What’s Next for Online Poker in 2021?

online poker in 2021

Online Poker 2020

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for everyone. But, when most companies were forced to close, there was increased activity on the sites of many online gambling establishments, including well-known poker sites. At the start of the year, most of the online casino sites reported increased demand for online poker, and as a result, a sharp increase in their income. Millions of people, once at home, suddenly found a lot of free time. The online poker sites began to massively change. They transferred real games to online events, launching dozens of promotions to maintain the interest of the audience.

All this had a positive impact on the development of the online gambling industry. 2020 is ending and its time for future projections. Let’s analyze what can be expected from online poker in 2021, in which direction this industry will be developed, according to experts and players.

Online Poker in 2021

The main directions of online poker in 2021 will be:

  • The main problem of the well-known poker networks is bot farming, which has not disappeared until now. Large rooms have been fighting bots for a long time. However, so far they have been unsuccessful, although not for everyone.
  • Often, players independently identify the presence of specific bots. In 2020 The online casinos blocked and confiscated close to $2 million. Fortunately it was redistributed between honest players. We can expect this identifying and blocking bots to continue for online poker in 2021.
  • Development of worldwide casinos. Today, more and more players prefer online poker rooms of worldwide networks, not from particular countries. This is due to the fact that world sites introduce new items faster and give much more generous bonuses. The trend is expected to continue in the future.
  • Bitcoin and blockchain! Most of the online casinos make attempts to implement the crypt, while others create such a format for mutual settlements. Bitcoin has already proven its superiority. Therefore, one can assume increasing demand among players and mass adoption of blockchain for sites with bitcoin poker. This technology allows to commit all players activity and bring down the possibility of fraud.
  • The bonus policy of the rooms, most likely, will not change. Most of the online casinos are now actively working to expand the audience boundaries to attract new users.
  • The emergence of new online poker rooms. In most countries, legislation is changing. The poker industry is gaining more freedom and more countries recognize online poker as an official sport.

BTC poker new mainstream for online gambling

You must pay special attention to the fourth point above, because bitcoin in gambling can solve most of problems. Cryptocurrencies, are in many ways similar to electronic payment systems e.g. making payments and transfers. But in fact, it this is not so. Cryptocurrency is a type of money implemented in a digital format. In the form of ciphers that obey the laws of cryptography. This is controlled by a distributed computer network (computers of many ordinary users around the world, who are rewarded for the participation of their computing power in the functioning of all systems). This system does not obey anyone and its value is determined only by the market. This is a promising and deep topic, which will definitely become the future of online poker and gambling in general.

All transfers made by using bitcoins are anonymous. Transactions are recorded in a public system, but their addressees may not reveal their identity. This allows online bitcoin casinos operating through cryptocurrencies to accept players from all over the world without restrictions. Usually, such bitcoin casinos do not even require identity verification, allowing their clients to remain incognito.

To create an account in a bitcoin casino is your email account and a bitcoin wallet. If you don’t know how to get a bitcoin wallet here is the link. You do not need to provide your full name, country of residence, or personal data. Wallet ID will be used for added security. By the way, crypto casinos work with bitcoin but also with other cryptocurrencies. To make a deposit or withdrawal, you only need to have a digital wallet. You can do so with one of the cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

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