What is the best volatility level on slots?

slots volatility

We understand many of you are slots players keen to understand more about this popular casino game. Have you heard of the concept of volatility? You probable have. The fact is that lately, players are becoming much more aware of the technical aspects of slots. This is due to the fact that they are tired of losing all the time and want to learn more from the world of slots and other gambling games. Such a concept as volatility has become applicable to slots, where the providers themselves publish this information. This is to understand how attractive a particular slot is in terms of winnings. There is no doubt that the vast majority of players will continue to play slots with high volatility anyway, because of the temptation of big winnings. But, I would like to share with you some personal knowledge that will help you play wisely.

Different volatility levels

Just imagine, not all slots have the same volatility. How can that be? It’s pretty simple. For example, there are high, low, and medium volatile slot games. You only need to look at the winnings, to see how much volatility there will be in any given slot. Why is it so important? Because it is the multiplier that shows the level of volatility. The higher the multiplier, the higher the volatility of the slot.

Let’s break down all levels of volatility:

  • High Volatility means that in a slot the maximum multiplier can reach values over x20,000. Also, in this kind of slot, the RTP is at a lower level due to the fact that you get winnings rarely, but they will be big. It should be stressed that you need to have a big enough bankroll to play comfortably
  • Medium Volatility contains a multiplier of no more than x5,000 most of the time. This is something in between High and Low Volatility. And, most surprisingly, the RTP in this type of game will actually be 96% or more. In my opinion, this is one of the most promising volatility levels
  • Low Volatility involves a multiplier that most often does not reach x3,000. In such slots, you’ll get fairly frequent, but not large winnings. The RTP in such slots is as high as 98%, and sometimes more. Also, low volatility is not very popular with players.

Why medium volatility slots are the best choice

Notably, each volatility level will require a specific bankroll. For example, for slots with high volatility, you need to have enough money in your account for at least 200 bets. This is because you will need to wait for the payout, and it often happens after 100+ spins. For medium volatility, you need a much smaller bankroll, with wins falling out much more often than with high volatility. And with low volatility, you need a bankroll that will provide you with at least 50 spins. However, you must keep in mind that you will not win or lose at slots with low volatility. Rather, your balance will increase and then decrease. So you will be somewhere in the middle.

To begin with, medium volatility will give you the opportunity to win more often than high volatility and to win more than low volatility. You could say that this is the golden mean that will help you gain some advantage in the form of larger wins and their frequency. In addition, we highly recommend slots with medium volatility, because this is the only one where you are much more likely to win than the other two states.

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Examples of slots with average volatility

Big Bass Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) – RTP 95.67%. A great slot about fishing with medium volatility and a maximum multiplier of x2.100. Here you will have 10 paylines and no ability to change their number. Also note that the minimum bet in the game is 0.1 USD, and the maximum is 250 USD. On top of everything else this slot has some interesting features (Free Spins, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild, Symbol Collection)

5 Super Sevens and Fruits (Playson) – RTP 95.89%. One of the classic fruit slots that almost all players enjoy. It contains a maximum multiplier of x1.100 and is an excellent representative of the medium volatility slot lineup. Note that there are only 5 paylines and paid combinations have formed both ways. That is, the symbols can form winning sequences from right to left as well as from left to right. The minimum bet in the slot is 0.2 USD and the maximum is 100 USD. Like all classic slots, there is only a Scatter Symbol that will give winnings

Twin Spin (Netent) – RTP 96.55%. This slot should be known by every player who has visited an online casino at least once. The maximum multiplier in the game is x1,080 and this is the figure of a slot with medium volatility. A distinctive feature of this game is that there are 243 paylines and the ability to form payline sequences in either direction. The minimum bet in the slot is 0.25 USD and the maximum bet is 125 USD. Of the features here you will see Locked Reels, Wild and RTP Range.

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