Which Other Games Can Benefit Your Poker Ability?

poker ability

As the ultimate combination of luck and skill, poker is one of the most widely played card games in the world. Massive sums of money are up for grabs at international tournaments, while even amateur players can pit their wits against others and come away with the pot at sites like casinowinner.com/en . No wonder it’s such a universally popular pastime.

But, regardless of your skill level or experience, there is always room for improvement when it comes to poker. Reading books and studying the techniques employed by professional players are great, as is playing the game yourself to hone your abilities, but they can become repetitive when practiced ad infinitum. Thankfully, playing other games can also enhance your poker skillset. Here’s a handful of options to choose from


As a game that’s almost 1,500 years old, chess is one of the first strategy games that is still in existence today. The rules and the gameplay are different from those in poker obviously. But, the same basic principles of planning ahead, considering your opponent’s options and biding your time still apply. Familiarizing yourself with this kind of strategy game can help to identify common mistakes and keep a calm head when tensions rise during the latter stages of a hotly contested poker final table.

Sport Betting

Again, sport betting might be worlds apart from poker in how the two disciplines operate, but there are plenty of transferable skills. Calculating odds and probabilities is one of the major benefits that betting on sports can nurture. Whilst the ability to manage your money and hedge your bets is another valuable lesson that sports betting can impart. And of course, going all-in when you have an unshakeable hunch is another common aspect of both activities – just make sure your gut is trustworthy when doing so.

Video games

You might be forgiven for thinking that video games are an enjoyable but ultimate useless waste of time. However, recent research suggests that they might be beneficial for several aspects of human health, including sharpened brain activity. According to one study, playing video games regularly improved reaction times by up to 25% without compromising the accuracy or lucidity or those reactions. In the cut-throat and high-tempo world of poker, making decisions quickly and decisively is vital. It could be the difference between claiming the pot or going home with empty pockets.


If in doubt, simply substitute one card game for another. Skat is a popular three-card game originating from Germany. Although it’s not to be confused with its American counterpart scat, which deviates in the rules significantly. Skat shares little in common with poker from a purely practical perspective. Studies have shown that both depend on luck for more than 50% of their outcomes. But, that skill will inevitably prevail over an extended period. Therefore, becoming acquainted with winning at skat will stand you in good stead when you need to replicate that form for poker.

For poker enthusiasts who want to brush up on their abilities, there are plenty of other diverting pastimes which can help improve your game without you even realizing it.

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