On a Poker Heater? Enjoy it. They Don’t Last Forever!

poker heater

Poker Heater

Players love to moan their luck and complain how bad they run. When things are going right, they don’t praise the poker gods or claim they’re lucky, it’s justice to them. In this article, we will have a look at what a poker heater is, how to know when you’re on one and what to do if you’re on one.

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What is a Poker Heater?

A heater is when everything is going right and you’re winning everything. You’re winning coinflips in tournaments, hitting your draws and gaining coolers in your favour too. A heater is basically when you’re on the good side of variance.

Can’t Stop Winning? You Might be on a Heater

Often, players run good and don’t even realise they are on a heater. Poker tracker software is a way of seeing how bad you’re running, but is also a good barometer for the times you win. I recommend pulling up the stats every few sessions to see how far above expected value you are. Obviously, it’s great to keep winning, but it’s important to be making the best decisions for your long-term game. I’ve seen players run well, win 10 sessions in a row and move up stakes too soon. Had they taken a proper look at their stats; they would have realised that they were actually only a small winner at their current stakes. Long story short, if you’re winning every session despite not playing well at times – lady luck might be on your side. If it is, you may as well try other forms of gambling available at Live PowerPlay Casino.

Playing More on a Heater – Placebo Effect?

There’s some that argue heaters don’t actually exist. After all, it’s just simple probability so playing more or less won’t make a difference. It’s akin to roulette, the odds are independent so what happened before has no affect on the now. This is a fact and can’t be disputed, however, there is something to be said for the human mind. You can’t control the coolers or bad beats in poker much, but you can control how you play. This is heavily influenced by your mental state. If you are happy, positive and think you’re running good, you will more inclined to play better too. You will be free of stress and psychological burdens that you may carry.

The flip side is when you’re running bad, you play a bit differently. Perhaps you play cautiously or too aggressive. Either way, whether you’re on the right or wrong side of variance, how you play is important. The long-term results will be impacted on how you’re playing most of the time. To give yourself the best chance, feel free to play more when you’re on a heater. Not because you are going to continue running well, only cos you’re in a better frame of mind!

Final Thoughts

A poker heater shouldn’t influence your bankroll management decisions or make you move up stakes. Stay as objective as possible and ascertain how you’re really playing. That is key to your win rate and expected earnings in the future. Use poker software, monitor your results and stay positive and you will be in a better place for it.

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