What’s the Impact of Quick Internet Speeds on Online Poker Games?

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For many online poker players, the Internet is a basic need. It’s a necessity for creating accounts at new online casinos. And they need to make deposits, participate in poker tournaments and research materials to improve their skills.

In other words, taking the Internet away from an online poker player is like suspending Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu from Las Vegas casinos. In that regard, this focuses on the impact of reliable Internet connections when playing online poker. Ready? Let’s get started.

#1: A Smooth Gaming Experience

Playing poker using fast Internet is not only enjoyable but it also provides a smooth gaming experience. No buffering, no disconnections, time wasted—games react instantly while streaming works out smoothly. This is the experience you deserve as an online casino player.

But it can only be achieved if you have a reliable Internet connection provider. Poker, like many casino games, isn’t demanding on data. So, for you to have a smooth gaming experience, you don’t really need to pay expensive Internet plans.

A smartphone with 4G Internet connections or a computer with access to 3Mbps to 10Mbps Internet speeds can deliver a buffering-free gaming experience. In turn, you can focus on the game and how to win without worrying about disconnections from the Internet.

#2: You Can Play Poker Live

Playing poker against RNG software is great, but you get a better experience playing the game with a fellow human being. You can see one another, talk and exploit each other’s weaknesses, all while using your cubicle desktop or iPhone.

The only condition is that you have quick Internet access and an account at a live casino. Of course, take time to select a great live dealer. Winny live Casino, which provides Texas Hold’em, Three-card poker and more variations of the game, is a great candidate. It also features quick payouts, has a mobile responsive website and welcome bonuses.

With that in mind, you can’t cherish live poker unless you have fast Internet connections. Any minor disruptions can mean losing your chance to call blinds or bluff. In turn, this can lead to unnecessary losses. If the Internet disconnections are rampant, a casino could even suspend you from a game.

#3: Increases Productivity

When you think about it, there isn’t much you can do online when your Internet service provider is terrible. You focus on loading web pages while you could be worrying about winning. What’s more, you waste a lot of time as your ISP provider takes ages to open web pages.

But with reliable Internet access, you can play as many poker games as you want. Better yet, you can play your favorite games with maximum concentration, allowing you to make smart poker moves and increase your potential profits.

#4: You Can Multitask

You might think you have quick Internet connections at home until you decide to download large files while playing poker. With the addition of an app to stream music, your Internet could become too slow that you can’t achieve any of the tasks you intended.

In light of that information, quick Internet access helps you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you can play Omaha or Hi-Lo at your favorite online casino. On the other, you can listen to soothing music because it increases your concentration.

Most online casinos don’t allow you to play different games at the same time, though. Otherwise, you could open multiple tabs to play slots, blackjack and poker without stretching your data traffic package.

#5: Spend Less Time at the Casinos

Casino gaming isn’t supposed to be something you do for hours. You should play poker for an hour or two when you’re in the mood and spend the rest of your day doing more productive things. Unfortunately, saving time at online casinos is easier said than done if you have poor Internet connections.

Between buffering and web pages that won’t open, you could spend a lot more time at a casino because your Internet speed is slow. This is time you could use to read a book, watch a movie or take your dog out. In other words, you can save valuable time by using fast Internet providers.

Another benefit of minimizing your time at poker sites is that it reduces the possibility of getting addicted to the game. When your Internet speed is slow, you’ll have an excuse for spending more time at the website. But if it’s fast, you spend as little time as possible gambling.

#6: Quick Banking Process

Unless your intention is to play free poker, you must deposit money at an online casino. The entire process is meant to take a couple of minutes. But if your Internet connection is poor, it could take up to half an hour. This means you can easily get frustrated and abandon the gaming process.

When you have stable Internet access, though, depositing money is a fast, stress free process. And as a result, you can save time, and enjoy poker with fewer frustrations. Withdrawing money after you win is also quicker when your Internet is quick. Otherwise, it could take days to get a payout processed if you can’t even make the request due to unstable Internet speeds.

#7: Reduces Stress

Saving time might be a good reason for upgrading your Internet package. But the main reason you deserve fast Internet is that it’s eliminates stress. This is not an opinion. A study done by tech firm Ericsson in 2016 shows that people’s heart rates rose by up to 38% when surfing the Internet through an unreliable ISP provider.

Worse, the study concluded that some people’s stress levels rose from 19% to 34% if their slow Internet began to buffer as they watched a video. For comparison, this is the amount of stress the average person gets while watching a horror movie.

Lesson learned: you can avoid stress by simply switching to an ISP provider with fast Internet. And because you can use the Internet on a lot more things than playing poker, you can enjoy your online work and social life without the stresses of slow Internet.

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