in cryptocurrency. They are reaping the benefits for one simple reason – no bank fees. It doesn’t matter if you’re depositing or cashing off, no bank or admin fees whatsoever with bitcoin. When you consider the volume that online casinos deal with, to wipe them out through a different payment method is a huge deal.

Operators will also be loving the new registrations coming from bitcoin investors new to online gambling. Bitcoin is not accepted in all parts of the economy yet. Individuals with bitcoin are still a little restricted in where they can use it but online casinos are (with open arms). It’s quite likely that anyone who took a shot on bitcoin will enjoy the potential to win from online gambling.

It’s too early to say if this cost-saving is benefitting punters or not. In theory, the operators could now offer more lucrative bonuses and incentives for players to sign up. Or, they might use it for advertising or just retain their profits. I haven’t found a conclusive answer to this question but either way, the operators will be happy they aren’t forking out millions to banks.

Why Gamblers Prefer Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a universal currency that makes no distinction between Canadian, Aussie, German or Brit. I think this commonality is one reason why gamblers love to use cryptocurrency. It’s also why brand-new casinos are opening with Bitcoin as their primary selling point. Websites like new-casinos.ca highlight all the new casinos in Canada and it’s amazing to see how many are around today.

One of the biggest reasons for gamblers using it has to be the privacy factor. Bitcoin casinos allow players to keep their details private. Most casinos only ask for an email address to register and deposit and some only request ID when you want to cash out. That’s very appealing as you no longer need to provide name, address, date of birth and more.

I think most gamblers like to keep their gambling to themselves. It’s not only those with problems that keep gambling private. There are many professionals that keep their results to themselves. They don’t want to see it on their bank statements. In today’s “big brother” society, keeping prying eyes away from our affairs is no bad thing so it’s understandable why gamblers enjoy the privacy that bitcoin casinos offer.

Constant Bitcoin News

Bitcoin casinos are thriving from the trending Bitcoin news. It’s in inescapable and shows no signs of dying down. I think Bitcoin will be here for a long time to come. With everything in the 21st century moving to a digital platform it’s perfect for all parties. Operators make more profits and punters love the convenience, privacy and speed it affords.

As long as bitcoin is trending and, in the news, more people will see it’s value for online activities and particularly gambling. Anything that boosts the poker industry and gambling industry in general can be good but as always, we need to tread carefully too. The price of bitcoin is prone to fluctuating regularly so a small disclaimer to be cautious and gamble responsibly.

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Video Poker and Gambling in Finland

Poker is among the most popular casino games in Finland. Players like Patrick Antonius, Joni Jouhkimainen, and Juha Helppi have been instrumental in shaping Finland’s professional poker environment. However, despite being the hub of poker for years, Finland does not have poker-friendly laws.

Finnish punters don’t have access to a lot of legal poker rooms and despite the recent boom in the iGaming market, the situation has largely remained unchanged. On that note, let’s take a quick look at the Finnish poker industry.

The History of Poker in Finland

Unlike most of its neighbours in the European Union, Finland’s love for poker is only a few decades old. Before the early 90s, poker was primarily restricted to underground gambling venues. The Lotteries Act of 2001 is the primary benchmark for the current regulations in Finland. Despite frequent protests, the authorities are yet to amend the ageing restrictions.

The Gambling Act enforces the monopoly of state-owned operators in Finland. And while this has its pros and cons, a growing number of Finnish punters are signing up on offshore gambling platforms despite the inherent risks. A major amendment was made to the 2001 Gambling Act in 2010. The legislation imposed new regulations on advertising. This barred online casinos from promoting poker outside venues where the game was already offered. This drastically reduced the presence of video poker in Finland.

The Current State of Poker in Finland

Considering the Finnish authority’s stance towards poker in the past few decades, it’s no surprise that the current state isn’t promising for poker enthusiasts. Barely a handful of licensed brick-and-mortar casinos offer poker today. I recommend Casino Helsinki as one of the most prominent poker venues in Finland.

While that’s about it for land-based venues, the online poker scenery is far more complex. Since offshore online casinos aren’t regulated in Finland, players have a tough time deciding on whether to sign up. Legal online casinos don’t offer video poker, which is a serious point of dissent among the gambling community.

With that being said, offshore casinos are immensely popular in the country since the government takes a softer approach against international platforms. From the player’s perspective, this is a golden opportunity as the authorities are unlikely to take action. Moreover, since Finland is a part of the European Union, players constantly take advantage of the loopholes in the Finnish gambling legislation. So, if you’re signing up for an online casino that’s illegal in Finland but regulated in the EU, there is no legislation to stop you.

The Future of Video Poker in Finland

It’s too early to predict the fate of video poker in Finland. There have been rumours of the authorities cracking down on illegal casinos offering poker and other casino games. However, the EU is still against the country’s harsh monopoly on gambling and has been quite vocal in warning the Finnish government to amend its policies.

The next few years will be interesting to watch as the government plans its next move in modernizing the market. Experts predict that a large number of poker aficionados will seek solace in neighbouring markets like Sweden and Denmark as new legislation paves the way for a booming iGaming market in the Scandinavian region.

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Most Popular Casino Banking Options

Every online casino has these features: a website or app, games, bonuses, a license, contacts, security tools and banking methods. Some features, like bonuses aren’t compulsory. But no online casino can survive without banking options.

Players need a way to deposit money to their accounts if they’re to play slots and card games for real money. Also, they need a way to cashout their profits. So, what are the best methods for depositing money to casino sites?

 1—Credit/Debit Cards

Debit and credit cards are the most popular payment methods at online casinos. It’s unlikely to find a gambling website that doesn’t accept Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. And if it’s an American casino, you could also find Discover and American Express cards.

Why should you deposit money using one of the cards mentioned above?


Visa is arguably the biggest card issuer in the world. It’s fast, secure and accepted universally. As such, you can use it at hundreds of online casinos. Visa’s fees vary depending on your bank.

Its benefits also vary depending on your bank. But generally, it comes with zero fraud liability in case you lose your card, emergency card replacement and sign-up bonuses at casino sites and eCommerce sites.


MasterCard is Visa’s biggest competitor. It comes with nearly all the benefits you receive from Visa. As a result, there’s almost no difference between Visa and MasterCard. Most websites that accept Visa also support MasterCard.

When it comes to fees, interest rates and transaction speeds, the two companies fair equally well. That said, you could select MasterCard over Visa if your bank offers some exclusive rewards for choosing the card issuer.

Maestro, Discover and American Express

If you prefer to use Maestro, Discover or American Express for various reasons, know that they have limitations in the casino space. They don’t rank amongst the most supported banking providers.

For reference, you can check this list of casino banking options to discover the best deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s a comprehensive list that features card payments, e-wallets, bank transfer and cryptocurrency accepted at top online casinos.


For many, e-wallets are the best options to depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos. Think about it. You don’t have to reveal your credit card information. Fees are lower and transactions are much faster compared to cards.

Unfortunately, not all e-wallets are accepted at online casinos. Still, to be clear, there are numerous choices:


PayPal is the undisputed champion of e-wallet payments and not just in the casino scene. Nearly every shopping website also accepts PayPal. This means the eBay owned company does something right.

Let’s start with its fees. PayPal charges zero fees when depositing money to online casinos. Instead, it charges the merchants—casino companies. This ensures you can deposit from $10 to $10,000 and play games like Texas Hold’em at most casinos without paying any fees.

Another crucial benefit of PayPal is One Touch. This security tool keeps your banking data safely and away from merchants. Essentially, you give PayPal your data so that you don’t have to reveal the information to every online casino you join.


Although PayPal is the king of e-wallets, it competes neck and neck with Skrill in the iGaming industry. Not every casino supports PayPal but nearly every gambling operator allows you to deposit and withdraw money using Skrill.

The Paysafe-owned e-wallet was created to process payments for gambling businesses. However, it has since expanded to provide transactions for non-gambling businesses. The company is quick and low-cost. But beware: lots of casinos don’t give out bonuses if you deposit using Skrill.


Neteller is Skrill’s sister site. As a result, it has most of the benefits and disadvantages of using Skrill. For example, it’s incredibly popular among casino players. It lets you deposit money to casinos freely. However, you also risk not getting a bonus when you use it for casino payments.

In case you’re wondering, the reason Skrill and Neteller deposits are disqualified from bonuses is because of bonus abuse. Some people used to create multiple accounts to receive bonuses, which casinos frown upon.


EcoPayz is one of the most popular casino payment methods for casino players in Europe (it operates in Europe’s SEPA countries). It’s a mobile-friendly digital wallet that lets you fund your account using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, American Express or Giropay.


SOFORT is another casino e-wallet option mainly popular in Europe. Precisely, it works in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. It allows customers in these countries to fund their accounts through cards and wire transfer. In turn, it processes payments to casinos free of charge.

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Google and Apple are always competing. With Google and Apple Pay, these two technological giants are revolutionizing how we pay using credit cards. No need to provide your card numbers. You hover your card to an app and a transaction is processed.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available in loads of online casinos. And guess what? You can earn a bonus for using either payment method.

3—Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is one of the oldest banking options in the world. Surprisingly, it’s still a popular way of depositing and withdrawing money from casinos. Its biggest benefit is that you can deposit tens of thousands of dollars. But this comes at the cost of time—wire transfer payments take up to five days.


There’s no denying Bitcoin is a hot commodity in 2021. Elon Musk is a big fan. Snoop Dogg loves it and millions of people around the world own it for speculative reasons. Of course, BTC isn’t the only cryptocurrency out there.

If you hate Bitcoin’s scalability limitations, then you can use Doge coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and hundreds of altcoins for casino deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies offer extremely low transaction fees and flexible banking limits.

Interestingly, you can also claim huge bonuses for depositing money using crypto. At some casinos, you can grab up to 5BTC in rewards. This is way more money than you can receive for depositing using dollars or euros.

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Casino Bonuses That Work Best in Australia

Casino Bonuses Australia

I know many of my readers are from down under and have interests in other forms of gambling too. Pokies is particularly popular in Australia with it being one of the most beloved of gambling games. Like much of the world, Australia has a wide variety of bonuses available to residents.

What’s more, there are no complex tax issues in Australia. Like the UK tax system, gambling winnings in Australia are not taxed so any money earnt from casino bonuses in Australia is not taxable. This is unlike other areas of the world where they impose taxes on the few who win regularly from online gambling exploits. In this article I’m going to share a few of the most popular casino bonuses you can take advantage of.

The No Deposit Bonus

The best bonus of all has to be the no deposit casino bonus. This bonus is available on most online casinos in Australia upon registration. It takes just a couple of minutes to do and is well worth the time as you’ll be able to gamble risk free with spins or bonus money that the casino provides upon successful registration.

Usually, you only need to provide basic details like your name, address, date of birth and a valid email. Some places require a bit more information like contact number, ID and possibly a credit card too. This shouldn’t alarm you as a customer though. After all, if you win and want to cash it off, they need to know where it’s going to be sent.

Erik King of Zamsino is an expert in casino bonuses and regularly writes excellent content on this matter. He predicts that “darker times ahead” with casinos tightening the purse-strings on no deposit bonuses in the future so take advantage while you can.

The Free Spins Bonuses

This bonus type has been around for years and appeals to loads of people who want to gamble without investing. Again, it doesn’t require player to physically deposit funds. However, it’s worth highlighting that spins are played via online slots. This form of gambling is where the house arguably has the greatest edge. It’s therefore no surprise that spins are offered for free.

Furthermore, as with all bonuses, there are strict criteria that must be met before you are eligible for withdrawal. Always read any terms and conditions before trying to take advantage of a casino bonus in Australia.

Free spins bonuses have been subject to criticism and pressure in recent times as online casinos must be careful with advertising. Strictly speaking they can’t advertise “free spins” if they are asking for a deposit of funds in exchange.

The Matched Deposit Bonus

Finally, we come to one of my favourite Australian casino bonuses.  As the name suggests, you get a bonus equalling your deposit. Often the promotions that run offer 100% but the percentage varies from one casino to another. Again, the terms and conditions need to be read as you will need to wager x amount first and some games may be off limits.

The matched deposit bonus is great as it doesn’t only incentivise new players like most casino bonuses. It rewards existing players who may fancy a flutter. To take advantage, I recommend bookmarking some of your favourite Aussie casinos and regularly check them. They will periodically run and promote the matched bonus on their homepage.

Online Gaming: Mastering Video Poker

What do you get if you combine your love for poker and video slots? Video Poker of course, and today, we are here to spill some tricks about the game. To get you started, are you a poker player? Or at least know the rules of poker? I should hope so visiting our site! You need this knowledge to get you started playing video poker. Playing video poker, you will play with 5 cards, just like poker, but this time around you play via a set of reels on a slot game. Ready to kick off your video poker adventure? Continue reading to master the art of video poker.

Where did video poker originate from?

Nobody knows the exact origin of video poker, but if we guess correctly the game originated in the last 70s, and is a celebration of poker with some elements of the slot game. The original video poker game was originally set to be an option to players who do not like to play slot machines at land based casinos. Apart from this, with video poker needing you to have some sort of strategy to win at the game, slot games on the other hand require you to have Lady Luck on your good graces.

Skill and strategy will land you winnings at video poker. And the good news here is that whilst video poker offers you a diverse game variants, the RTP stays quite close to 98% and above. Compared with your traditional slot game, that is quite high. If for example you tempt your luck at a game of Jacks or Better, the RTP is bumped up to a generous 99.54%, so practically winning is the norm. Again, strategy is key here, and reading the rules of the game and how to win, is always advisable.

The newbie video poker manual

To kick off your video poker adventure, you would need to get acquainted with all the card values in poker. Once you settle on a wagering amount, you will hit the spin button and be presented with 5 drawn cards. Now, the game will ask you which cards you would like to hold (keep) and which cards you would like to discard. Once you hit the ‘Draw’ button, your displaced cards will disappear and you will be handed new cards as replacement. The strength of your hand is then calculated once the cards are drawn.

Now to understand which cards you keep and which ones you discard, you must know the card values in the poker. You can keep all your cards if your hand is strong. Video poker has no rules against keeping all your initial cards. If you feel your 5 cards have no value at all, you can opt to change all 5 of them to replace your original 5 cards.

To it even more unique and rich, the game of video poker has been altered to produce many variants. Also multipliers have been added to make things more interesting. This gives you a better return on your money and your stakes. Continue reading our basic Video Poker tutorial, to kick off your gameplay, we promise, it is worth it.

Types of Video Poker Games Variants Available

To start playing Video Poker, you need to get acquainted with the types of game variants available. There are many, but the ones that gamblers like the most are listed below.

Jacks or Better
Ask any video poker lover and they will tell you all about Jacks or Better. Sometimes referred to as ‘draw poker”, to win you would need to land a minimum of a pair of Jacks, or better.

Tens or Better
Another video poker variant is the Tens or better. Here, the same rules as above apply, but you best hand needs to be Tens or better.

Deuces Wild
In this video poker variant, doubles and wilds have the ability to substitute for all other cards. To win, you need a minimum of 3 identical cards.

Joker Poker
Playing Joker Poker, you will be playing with a 53 card deck as opposed to the traditional 52. Here you can land the joker, that acts as a wild card.

Double Bonus
Double Bonus is another variant of Jacks and Better, but during the game, landing Aces also secures you a win.

All American
All American video poker is another variant of Jacks of Better, but with better pay-outs for some pairings like the Royal Flush and the Full House.

Some tips to master video poker

There is no game that is mastered without a good amount of strategy. And your video poker strategy starts off by understanding some poker knowledge. Unlike slot games that is all based on chance and RNG, a good game plan is needed when playing video poker. Which cards to keep and which one to discard knowledge will help you win. So let’s start you off with some pointers.

  • A royal flush is the goal, this means the best hand to have is J, Q, K, A and 10 of the same suit. Hard to land, but not impossible with also some dash of luck.
  • If you happen to land a low pair, keep them. It is more likely that you land a 3 card that gives you a 3 of a kind then landing a Higher Card pair.
  • If you did not manage a pair at the start, you could land one when you draw. Just remember that having a hand of the same suit is also a valuable hand to have.
  • We suggest to bet a maximum of 5 coins per spin, as this is normally the max bet at video poker. By doing so, you would also be able to partake in any video poker jackpot games of participating games. (This is mostly done at land based casinos)

What type of video poker variant should you start off with?

If you are familiar with Texas Hold’em and other video poker variants, you can chose any video poker game. If you are still a newbie and green to the game, we suggest that you start off with a good old round of Jacks or Better.

The goal is simple, land Jacks or better, so that could be quite a good, simple start. Landing a full house will see you scoop a 9x your bet, and a flush grants you 6x your bet. This is the reason that Jacks of Better is sometimes regarded as 9/6 Jacks or Better. We also suggest that you get acquainted with the game by ‘ Playing for Fun’ and once you feel comfortable playing, you can play for real money.

Once you master the game, and you can start calling yourself a Jacks or Better guru, you can try out Deuces Wild which is another variant that involves some advanced strategy. If you master video poker, the winning possibilities could be infinite!


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Casino to Poker: Making the Jump

Casino to Poker

I know a lot of readers are gamblers in other forms exploring what poker has to offer. The gambling industry in general is booming at the moment with more players than ever trying their hand at the popular casino games. This is also an opportunity for online poker to attract new players.

Many casino gamblers are unsure of poker, sceptical as to the profitability and investment required to become proficient. That’s why we’re going to highlight some advantages to giving online poker a chance.

Online Poker is Stimulating

Playing Texas Hold’em online is a lot of fun and mentally challenging. Many of the casino games thrive on adrenaline and that’s what players strive for (in addition to money). Moving all in, catching a lucky card or making the nuts are all feelings that can give the player these feelings. They are arguably more valuable in Texas Hold’em where you can decide the value of the bet you’re placing. This is not the case in many casino games where you invest before seeing what’s happened.

Online poker is a complex game that stimulates the mind. It gets you thinking more than casino games and can appeal to those that may be tired of the monotonous nature of online casinos. If so, read our blog and guides and learn the strategy behind poker.

Some Online Casinos Offer Poker

Crossing from casino to poker doesn’t have to be a taxing activity. Many a new online casino will offer poker on the side. This is very handy as most casino players only know the basics of poker. More importantly, the professionals stay away from sites that don’t offer poker as their primary function. This means you will be playing against players of low calibre. That’s perfect as it means you can generate a decent win rate if you put in some study and hard work on a regular basis.

Play Freerolls to Learn

Another good idea when moving from casino to poker is to play for free. Who says you have to invest lots of money or play for real money? You can start off playing freerolls without investing anything. Most online poker sites have freerolls running daily. The majority offer cash prizes for the top places too so you may be able to build a bankroll without even depositing.   

Freerolls are a great way to learn the basics and how the game works. Don’t expect to see advanced poker play here though as the players are often just playing ABC or moving all in. Either way, it’s a practical way to dip your toe into the online poker scene.

Use Our Cheat Sheet

Finally, a plug for our poker cheat sheet. Before playing you need to have a cursory understanding of how poker works. Our cheat sheet is focused on Texas Hold’em – the most popular format played around the world. It gives a breakdown on basic concepts like what hands to play, basic odds, post flop poker tips and tools for finding the best sites. All these tips can give you a helping hand when starting out playing. Download our cheat sheet from the page below.


Crossing over from casino to poker doesn’t have to be a tedious process. If you like to think about strategy, already on some casino sites offering poker and are willing to study to learn the rules, you can be playing in no time. As always, we recommend being cautious and gambling responsibly.

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What Other Card Games Do Poker Players Enjoy?

Card Games for Poker Players

The poker playing community don’t just restrict themselves to Texas Hold’em. Despite our site primarily offering this, we appreciate there are other games around that many of you enjoy. Some of you may only play one or two forms of poker or not know of the other popular card game variants. That’s why in this article I’m going to provide a brief introduction into some other card games that poker players enjoy. I’ll also give some reasons why they are popular with poker players.

Video Poker

Probably the easiest transition for a poker player to make when moving to other card games is video poker. This card game has the exact same hand rankings but is very different to regular Texas Hold’em. The object of the game is to beat the house.  Most live, online and LTC casinos play the jacks or better rule. In other words, if you make a pair of jacks or better, you win.

Video poker pays outs based on the hand strength. The stronger your hand, the more lucrative the pay-out. This appeals to poker players as we’re used to putting in a bet and if it gets called, we win the same amount we put in.

They will also find the player input attractive to them. Many forms of gambling require no player input, something poker players are not accustomed to. Video poker offers some input from the player. The key to solid video poker strategy comes from the drawing. You need to know which cards to discard. Fortunately, most decisions are relatively straight forward e.g., if you are dealt two queens and random low cards, discard the three low cards.


Otherwise known as pontoon or 21s, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Walk into any casino and you will see blackjack tables. Countless times I’ve been in a casino on a tournament break and seen poker players enjoying themselves at the blackjack tables.

The appeal of blackjack lies in the speed the game is played and the simplicity of the rules. Poker players like games to run quickly which is why they multi-table. It’s very easy to understand, beat the dealer in anyway and you win. Unlike video poker where your pay increases in line with the strength of your hand, you can only win what you wager in blackjack. However, in blackjack, you can win with a very low ranking. Remember, the dealer draws at 16 so if they bust, and you haven’t, you win the bet.

There are many strategies involving blackjack, too many for me to detail in this overview but suffice to say it’s a game many poker players enjoy. As with any form of gambling, we recommend responsible gambling at all times.

Five-Card Draw

Before learning Texas Hold’em, five card draw was the default poker game. For me, it’s the original poker form. It is often played in home games among friends and is an easy transition for a poker player to make. After all, the betting, action and hand rankings are all the same as regular poker.

The rules are very simple; players are dealt five cards face down, not to be shown to other players. A round of action proceeds where players can “draw” and replace existing cards. This is usually restricted to four cards, although some places allow all five. A second “after the draw” round then happens where players still in get the opportunity to draw one more time. After that, players bet and the showdown occurs (if required) where the best hand wins all the money in the pot.

It’s seamless for a poker player to try this card game as there are many similarities between regular Texas Hold’em. Five-card draw has lost some popularity in recent years and almost never played online or in casinos. This is due to other variants becoming mainstream and more popular.


As you can see, there are other cool card games around to try. If you are exclusively playing poker and suffering burn out or running bad, feel free to try a new form for a little while. It may give you the necessary respite you need and give you renewed energy and enthusiasm when you return. Give video poker, blackjack or five-card draw a try and you may find a new love in these popular card games.

Choosing a Slot Game Based on Your Personality Type

Introduction to Choosing a Slot Game

Whether you are an experienced online casino player, or just starting out, choosing the right slot game can be trickier than you think. The reason being that whenever you enter any particular online casino website, you are immediately presented with an endless list of online casino slots. For newer players, this might seem quite overwhelming. However, once you figure out what types of slots you prefer, it becomes much easier moving forward.

Each online casino slot game has its own theme and style. Themes range from safaris and jungles, all the way to street racing in big cities. Online casinos make sure to offer enough variety so as to attract players of all types of personalities. Moreover, slot games are improving in quality. With state-of-the-art features being implemented to ensure player satisfaction. You will also find tons of slots that are more of a more simple and traditional style.

Therefore, when you ask yourself “which type of online slot should I play?”, it ultimately depends on your interests, dislikes, whether you are quiet, reserved, or outgoing and risk taking. At Frank Casino, players of all personality types will be able to discover the newest and best online casino slots, ensuring that they can find the perfect fit for them.

In this article, we’ll look at the four types of player personalities in order to help you determine which slot games you should be playing!           

The Introvert

If you tend to be someone who is not always in the mood for socializing, but prefers to just sit back and relax, then slots in itself is the right choice for you.

Having said that, an introvert such as yourself might prefer slightly more simplistic slots that are straight to the point, without too much going on outside of the actual reels itself. If this sounds like you, chill out while playing slots like ‘The Dog House’, where you can kick back and chill in this 5-reel slot game, while also trying your luck at winning big.

The Adventure-Seeker

You’re the type of player whose primary goal is to seek adventure and excitement when playing online casino slots. Moreover, hitting the jackpot is not the be-all and end-all for you when playing top online slots. If this description fits your personality, then perhaps you should check out slots like ‘Money Train 2’, found in Frank Casino’s slot machines!

Whilst every player is on the lookout for their next big win, top online slot games such as these are sure to keep you fully entertained throughout your journey, with enticing elements and bonuses as you attempt to successfully complete your train heist!

The Role-Player

You love TV shows and movies. Most of all, you enjoy putting yourself in the shoes of your favourite characters. Well, you are in luck! There are plenty of tv-show and movie themed online slot games out there for you to try. Frank Casino offers players of this personality type games such as ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘Terminator 2’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and more.

What better way to search for that big win, than to do it while experiencing the familiar universes of the shows and movies you love the most?

The Competitive Risk-Taker

Players with this type of personality tend to lean more towards the high-risk, high-reward types of online slots. They are always on the lookout for that big payout. Themes, styles, storylines, characters, elements – these are all of secondary importance to you.

Your primary goal is to play hard and attain that big win. Most casinos caters for these players just as much as they do for others. Sound like you? Then you might be interested in some of the best online slots that Frank Casino has to offer. Some of these include ‘Mega Shark’, ‘Euphoria’, and ‘Voodoo Gold’.

In any case, should you choose to play at Frank Casino, you can rest assured that you will find the best online slot game for you.

Image Source: Freepik.com