Top 5 Poker Skills to be a Winner

Poker Skills

There are lots of skills required to be a consistent winner at poker. This article will look at 5 key poker skills.


Patience is such an important poker skill that it can’t be emphasized enough. Whether it be cash game or tournament, picking your spots and waiting for the profitable moments are key. Tournament holdem can often be described as “hours and hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror”. Patience is one of the key differences between losing and winning players. A patient player will fold a strong hand even after hours of folding if he/she knows it’s the right thing to do.

Timed Aggression

Over the years, the game keeps changing but aggression is still a necessary skill to be a winning player. Even the players you call “nits” are betting their hands aggressively. The losing players are losing value on strong hands by playing unnecessarily trappy and slow.


This is a poker skill that’s often underappreciated. Winning players know what’s going on at the table, they watch the players intently and know what different players are thinking at different times. Why do they know this? They know because they are aware of what’s happening, they know John had a bad week at the office and history shows he bluffs more when he’s in a bad mood. Forgive me for sounding like Yoda but to be aware takes concentration and taking the game serious, you need to dedicate your attention to the table and perhaps turn off the greatest showman soundtrack while you play.

Bankroll Management

One can’t do a list of skills needed without including this. OK, so it’s not a skill at the table but you can’t be a long-term winner if your bankroll management is poor. You need to play within your means and at a suitable level. Winning players are gamblers to the naked eye but in reality, how many winning players have a losing year? They practice sensible bankroll management and know what games and levels they need to stay away from and what times they can move up.

Ability to Not Tilt

This again is a big difference between winning and loser players. Even professionals tilt at times, but the ability to not tilt is so key. You’ve played great for hours and lost 3 key hands in a row, natural tendency is to steam and play more aggressive. Not to the best winning players, they know that isn’t what makes them money. This is something that can be trained and embedded in your mind with experience. Don’t tilt.Do you have any questions about this list?