Is PKC Poker and Chinese Poker Apps Safe?

Introduction to PKC and Poker Apps

PKC is the abbreviation for Poker King Club – an Asian mobile poker site that offers Texas Holdem to predominantly Asian but also international poker enthusiasts.

What Do They Offer?

Chinese poker apps may sound like the Chinese poker game but it is the main poker games they offer. The games themselves appear very lucrative and fishy with many a poker expert labelling NL600 playing like NL25. This is partly due to the Asian community playing, no HUD poker software and playing on a mobile phone. At face value this seems great but on close inspection there are a few reasons to avoid these sites and apps.

Problem Registering Accounts

Registering an account with these sites are often problematic and rarely direct. Many stories circulate online about people posing as agents to get money on the site for you, to vanish off with your money. Be very careful if you choose to play on these sites and can’t register direct.

Problems with Bots

Whilst bots are mostly used for rakeback purposes and rarely visible on most sites. They are known to be prevalent on the Chinese poker apps. Not only is this illegal but it brings the game and sites into question.  The safe poker sites have departments dedicated to fraud detection and can pick up on the use of bots and ban accounts. This security seems to be a concept lost on the Chinese poker apps and PKC.

Problems with Collusion

Another cause for concern with security is the stories circulating of rampant collusion. Where big money is, the cheaters will look to go and these sites appear fishy and draw the criminals to them. With poor security, this makes detecting and preventing collusion much more difficult.

Problems with Money?

Most of these sites deal in crypto currency like Bitcoin. Any App that wants to use anything else other than proper currency is suspect to me. In an industry that is already tarnished with a bad brush due to scams in the past, this does no site or app any favors.

Final Warning

You are free to make your own decision when choosing to play poker but please do your due diligence. There are plenty of review sites dedicated to helping you find the safest and best sites to play poker on. Whilst an app may seem profitable at first glance, think twice before depositing.

Please remember to gamble responsibly.

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