What are Sweepstake Casinos and why are they so Popular in the US?

sweepstakes casino

A sweepstake casino is a platform that is traditionally found in the United States. They have become incredibly popular for players who wish to enjoy an online casino without having to use real money and prefer playing with a virtual currency system instead.

Naturally, this type of casino was extremely popular ahead of the legalization within a number of certain states. However they are widely available as they can be found in nearly all of the 50 US states. Of course, those who need to know more about them can find out more about Sweeps Cash Casinos on the mobile site.

The virtual currency used is known as ‘gold coins’ and these can be used for a variety of games. They are not limited to one or two games like you may think. They can be used on like slots, poker and other classic table games.

Sweepstakes casinos are typically used for enjoyment purposes. However, players can win rewards such as ‘sweepstakes cash’ and ‘sweep coins’. Each of these allowing for players to play more games as they operate as free credits.

How does a Sweepstakes Casino Work?

Those that have enjoyed a traditional online casino experience and one that has been provided by a sweepstakes casino will be able to inform those who have not that they are almost identical.

Indeed, they are still able to enjoy a wide array of different casino games and play them as they would normally. They simply would not be required to use real money on these games. The ‘gold coins’ used, as highlighted before, are completely virtual. They do not have any real value attached to them, thus they cannot be cashed in.

There are two different types of currency available to use: ‘Sweep coins’ and ‘Gold Coins’.

A ‘Sweep Coin’ is the virtual currency that can be exchanged and converted into real money. Subsequently, one could cash them out. However, they cannot be purchased on their own and only come as part of a purchased gold coins package. They can, though, be used to play the variety of different games that are available, whilst they will be converted at the operator’s exchange rate when cashed in.

A ‘Gold Coin’ is the more traditional form of virtual currency that can be found. These have been designed to allow players to enjoy all of the games that have been made available and for no other reason. This means there is no monetary value attached to them, thus allowing for players to simply play for fun and not worry about anything else.

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Why are Sweepstakes Casinos Popular?

Plenty of enjoyment can be experienced without the fear of losing money on the activities people like to play. This has to be one of the major reasons for it’s continued popularity. Players can learn and familiarise with games without worrying about financial loss.

Additionally, the fact that so many different games can be played will have also appealed to so many. There is a choice of slots, table games and even video poker games that can be enjoyed when playing at a sweepstakes casino.

Lastly, a sweepstakes casino has been popular since 2005 when they started to appear. It’s not a new invention. Their popularity is partly due to their availability of them and just how accessible they have been over the years. They are available in 49 of the 50 U.S. states, with only Washington State being the only state where they are not permitted.

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