Online Gaming Launched in Michigan

online gaming michigan

The launch of several online gaming sites yesterday marked the start of a new era for online gaming in Michigan. This means adults of a state of with almost 10 million residents will have access to casino games, sports betting and eventually online poker.

Operators Launched

I am sure, in time, the market will be saturated with gambling operators. For now, there are 10 operators that went live on 22nd January 2021; William Hill, DraftKings, Bet MGM, TwinSpires, WynnBet, Golden Nugget Online, Points Bet MI, BetRivers and Barstool Sportsbook. 

The launch of these apps were meant to happen in 2020 but kept being pushed back. The c word has unquestionably had an impact but we’re there now. Let’s hope the online poker operators follow soon too.

Another Victory for Online Poker

The re-launch of gambling operators in Michigan is not the only recent success story. The First Circuit Court of Appeals as upheld a lower court ruling the Wire Act only applies to sports-betting. This should, in theory, ease the legalization of casino, poker and other forms of online gambling like bingo at the state level. This is a massive step forward for advocates of online gambling as it’s unlikely to meet resistance from the department of justice.

What Happens Next?

One would hope that these steps will give a nudge to other American states to legalize. The removal of doubt surrounding the Wire Act should end the ongoing debate around it’s application. It’s worth remembering how big the online gambling industry was, is and can be for USA. There should be political and economical motivation to expedite the legalization in other states. We’re not a commentator on American legislation and gambling news but can recommend to keep up with the latest news.

A New Generation of Online Gamblers

It doesn’t feel that long ago that online gambling was permitted across all of USA. It certainly doesn’t seem almost a decade ago. A 21 year old today interested in online gambling would have been a mere child back then. The lengthy absence of online gambling means there is a mass of people between 21 and 30  years old that have little to no knowledge of online gambling.

As more American states slowly start to legalize online gambling, there will be new sites popping up, vying to take advantage of a generation that are new to gambling. There is a duty of care and responsibility to educate and inform this group of the pitfalls of online gambling. The last thing the gambling industry wants in a few years is a backlash for exploiting new gamblers contributing to the overall earnings of gambling operators. Online gambling should be fun, entertaining, and hopefully financially rewarding. To achieve that, new gamblers should be properly informed of the risks. If you are new to online gaming, read our responsible gambling page for useful information and resources.

Final Thoughts

There is much a lot to be optimistic about for the future for online gambling in USA. The legalization in several states and recent Court of Appeals decision gives momentum to champions of online gambling.  We are still some way from seeing online poker legal across all of USA. But, like a set of dominoes, we can hope the first pieces are starting to fall and topple. Who knows? We could have another online poker boom upon us…

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