Heads Up Poker is Awesome

heads up poker

Poker at it’s purest, heads up poker is one on one duelling. It can be played in cash game or tournament format. This article will detail the reasons why playing one on one is awesome.

Beginner Texas Holdem Question

Who is Small Blind in Heads Up Poker?

The dealer button is always the small blind. They will act first before the flop and last afterwards.

Tournament End Game

You want to win a MTT? Guess what, you will have to play heads up to do so. The difference between 1st and 2nd in any tournament is always substantial. The difference is often tens or hundred times the initial buy in. The most common mistake a runner up will make is not adjusting, letting the winner bully them into submission then taking a stand with too short a stack and losing.

Heads up trains you for the end game of a tournament and increases your chances of winning them when you get to the final two.

Gain Experience and Technical Skills

Heads up poker will afford you the chance to play many different scenarios both in and out of position. You will be playing hands and situations you are not accustomed to in regular tournaments or cash games with 6 or more people.

How often are you playing K-4 suited to a raise and calling down with 2nd bottom pair? The experience you gain from playing heads up is invaluable and improve your technical skills and hand reading ability.

Heads Up Poker Rewards the Aggressor

If you are a strong aggressive player, heads up poker is perfect. The truth is, heads up poker is often a battle of relentless aggression. The more aggressive players tend to win, provided it’s calculated and measured of course. This is rarely the case in full ring poker where you run into monsters all too often. However, heads up, there are so many nothing pots where an aggressive player can just pick them up consistently. Not only is this fun, it is great for your hourly rate and ROI.

Less Variance Heads Up

It stands to reason with less opponents and deeper stacks, chance or luck is less of an element. Of course, luck and variance exist but not to the same extent. If you are risk averse but a competent heads up player, heads up cash games may be ideal for you.

Table Selection

Never has table selection been more important when you’re facing just one person. You can be heavily rewarded for good table selection playing heads up cash games. There are many experts about but also lots of awful heads up players. By taking your time and carefully selecting the games you play, you can make a lot of money playing heads up.


Heads up poker can be rewarding for you if you enjoy playing post flop poker, gaining experience and are a shrewd game selector. If you are interested in learning more about heads up or want coaching in it, feel free to email us at info@texasholdemquestions.com for information.

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