Five of the Best Poker Blogs and Websites

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The Best Poker Blogs

Poker may be a game with a fair amount of luck involved but skill and strategy – when deployed effectively – can far outweigh any good fortune the deck could offer. It is why the best poker players in the world are also the most successful and richest: they have been able to use skill and strategy to minimize the strong luck element of poker.

Many of the strategies deployed by the best poker players can be learned and there are many blogs and websites dedicated to teaching these tactics and to helping people become better poker players.

So, with that in mind, here are five of the best poker blogs to visit. Some focus entirely on strategy, while others provide news and information related to the poker world – but all are very useful resources for budding poker players.

Full Contact Poker

There is no better place to start than the website of Daniel Negreanu – arguably the greatest poker player of all time. The winner of six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour championship titles, the Canadian certainly knows a thing or two.

Negreanu started the blog in 2004 to offer insight on his experiences, provide his opinion on the industry, and discuss his fellow players. While he hasn’t been blogging as frequently in recent months, he presents a weekly podcast (DAT Poker Podcast) that can be found on the site.

While Full Contact Poker does not focus too much on strategy, there is an active forum where members discuss a variety of poker topics, including strategy, while Negreanu’s books on poker strategy can be purchased from the site.

Upswing Poker

Few poker websites are as comprehensive as Upswing Poker when it comes to strategies and helping people become better poker players.

Upswing Poker has an enormous library of blog posts, all of which focus on the many elements of poker strategy, including actionable tactics to use at the tables and on online casino betting platforms.

The website also has a huge range of resources to improve your poker skills – from free guides, charts, quizzes, and converters, to premium training courses, taught by more than a dozen distinguished players with proven experience and success.

For people keen to improve as poker players, then Upswing Poker needs to be bookmarked.

Poker News

The biggest poker news website in existence, Poker News covers everything from news and interviews to strategy and tournament information.

The website has an extensive news section, providing all the latest from professional events and the industry in general, so Poker News is the best place to go to stay informed. There is also a great video section which features news roundups, interviews with players and other prominent poker figures, podcasts, and other content.

Not only that but Poker News has used its considerable platform to provide a wide range of strategy content with helpful guides, chats with established professionals, and gaining advice from psychologists on the psychology of poker.

Elsewhere, Poker News has a section dedicated to reviews on the biggest online poker platforms as well as the latest updates from ongoing and upcoming tournaments.

For an all-encompassing website that covers all aspects of poker, look no further than Poker News.

Poker Tube

Poker Tube is one of the foremost poker blogs that almost entirely produces video content. Most people find watching videos as the best way to learn poker strategies, so Poker Tube is extremely useful.

There are videos providing steps and guides on poker hands, training videos, interviews, and some excellent documentaries. There is also a great section called ‘Pros’ where you can filter the video content based on the professional players that feature on the site.

The only section of Poker Tube that is not video is the News section, where there is a constant stream of the latest updates from the industry.

For the best video poker strategies, Poker Tube is the preferred choice of many players.

poker blogs

Jonathan Little Poker

Another website and blog from a top professional poker player, Jonathan Little has won two World Poker Tour titles, so his strategy advice should be taken on board.

Little’s website has a blog section that provides a combination of strategy, interviews, and reviews. Better still, Little has two free audiobooks that can be downloaded direct from his website.

Additionally, Little hosts a regular podcast that discusses strategy and offers his thoughts on the poker world, as well as poker coaching courses featuring video guides, webinars, and interactive quizzes.

There you have it, 5 of the best poker blogs and websites where you can learn how to play the game. And if you are into blackjack too, check out and their guide on how to play and get better at this game:

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