Things to Try When You’re on a Break from Poker

break from poker

There are plenty of reasons why people need to have a break from poker. Perhaps you’re suffering from burn out, playing poorly or on a downswing and want some respite. Fortunately, there are plenty of other things to try that can keep your mind busy and your bankroll safe. In this article we’re going to share some alternatives to poker that you may find pleasurable when you’re on a break.


One of the oldest strategy games in existence today, chess is a battle of wits with advanced strategy. Whilst Texas Hold’em is a complex game of hidden information, Chess is the opposite with everything visible and in front of you. That doesn’t make it any easier though as computer programmes have made even AI chess opponents incredibly tough.

If you’re a deep thinking a love game theory, chess is a great option when you’re taking a break from the poker table. Another perk to playing chess online is that you can play for free, at any time and against human or computer opponents of differing levels of ability.

Live Casino Games

If you’re hoping to continue gambling on a poker break and can’t get to a brick-and-mortar casino, live casinos online are easily accessible, just visit  They simulate the casino experience in your home without the expense of travel involved.

The live casinos online have real roulette and blackjack tables with human dealers. It’s a lot of fun and isn’t exclusively for high rollers. There are plenty of options for those only wanting to play for small amounts so give it a try but always play responsibly.

Matched Betting

We know many of you want to continue to earn money when breaking from poker and we know a guaranteed way. Normally we’d never state such a claim but matched betting, if done correctly, is a guaranteed to produce winnings. It takes advantage of sports betting sites offering punters free bets when the register and deposit.

 In short, you bet on one site, lay the same bet on an exchange, thereby losing a few pennies. The result of this wager gives you a free bet e.g., £10. You then perform the same exercise, making a bet on the sports betting site and laying against it on the exchange. The winnings are then cash free and withdrawable. That is matched betting in a nutshell, but there are great sites around that you can register to at no cost initially. They have awesome guides and calculators to ensure you maximise your earnings.  Best of all, what you win is tax free (in the UK) as winnings from gambling are not taxable.

Take a Course

Breaking from playing doesn’t mean you have to completely shut off from poker. A lot of players use the opportunity to study and improve their understanding of key concepts. By doing this, you’re investing in your long-term earning potential. It also keeps your mind engaged and thinking. We have two poker courses focusing on bluffing and continuation betting. We created these courses for low to mid stakes players as they are probably the two most fundamental areas that players have leaks in. Check them out if you’re interested in poker study when on a break.

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