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Poker Quiz

Depending on who you ask, poker can either be a game that has 1 correct answer/play or varying “correct” answers. There’s certainly a compelling case for arguing poker can be played multiple ways profitably and that what is correct for one player is incorrect for another. This can be due to history and table image. It can also be argued that poker is a game that can be solved, there is a better, more correct answer for each play. In essence, there is a perfect play for every move, in every hand. The reality is, nobody achieves this, not even Phil Ivey. You can strive for it, but you won’t attain it, simply because poker is fluid, reactive and dependant on information available at the time. You only have a few minutes to make your decision and perfection cannot be calculated this quickly.  The point I am making, before you read on, and hopefully take our poker quiz, is that this poker quiz is meant to be fun, give you feedback on how you have played and also get you thinking. You may get insights of ways of playing hands you never thought of before.

Question Bank

The poker quiz below is a sampling of questions from our poker mentor service. I send our players various scenario work and will give feedback on the answers. It is a great way to communicate with players. It is efficient for both mentor and student and cheaper than hourly rate coaching for the student. The quiz below is solely tournament questions but we do offer cash game mentoring too. Please note that some of the questions can be multiple choice.

Poker Quiz

How to take the Poker Quiz

Step 1 – Read the question, take note of the letter(s) you are choosing as answer(s)
Step 2– Email your answers to pokermentor@texasholdemquestions.com
Step 3 – You will get sent free poker quiz feedback
It’s that easy! Good Luck!

Question 1

There are 2 calls pre flop from mid position (4.5K and 3.6K), no history or reads yet. You have AcJs in the SB with 5.5K at 25-50 in a low stakes MTT online. What are you most likely to do?
A) Complete the BB
B) Raise to 150
C) Raise to 250
D) Raise 300 +

Question 2

It’s the first hand of a $25 MTT. You have 5,000 at 25-50. What are you most likely to do under the gun with Ah 9h?
A) Raise to 100
B) Raise to 125
C) Raise to 150 +
D) Fold
E) Call

Question 3

Blinds are 150/300. A weak player calls pre flop from early position, a good, aggressive player open raises to 1.2K from the cut-off. They have 11.5K and 16.1K. You are on the button with 9.4K.
What are you most likely to do with 3s 3h?
A) Call
B) Fold
C)3 Bet to 3K
D)Move All In

Question 4

A weak, loose player opens to 2K from early position at 500/1K with 100 antes. He has 55K. It folds to you in the Big Blind. You have 67.2K. Which of these hands do you call his raise with?
A) Ad 3s
B) Kd 5d
C) Jc 7c
D) Qs 2c

Question 5

It folds to you on the button. There are two tight players in the blinds with 44K and 51K. You are in the money and have 102K at 1K-2K.
Which of these hands do you open raise?
A) 8s 9s
B) Kd 2d
C) Qh 3s
D) 3h 4s

Question 6

Blinds 25/50 
Stack – 6,500
Position – SB 
A fishy but aggressive player opens to 125 from mid position, a good player calls on the button. They both have over 5k.
Which hands are you likely to call with?
A) Kc 4c
B) Qc 8c
C) Js Ts
D) 5d 8d

Question 7

Stack: 10,000
Blinds: 100-200 
Position: Middle

It’s the 3rd level of a slow structured $150 MTT at the casino. There is a raise from a solid young man to 425 in early position. You have 3 people to act behind you.  
Which of the hands below do you call? 
A) Ks Jc
B) Ts 9s
C) 5s 6s
D) 2h 3h
E) 2d 2s

Question 8

Stack: 16,200 
Blinds: 50/100
Position: Button

A tight player opens to 250 (12K stack). You have called with Ac Qs. The flop comes Kd Ad 4s. He bet 400 and you have called. The turn is Js. He checks, what are you most likely to do? Pot – 1,450
A) Bet 900 – 1,100
B) Bet 400 – 600
C) Bet 650 – 850
D) Check
E) Bet 1,150 – 1,450

I hope you enjoyed taking our poker quiz. Please send your answers to pokermentor@texasholdemquestions.com for free feedback.

Narciso Baldo is the Director and Head Coach of Texas Hold'em Questions. He has been playing poker for over 16 years. After spending many years as a professional, he now runs UK poker training site Texas Hold'em Questions. Narciso regularly writes poker articles sharing tips, strategy, news and experience with gambling enthusiasts. Narciso also writes for reputable gambling portal Casino City Times, (bio here). Contact: info@texasholdemquestions.com