Online Gambling: Using VPN to Play Poker Online

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VPN Poker Online

One of the best things about online gambling is the fact that it is accessible almost everywhere.  The notion of having poker available at your fingertips excites poker fans worldwide, however many US states have in place restrictions to playing poker online. This is why having a VPN and knowing how to use it is useful.  If you are a true poker fan, and want to know how to access poker from countries where gambling is illegal, continue reading.

To get you started playing, you need to have a VPN installed on your gaming device (desktop, mobile, tablet). The good news is, the cost of a VPN for a whole year subscription is relatively cheap. Once you purchase the VPN package, you can use it on all your gaming platforms via the same account.

If we had to suggest a VPN, we’d say that ExpressVpn or SurfShark would be a good place to start. The purchase will only set you back a couple of dollars max, so no issues there.  Once you make the purchase, you will need to make sure to adjust the VPN settings, so that your desktop would be able to use the VPN service. Simply choose a server you would like to join, anywhere around the globe, and hit the join button.  Once the green light appears, it means that you are connected to the specific country server that you have chosen.

Since you are here, most probably you would like to get access to a gambling site that needs some help to reach. This is why I’m writing about and this is why it would be useful to give you some information on VPNs. Choosing your VPN is an integral part of a successful gaming experience.

Why a VPN?

Just because you read about VPNs, it does not necessarily mean that you need one.  If you do need a VPN, there are tons out there to choose from. Start by reading some reviews from other people that downloaded would be a good start.  How effective was the VPN?  Was there a long waiting time to connect to the VPN?  Did other players / users get disconnected when using a specific VPN service?  When you are reading the reviews on different VPN offers, these are the questions that you need answered.

So, let’s now understand what a VPN does.  The VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and is used to help you access sites that your location does not allow you to.  It will keep your browsing information and also your current location as private, so that is a plus to know that you are safe 100% using a VPN service. Just keep in mind that using a VPN has pros and cons, so you need to evaluate if you truly need a VPN before using one.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN service has a very simplistic way in how it operates.  Once you settle on a location server, and hit the ‘ Join Server’ button, all your browsing information and location will be connected to another server.  In theory, this means that all your information will be sent to this new server.

Once you click on that specific server, you can access any site that accepts visitors from that location.  For example, you could be residing in Switzerland, yet accessing a VPN server in New York. Choose any location you want and just connect. Basically, the VPN operates in a way that will stop the data shared between your phone / laptop and the specific server. Your physical location will be hidden when connecting to a VPN server, any server.

Why use a VPN when you are playing online poker?

If the specific site that you have registered at allows players from your country to play, there is no need for you to use a VPN, however when playing online poker, VPN does come handy sometimes.  Let’s list some pros and cons and see how it could benefit you in the end.


We all know that security is key when you are gambling online and using your bank information.  Sometimes you would need to use a specific e-wallet and you would need your private information safe. Using a VPN will allow you to keep all your personal information private, including financial and account information. Using a VPN will create a shield wall between an unsecured server getting access to your information. Hence in this case, the VPN would offer you added security to all your data and transactions.


When you login to the internet, some of your information is transmitted, like it or not.  Your IP address is available to everyone with some skill to access and even your location via that. If you opt to use a VPN service, there is a small element of your persona that stays hidden.  You will have a new IP address once you connect to the server VPN, and this offers an extra added layer of privacy. If extra privacy is what you crave online, a VPN is a must.

Way around laws and regulations

If you are looking to access online poker, and you are located in countries where gambling is illegal, a VPN would be a good way to bend the system. Some states across the United States and also countries across Europe have limited access to gambling websites, especially the ones that offer online poker. If you want to access the sites, you can. All you need to do is access the VPN via a server where gambling is allowed and legal. Once that is done, you will be given the extra green light you crave to access the site.

Types of VPNs available in the market?

Now that we understand that a VPN is needed to have security, protection and also access to gambling sites, the next question to get answered is what type of VPN to go for. If you google free VPN, you will find many sites that offer you VPN, with no payment needed.  Other sites would ask you for an annual subscription. So, what is the main difference between a paid vpn and a free one?

The Free VPN does not need much introduction, and once you download the application on your device, you will not be asked for a payment. Here you will not get much perks, just the basic stuff that sometimes is irrelevant to your gaming needs. Unfortunately, using a free VPN, your data might get sold by the app. This might be a potential risk to your online security. Also, free VPNs offer limited access to a limited number of servers worldwide.

The paid VPNs are normally bound with a monthly or an annual subscription fee that you would need to pay for before using the service. You can choose between 1 month and a year, and some VPNs also offer you a trial period so that you can test the service. Here you get better layers of security for your online persona, plus you have access to a wider selection of servers. Apart from this, if you get stuck, there is always a CS team on hand with a paid VPN service.

You need to make a list of the pros and cons for you purchasing a VPN or not.  Do you need that added security?  And if you are needing a VPN to access a gambling site?  Do some research, and check out the best option for you.

Are there any consequences to using a VPN?

Rules and laws are there, and they are there for people across the globe to follow.  Although sometimes we do not agree that some countries do not allow gambling, it is a fact, and going ahead could lead to some serious implications.  If caught gambling in a state or a country where gambling is a no-go, you could face fines and even higher legal consequences.

Nowadays many gambling sites have powerful tools that they can use to surpass VPNs and get access to identifying potential fraudulent players. So, in truth, using a VPN is not always 100% safe as you might have thought in the beginning. And just to give you the heads up, casinos and gambling sites are obliged to tackle and report any misdoings, or they too might get fined heavily. Also, you will be banned from using that specific site in the future.

Using a VPN to access and play for real money at an online gambling site might be tempting, but you need to ask yourself if the risk is even worth taking?

Which VPN is worth it?

Now that you have decided whether VPN is needed or not, we can have a look at providers out there. The good, the bad and the ugly. But first, lets look at the key elements.


To start off, you need to check your bankroll, and see what is the budget that you have in terms of buying your VPN service. If you do some research and browse the available options, you will find that there are some decent VPNs out there which you can buy for a decent $100 and sometimes less.  For such a VPN, you will have available more servers to choose from, plus more security, hence peace of mind.

Operating System

When reading about VPNs make sure that you reach out to the ones that cater for your device.  You might be using Microsoft, Linux or even Mac. Make sure that the service that you settle on will be ok with your operating system.  Whilst some can be integrated, some cannot and are not supported.

Server Locations

Server availability plays a big role in the VPN that you choose. Before opting for a specific VPN, check that the VPN has the servers that you are looking for. It would also be wise to check the gambling site, and make sure that they accept players from servers available on the VPN.

Review and Feedback

One thing that we cannot stress enough about is the research that you need to do.  When accessing VPN sites, read the reviews of what other VPN users wrote about the site. Was that a good review or was it a bad one?  We also suggest that you check other independent and comparison sites for VPNs to and collect all the info you need to make a wise decision.

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Some VPNs to consider …

We have done some digging for you in terms of VPNs and below are some of the best suggestions out there.

CyberGhostVPNWe love the name of this VPN, it gives us the feeling of invisibility and that extra security needed. Here you can pay around $5 monthly and have accessibility to over 6,000 servers in more than 112 places worldwide. This VPN is quite cheap, but offers one of the best services out there.
ExpressVPNThis VPN is quite popular with VPN users and grants you a wider access to locations compared to other VPNs. Here you pay around $100 via an annual subscription, that grants you access to 160 locations. Deemed as one of the most trustworthy VPNs by many users.
Norton Secure VPNNorton, the same company that gives us the antivirus software, also offers a VON service. Quite reasonably priced at less than $40 for an annual fee, here you get access to 1500 servers that are located in 73 cities across the globe. You also get a 24/7 CS team that is ready to help you with any VPN questions.
SurfSharkThere is a specific reason that VPN users enjoy this VPN. The service offers you VPN, coupled with ad-blocking and tracker blocking features. All of this will set you back a 100$ for a whole year, which in our humble opinion, is worth every penny. You also get access to 1,000 servers spread across 60 locations.

How to change your settings to accommodate your VPN

Now that you have managed to purchase the VPN and downloaded it successfully onto your system, you would need some tech magic to make it work flawlessly. Some VPNs will have this pre-configured with the app, so no work is needed there.

If you need to amend your setting, worry not as the process is quite simple and straightforward. You start by filling out the server and the host information, here you might be asked to enter your password and username too. If you need to continue configuring the VPN service, do not just press yes and there.  Have a look below:

Automatic or Manual Setup – You can use your VPN service at all times that you are using the device, or you can use it when needed. Let’s say for example you are using your desktop to do some work, the VPN can be turned off, and you can switch it on by clicking the connect button when needed. Make sure it is on when you are playing online poker.

Unsecured VPN Connections – A VPN that is operational on your device will most of the time not allow you to use any unsecured internet connections. This means that you cannot be outside joining a free Wi-Fi and try to join a VPN. When using your VPN service, you need to be connected to a secured network.

Selecting Servers – You can choose your servers according to your liking and save these also. The VPN would simply look at your favorite servers and also connect your automatically. This will save you some time.

Connecting to the server

You are now one step closer to playing online poker. One last step and you and in and hitting the poker tables. Before you so do, there are some last bits to consider to keep yourself safe and also happy playing.

The gambling laws saga

Well, if you are here, it means that you want to play poker at a site that does not host any players from your country. However, some knowledge to which states allow online poker would be good.  Once you understand which servers’ locations will accept players, you can connect. E.g. – You might need to connect to a server in New Jersey or Nevada. Some research will definitely help.

Server Connectivity

Imagine you are playing online poker, and you land that 3 Aces. You have a good hand, and the odds are very much in your favour for winning the hand. As soon as you want to go all in, you lose connection to the server. How bad would that be? Very! Make sure that the server that you connect to has a good speed and will keep you in the game.

Server Location

Connecting to servers that are not located in your hometown would be the best option, or at least, choose one that allows gambling to happen. If you connect to a server where gambling is illegal, you cannot play your beloved online poker games.

Your internet connection also plays a big part on how the VPN will work.  Make sure that you are connected to a secure network and that all your internet bars are happily filled.


Now that you are all set with your VPN, you have access to playing online poker via your gaming devices. Be sure that you have listed all your pros and cons, and you are sure that you are happy to go ahead. Again, the pros and cons list is a must, especially when we are talking about laws and regulations being involved.

Settle on your VPN partner and download the application. Make sure that the VPN that you opt for has countries and state servers that allows gambling, and accepts players. Next you need to adjust your device settings to configure the VPN and make it operational. And finally, choose the server that will grant you access to the online poker site.

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