Poker Skills You Can Use for Sports Betting

poker sports betting

Most poker players have several other interests around gambling. I know a lot of live poker players can’t help but try the blackjack tables or a flutter on roulette but sports betting is possibly the best alternative to poker. Why? Well, there’s skills a winning poker player can use to give them a better chance in the long run. In this article I’m going to share a few. If you already possess them perhaps you will give sports betting a try too.

Mental Toughness

Any form of gambling has a mental aspect we can’t ignore. Having a thick skin and an ability to handle losses well is a trademark among professional poker players. This toughness will put you in good stead when trying other gambling forms like sports betting. Being strong mentally is a requirement as it will prevent you from making foolish bets. You know the types I mean, haphazard bets that are long shots and for more of your bankroll than you should really be betting.

Recognizing a Good Bet

Decent poker players know the importance of betting and what it accomplishes. They recognise what a solid bet is, whether it’s for bluffing or value, they appreciate what a continuation bet does. Being able to see a good bet i.e., favourable odds, is what might separate you from the millions of gamblers who regularly lose. This ability to recognise the positive odds and more importantly, take advantage is essential to winning really.

Taking Advantage of Resources

All the best poker players are using tools and resources to maximise their win rate. They’re not resting on their laurels or just assuming they have the game solved. Any poker player not making use of some accessible resources are missing a big part of what winning poker is about in the 2020s. Like online poker, sports betting has resources to help gamblers improve their odds. A poker player trying sports betting will almost certainly look at expert tipping sites. These sites are proficient in knowing the best odds around and where the best bets are on a given day.  

Forward Thinking

In order to win consistently and become expert in gambling, you need to think forward and of the long term. Poker players do this all the time. When facing a bet on the river and considering if it’s profitable, they are thinking of the long term i.e. Is calling this bet profitable in the long run? This knack for ignoring the immediate consequence and focusing on the long term is a great skill to possess. Transferring it to sports betting is fantastic and you won’t fixate on the short-term fluctuations in variance.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for serious poker players give sports betting a shot. If you are tough mentally, know a good bet when you see one, are regularly taking advantage of available tools and think for the long term – you’re on the right track for winning at sports better. I recommend you stick with sports you know well first and start of small too. As always, gamble sensibly and use cautious bankroll management. Finally, read reviews first like our Coral poker review.